A Business Needs Website Rankings for Google to Gain More Resellers for Its Products

SEO – how important is it for a small business. How much should it cost to improve ranking? Question

We're in our third year and already have almost 50 nationwide resellers of our products (Norway), plus some internationally. We spend about 8% on Instagram marketing and talk directly to our potential resellers (with huge 50% ordering success). We have ok direct Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sales (etsy) but very low Google ranking.

Thank you kindly for your time.
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When is good SEO and great rankings for your money keywords ever a bad thing?

Probably never.

It drives pre-qualified traffic, looking for what you've got, straight to you.

Do you have a Google My Business listing and hundreds of reviews? This is the easiest SEO ever and you can do it all inhouse with a little bit of cheap software to help speed things up.

valdebra ✍️
Thank you for your input! What software are you referring to?

I have tried to do all this myself but failed. We have an Etsy shop and we use their own engine for our website too – so we have reviews and sales but I don't think I can extract that data to Google.
Not surprised you failed with getting reviews. It's much harder than most people think.

To get online reviews? We use a software from Starloop.com They plant a tree for every review. We tried Birdeye and Podium amongst others but Starloop worked the best for us for Google reviews (and Facebook Recommendations I might add)

We've now got over 1000 five star reviews on Google. The bulk of our clients come from these reviews now.

How does star loop work? I saw the pricing was based on invites. Are the invites sent to a provided mailing list or…
That's right. You connect your Starloop to your Google My Business (and/or Facebook page) and then add your clients to Starloop (in the dashboard or using their Application Programming Interface (API)). We upload a .csv file once a week … takes like 2 minutes per week to get reviews otherwise hands free as the system send out reminders to your clients, motivates them with the tree planting. Saves us a lot of time and gets us lots of reviews.
valdebra ✍️
We have 58x reviews on Etsy, all 5-star, apart from one 4-star.

What I meant is that I don't think it's possible to implement such data from Etsy to Google. And if I don't make sense to you, is because I really don't understand how these things work. I'm thinking to employ someone on Upwork to set it up for us eventually.
Right. You can't migrate Etsy reviews to Google. You have to start over. With Starloop or similar software, you don't have to employ anyone to do it. You create your Google My Business profile, verify it. Then you sign up for Starloop (or whatever you want to try), connect it to your Google My Biz (GMB) and start getting reviews.
valdebra ✍️
Briliant! Sounds easy, we will try this! Thank you once again! ❤️

If you are looking to get clients from internet search results, then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important. Optimizing your website for particular keywords and topical searches will get you more traffic. The copy and content on your website is what leads to conversions.

SEO pricing varies from company to company. It's safe to say that you can't get any quality SEO for under $500 per month. It takes time to implement changes to a website. It can be several months before significant results are seen. The average for a solid SEO campaign is $1000 – $2500 per month. Agencies charge by time, so the higher the price, the more time is spent on your website. If more time is spent optimizing your website, then you will see results sooner.

Also, if anyone guarantees a certain rank within a time frame, they are not honest. Results are up to Google, not the SEO pro. A seo pro can guarantee certain tasks will be completed, but not results. You should also be able to communicate with the company directly during your campaign. Not just by email. Phone calls, zooms, skypes, or in person meetings should not be a problem.

Hope this helps you.

valdebra ✍️
Can't thank you enough for your input and your time!

We spend 90% of our revenues on consolidating the production as the demand is 5x fold year to year. We already know that spending a couple of thousands for ads with a local but huge newspaper/advertising corporation is a complete waste of resources. I'm now sure that we shall focus on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), thank you again!

You're welcome. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to reach out to me.

SEO is probably the most important thing you can do to maintain business growth in the long term. The right strategy can keep your business ranking well for years, with persistent lead growth at low cost. Google Business might be a good starting point. Feel free to pm if you have any questions;

valdebra ✍️
Thank you very much for your input!

My concern is that our website is on the Etsy platform engine and we can't change much within the page itself apart from the visual theme and Google Analytics tracking code. – But I don't know if this has any effect on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implementation. Do you think we would have to rebuild our web somewhere else?

So the challenge with any kind of template such as Etsy is that you're restricted in terms of SEO implementation already. I believe they used to restrict header tags and image tags, and there may still be some cross-confusion between how Etsy generates websites and how Google ranks them. A low-cost approach to improving SEO for now might be to improve your YouTube presence, particularly when it comes to product reviews, which have been a significant element in algorithm changes over the last year. You can also try building a separate WordPress site if you have the time and resources, and then port your content over to the WordPress theme from Etsy. The benefit of a WordPress site is you'll have greater integration with a wide number of SEO tools and functions, giving you or your digital marketing team better control and freedom to try different ranking strategies. Just a few quick ideas off the top of my head!
valdebra ✍️
That's a lot of crucial information and I can't thank you enough for this!

In Europe, I feel, YouTube it's not so big because of language barriers. Also, we have only one reseller in the USA and the cost of postage for small packages is just ridiculous, so we don't plan to push in that direction too much.

Thank you kindly once again!
You're very welcome. Glad to help a business owner and I'm always available if any SEO or digital marketing questions come up 🙂 – Just wanted to clarify – when I mention YouTube – Google is actually now ranking YouTube videos in the regular search for some products. And video content is now ranking well for reviews. So if you do have any video content it might be worth considering adding it YouTube with tags and other SEO elements.
valdebra ✍️
Oh, I understand! Yes, that's good to know indeed, and we gotta get to it eventually! Thank you and a nice day to you!


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