11 Tactics To Make Money Well Despite With Little Traffic Through Amazon Commissions


Making good money with little traffic

Here are a few tips to make good money with little traffic. I see a shit load of people making huge mistakes on this sub. While I am not the best example of a blogger who makes tons of cash, the fruits of my daily efforts pay my rent.

Tip 1: Forget about Adsense or advertising completely. You need upwards of 20K monthly visitors to even come close to anything noteworthy. You have 5 blog posts setup and already have clogged your site up with pointless ads. Ads take away from your main content and distract readers from your higher paying offers.

Tip 2: Stay away from Amazon Associates, at least for now. The thing is, you're not even going to get approved with those 5 posts you just wrote. Amazon wants to see established sites with good content and it's much more difficult these days to get approved with thin content sites. Amazon also pays crap commissions. Once again, you need a plethora of targeted traffic to make good bucks. Your content strategy MUST focus on higher paying affiliate programs or offers as this is the only way to make good money with little traffic.


Tip 3: Find some high paying affiliate programs. You have to think outside the box of Google and Amazon. Many online vendors have their own in house affiliate programs. Their commissions are generally lucrative too. Software programs offer up to 40% recurring commissions! Find a way to add value to a niche where there is a major problem to be solved, with the software as the solution. Get in the habit of scrolling all the way to the bottom of vendor websites and checking for the affiliate sign up portal.

Tip 4: Choose a good niche from the start. There's a lot of discussion regarding blogging for passion vs money. If you want to make a decent income from your blogging endeavors, I hope your passion has real products you can promote, with a diverse range of high paying programs. If not, it's time to rethink priorities. If your passion has one single $50 dollar product, that's not a good strategy and you'll sink too much time into the project with little return. Diversity. Lot's of products in different forms – physical products, info, ebooks, consulting, etc. Think in terms of the problems people are having and the products that solve those problems.

Tip 5: No more whining or wondering whether or not you should make the jump from blogger or WordPress.com to a real host. The answer is yes. To make money you must think of your blog as a business. I know of zero businesses where the startup cost is literally less than $10 bucks a month. You can find that in your couch cushions. Oh yeah, no WIX, Squarespace, or any other one of these site builders. Learn WordPress. There is a learning curve but so what? As a bonus, drill into your head that the design of your blog means nothing. Some of the ugliest damn sites you've ever seen in your life make serious money. You can make it unique, but don't use that as an excuse to put off writing content.

Tip 6: Learn keyword research. Learn about why a post titled "Product X review" makes more money than "Let me tell you about my adventures snorkeling through the great reef barrier!"

Tip 7: Start a supplemental YouTube channel for traffic. If you're not doing videos you are way behind the game my friend. Shoot videos about your niche, and the products. At the beginning always mention your site before cracking into your content. Direct traffic.

Tip 8: Write every single day.

Tip 9: Write every single day.

Tip 10: Add your site to Google webmasters, Analytics, and get Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Tip 11: Write for a very long time despite the fact that you've been writing for months without making money. Yes indeed, it will take at least 6 months or much much longer to make money. Do you have what it takes? Don't get discouraged when you find the road isn't paved in good fortune right away.

Lastly I will add that there are no rules, no single way of doing things. With time you will learn the ropes and the pieces will come together. Add value to your market and be helpful. Don't be generic. Don't be afraid to express yourself, add a little spice to your content, and, dare I say, offend people with your unique perspectives and writing style. Turn a boring topic into something interesting. Whatever you do, don't bore your reader to tears and you will no doubt gather a good following and start making money.

Thanks for reading!
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Regrading your tip number 2. Amazon commissions might be small, but their conversions are better than anything else. I started my blog 9 months ago, I currently get around 200 visitors per day, my Amazon commissions for this month will be around $800. My click/sales conversion for Amazon this month are around 10%.

And I thought with Amazon they let anyone join? Is there even an actual review process? I though anyone could join but you have something like 90 days to make a sale or they close your account and you have to reapply.

EDIT: Traffic – https://i.imgur.com/8D5gPak.png

11 tactics to make money well despite with little traffic through amazon commissions

EDIT 2: Earnings – https://i.imgur.com/7WdcJHM.png (when those final items ship it will take me to around $800)
11 tactics to make money well despite with little traffic through amazon commissions

EDIT 3: Some of the items I have referred cost around $1500, others cost in the $300-500 range. Of course others are much lower, but if you're generally only linking out to $10-50 products, you'll need a lot more referrals to make decent money. I also have Adsense on this site, in this same time period I have earned $4 with Adsense. However, I only display Adsense on my pages that aren't trying to refer a click through to Amazon.

What is your niche?

It's related to automotive customization/detailing.
How many posts/words are on the site? And are you using h2s for targeted keyword sections
My first 20 or so articles were around 1000-1500 words each. And were written specifically targeting one long tail phrase (though over time they've ranked for much more). My more recent articles are getting longer and much more detailed, like 4000+ words. I'm trying to target higher search volume terms, as well as all related long-tail terms in one article. We'll see how it goes, it's not going fantastically just yet.

The site is up over $1,000pm now though.

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