3 Steps to get a Snippet on the Google SERP

Winning the Snippets is an effective and fast way to climb to the first place of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), especially when you are already on the first page.
As you can see, I made some screenshots for those of you who want to see what content optimization for this or that Snippet???
There are three important criteria that I discovered:
1-The answer Target should not be too long and should be compact in information that leaves no doubt, avoid words like: may be, … etc
2-The formatting: it is necessary sometimes to put in bold characters, a list, underline the text … indicate to Google that this piece of content is important.
3- Except for list articles, your piece of content intended to serve as a snippet, must be at the beginning of your article.
I invite you to share our knowledge on how to force and trick Google to choose your snippets and give you the first place on the first result page?
Let's start with " Bullet lists " if you don't mind
Any tips to share?
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three particular criteria that i discovered for getting the domain snippets

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Stop tricking Google, it's that simple. It is way ahead than our minds. So yeah please stop using tactics, tricks & hacks—start understanding Google & the user.

Samym ✍️ » Yadav
Sabi » Yadav
first, read.

I just usually get my page into snippets by using the long tail keywords I looked up as the page name and meta description plus H1 and use those similar work in H2. I also use the long tail keyword in a backlink to the same page. I'll then check the best competitor out and if their page has 500 words I'll make my page 1500 to 2000 words. I'll then write and article and post it's on Medium, Reddit, Quora plus a few more sites containing the long tail keyword. Sometimes you will get the snippet if not I'll throw tiered links and Web 2.0s sometimes a Private Blog Network (PBN) to the articles on Medium, Reddit etc to power them up to see if that works. If it's not too competitive you will get the snippet if not your targeting a popular keyword with people throwing big bucks at it. I find the long article sometimes does it on its own if there are low competition keywords with say 30 to 60 searches a month. I'm no SEO expert self taught on my own sites. Also I don't write the articles I'll take the top 3 or 4 sites content and will spend an hour using it all changing the content and use that for my website and rejig some of that for the medium articles etc.

Aamir » Ged
You publish same article on medium which you publish on your website?
Ged » Aamir
No I don't post on my website only external sites like medium
Aamir » Ged
And how you change the article of 3 to 4 sites in an hour? As you said if the site has 500 words content, you take it to 1500 to 2000 words.
Ged » Aamir
Just change words. Remove and add sentences to how I would say it. Main point is it's not copied word for word. I'm looking at the volume to get Google looking at my site.

Write the most helpful content. Done

Samym ✍️ » Jackson
Not enough to win the snippets!
Jackson » Samym
Why do I win snippets then haha? And I understand you have to have a certain amount of keywords etc, but imo it will soon be all you need my man. Google is pushing itself towards that way. The more helpful the content, the better moving forward.
Ben Allen 🎓 » Samym
I have affiliate sites that regularly show up in snippet questions just from standard content. Yes it is always helpful to learn how to do it better and how to optimize for it. No arguments there. But Harry is right – with the December algo update, Google not only can read and judge your content for schema, it actually

My team wins featured snippets for our clients regularly. No tricks involved. Google wants to display the most relevant results possible, so you try to give yourself an unfair advantage by providing the best information on your ranked landing page which aligns with a featured snippets result. For the key term, what featured snippets are already showing up? Analyze it to see how you can provide even better content, analyze those first page competitors and boost the quality of your own content to outperform them, then implement appropriate schema markup on the page. Many times we don't even need schema – Google picks up the featured snippets organically based on the quality and relevance of the content…
Specifically for featured snippets lists – a good tactic is to have more than 8 items in the list. This triggers the "Plus" (read more) Click-through.

Samym ✍️ » Matthew
Sometimes , Google just says "NO" what ever you did , look this amazing blogpost i wrote , optimized… but no way!!!
The query " Do dogs get tired of barking "!!! check it if you want (the blog is : famillypet ) and give me some tips , It's on the 7 or 8 position!!
Casas » Matthew
A post or a page that has 90%-100% relevant to a search query often gets a rank 0. Trick or Treat? I say it's a treat, Google rewarding a post/page for being able to provide the most relevant information to a search query among all others in their list.


This may satisfy you: On-Page SEO Completely Done! What Else? Schema

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