A Client Canceled an SEO Agency Because the Agency Website Wasn’t Ranking on Page One

So today one of our prospect client came back and rejected us due to following reason
1. Not ranking on page 1 ( so it means all the agencies should be on page 1 to get clients..)
Looks like we need to work hard on our own Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
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Sometime its very hard to get top, when competitors are super expert.
But this is not the only way to get clients.
Email outreach is still rocks.
If you can't rank your own website don't complain about clients not trusting your work

Jvalin ✍️ » Ball_Lightning
agree with you mate
Exactly! It's like saying Would you buy hair regrowth serums from a bald man? Nope
Barillà » Ball_Lightning
how should he get his first clients, then? Ranking a local bar is different than ranking an SEO service page, where 100% of competitors do the same job as you.
It's like saying you shouldn't buy a Fiat from someone that doesn't own a Ferrari.
Ahh ok so you're saying he's not as good as his competitors… then why not go to his competitors? It's very simple
Scott Allen 🎓
Ranking for SEO and SEO company + city is a vanity metric at best. I consistently rank #1 or #2
I get maybe one or two inquiries a month if that. And they are low end clients.
You should judge an SEO company on their client performance not SEO vs SEO rankings
Andrew » Ball_Lightning
yeah I call BS on this. Ranking your own site is not important. I put absolutely 0 effort into my own site. Reason? My clients take up all my time and they get excellent results. I get all my work via client referrals so ranking my own is about #50 on my priority list.

Well, your sales pitch to the client is to rank them number one for a given keyword. To demonstrate that, your agency website need not rank for a competitive keyword. Choose a long tail keyword and rank that instead. Show that to the client. It proves that you know the job.
Tell them you get clients through word of mouth off of past client successes, and that your resources are more effectively leveraged on client work instead of your own website, then show testimonials. Challenge them to tell you how they heard about you, and be prepared to basically respond with "See?" Worth a shot compared to "you're right, thanks for your time."
I've worked with a few larger companies now and it isn't just for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Sometimes in order to get budgets passed, I have to get approval from multiple people who all have questions like, "Are they doing for themselves what they claim they can do for us?"
If the answer is no, regardless of the service, they get declined. I wouldn't take it too personally. I'm sure your service is fine.


Chris M. Walker 👑
That's a problem client that you're better off without.
I understand how the people that are saying "If you can't rank your own site #1 why should they hire you." I get the simplicity of that… but it is an oversimplification.
Time is a premium resource, and "City SEO" terms are a waste of it. They bring in few leads outside of major metro areas, the ones they do bring in tend to be low quality and its really just not that important.
"The Cobbler's Kids Have No Shoes" is a cliché… but it is a cliché for a reason.
In my opinion anyone that gives you this as a reason is someone that thinks they are smart and will try to micromanage you so its best to move on to other prospects (also odds are if you WERE #1 they would have just given you some other reason not to hire you).
However if you want to counter this… just rank for something like "City SEO Expert" or whatever. Its easy to pick off and shuts up that objection.

Alix » Chris M. Walker
Hey, I've only recently discovered your work and teaching and I have to say I'm super impressed and love what you guys are doing!
Super insightful and v realistic!
Chris M. Walker 👑
Thank you, that means a lot to me and us. 🙂
Ben Allen 🎓
Chris M. Walker
I couldn't have said that better myself. There are a few niches that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not really conducive to and ironically SEO is one of them.
Also, I have never once had a lead or a client bring up my agency rankings. Not once. Hell, they rarely even ask for my other clients' rankings before signing up.
Chris M. Walker 👑 » Ben Allen
That was the other point I wanted to make but felt the comment was going long…
…if they are asking this they are either a bad prospect… or they haven't been warmed up and "pitched" properly.
Probably a combination of both.
Jvalin ✍️
I completely agree this with you. Really spot on. But I wanted to know what should be my reply to clients like this..I told it doesn't prove anything of we rank or not we rank for our clients
Chris M. Walker 👑
If you want to try and work with him then explain something like:
"You're right Bill and that's a perfectly valid question.
Here's the thing Bill I know that could use some work; but the truth is that my team and I have been so focused on getting amazing results for our partners, the same kind of results we want to bring to you, that we haven't had a chance to put an agent on it. "
Iulian » Jvalin
i would say
"You're right. From your point of view. But consider this, no one is looking for SEO experts on first page Google. As is a too spread niche and to many variables to take in consideration. Everyone is following referrals and word of mouth. If you need referrals we can easily provide that. But ask yourself this. Would you prefer an expert focused on his agency ranking? Or one focused on your business growth? Who would you like to see on page 1? Your business or his business?
That's what i would say. Sounds maybe aggressive, but is reverse psychology. Still works in 21st century lmao

We made the same mistake. After sometime we focused so much on our clients that we let our own SEO slip. Not doing that again.
As a marketing guy and web designer who does SEO as an add-on product, I tend to tell clients that:
"There are no guarantees in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and anyone who promises otherwise is either going to charge WAY more than it is worth, or they are lying to you.
Think about it, there are thousands of SEO companies out there. Let's say there are 50 of them in our area. If each of them promise page one ranking to a Plumber, at least 40 of them are going to fail.
The way I build my sites, they are search engine friendly, and about 1/3 of the time I get them on page one just by building their site the way I do. Another 1/3 of the time, I can get them to page 1 by adding additional off-site SEO & reputation management.
The last 1/3 of the time, they won't hit page one without some AGGRESSIVE online marketing and taking the time to really allow their site to grab hold and gain the online reputation and Domain Authority so that Google sees them as the industry expert.
When your website is done, if you are close to the first page within a few weeks, it is best to spend some money and energy on off-site SEO and try to get you there. If you are nowhere close, then the money you would spend to get there is better spent on PPC, retargeting, Facebook Ads, or other forms of advertising that are more likely to bring customers through your door."
Respectfully if you live only by SEO you will die by SEO – my 26 year old online biz / no longer relies on SEO for continued success – it's a misguided myopic race to the bottom IMHO 👍


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