A 2-Year Work Experience Content Writer Said No Idea for Dofollow Link. So Is S*He Eligible for the Position?

A content writer who works for more than 2 years…today I have asked him what is dofollow link he said no idea.So, is he eligible for the position? 😁😁😁
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Possibly. A person focused on writing doesn't need to know about dofollow links.

that the best writer 🙂

Yes, why does html matter to a copywriter?
Yes. More qualified than the average SEO because there is no such thing as a dofollow link. A dofollow link attribute literally does not exist. It's simply called a link.
There is only a nofollow link because nofollow is a link attribute.

Kevin » Roger
"link" doesn't provide context. That's why people say dofollow vs nofollow. It's to avoid any potential confusion.
Roger » Kevin
Yes, I totally understand, 100%. 😀🍸
Nofollow is a link attribute, an actual thing in HTML. Dofollow is not an actual thing.
While it provides context, it also reveals a lack of understanding of HTML and becomes confusing, which results in newbs actually inserting "dofollow" as an attribute in the HTML. <— I have seen that. 😬
It doesn't bother me when people say it. But it does make me cringe a bit. I never knowingly use that word because then I'll be unintentionally promoting a fake HTML attribute.

Yea because he didn't try and BS you with an answer and said they didn't know. This is so f*cking rare these days. Big plus in my mind.
It's not a writer's job to know the technical details. You're not hiring an SEO specialist.
Any monkey can throw keywords on a page in a reasonably coherent manner, but most technical SEO pros don't know the first thing about how to craft engaging content that humans (not bots) want to read. You need both – don't get your portfolios confused. 🙄🙄
In my opinion most often times it is best to take someone, that can write good copy and knows nothing about SEO and teach him to write SEO content.
A content writer that knows something about SEO might just stuff up articles.
I would say, he is the best candidate to take, teach how you want your articles and about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
I worked for a one-man SEO business a few years back and the owner asked me to work for him as he taught me graphic and web design, when we worked together at the same company (he resigned and started an internet marketing company) and although I knew nothing about SEO, he taught me and with the new and old knowledge combined, he got exactly what he wanted.

Mangesh » Christo
Right 👍

I asked my mechanic today what a dofollow link was. He said it was a trailer hitch. Is he eligible for the position?
Chris Edwards 🎓
Why should a content writer know about Nofollow? In fact there is no such thing as a 'dofollow' link as the protocol is nofollow 😃
Seriously though if the person has worked for 2 years then I have to assume they are good.

Efem » Chris Edwards
Jim » Chris Edwards
Exactly. WTF is a 'dofollow' link??
Chris Edwards 🎓
The question is should someone who doesn't know that 'dofollow' is not a thing, be allowed to employ others 😃

Content writer ≠ SEO Writer. (For that matter, SEO Writer ≠ full-on tech SEO expert).
Focus on Content.. If its good.. u ll get backlinks.
I asked my content writer who Neil Patel was. He had no idea. So I gave him a raise.


Why people think content writers should know SEO concepts is beyond me. Its a writers job to do research and create content, not do SEO.

Mayur » Clint
Having knowledge of SEO concepts is a required skill for content writers. All successful content writers earning in 7 digits are also good SEO experts.
Clint » Mayur
I think your confusing copywriters with content writers, completely different skillsets. Andy content writer making 7 digits isn't writing content for websites.
Mayur » Clint
They are…let me ask you to check out all the bloggers and podcasters earning that you read and hear.
Vladimir » Clint
They need to understand the basics so that they can understand their briefs. They don't have to know a lot. Of course.
Clint » Vladimir
I totally disagree, you can provide a brief written in outline format with desired topics from tools like Surfer or Frase and they can create great content, without having to know any SEO.
Chris » Clint
This. writers are not SEO users. you are the SEO.
Zavala » Chris, Clint totally agree. Writers have framework but they don't do SEO anymore than my developers write content
Fact is, if your content writer isn't a master SEO, then they aren't worth the $.03 per word you are paying them. Prove me wrong.
Shen » Clint
1 creative writers, technical writers and concept writers are writers
The SEO users job is to take that content and make it fit the page, tell the story and hook the reader visually, and rank ffs
I usually do not get involved in SEO debates – and I am not going to make an exception here. Take what I give you or leave it – I put it here for free. A good writer needs to be a good writer first – then they should know how to write for SEO. Here is a great resource to show you how to turn a great writer into a great SEO content creator. https://contentdistribution.com/SEO-content-writer/
Turn Any Writer Into An SEO Content Writer [65,000+ 1st Page Keywords]

Did you ask the same question to your graphic designer?
A writer's level of knowledge on a topic doesn't matter nearly as much as their ability to write a good article. It takes less than 30 seconds to Google "what is a dofollow link" and implement that knowledge. Regardless of the topic, readers only care about 3 things: Emotion, benefits, and delivery. Yes, a writer with more knowledge on a topic can write a better article than one with less ceterus paribus, but what really matters is their ability to write. That's something that's much harder to teach. For example, I had a client in the golf niche who'd been playing for 20 years and writing his own content. Guess who wrote better golf articles? The SEO industry has a fatal flaw: Thinking that content should approached in the same way as SEO. It shouldn't. In fact, it's possible for you to template out articles and create language swipe files that you train a writer to use, and let them work from there. They don't necesarily need knowledge on a topic nearly as much as they need writing skill and understanding how to write engaging content for readers. TL;DR – Yes, he's eligible assuming he's a good writer.

Gillispie yeah I agree for sure but this is an SEO group and for affiliate sales and engagement it's not really as much about the topic as it is the writers ability to sell the product. Sure if you are actually an authority on your topic – most SEO users are not – then you need to know your shit. But in general, producing good content for an affiliate site doesn't necessarily require deep knowledge of the topic if it did, this industry would be screwed. Nobody with deep knowledge of, for example digital marketing, is going to write for 4 cents a word lol. And yeah, with writers I only care about how they can write. I dropped out of college and made a career out of it. So when a writer tells me they have a PhD or master or whatever I don't give a shit. Show me what you can do buddy.


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