A Competitor Site Copies Much of My Content | What Can I Do to Counter It?

The Summary of Discussion 2: A Competitor Site Copies Much of My Content | What Can I Do to Counter It?
I have a new competitor in the market who copies all of my content the day I post it. To my surprise, he is approved by Adsense as well.
What can I do to counter him? I have sent him a couple of emails but he doesn't respond.
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Is it word for word or just the idea

Jawad ✍️ » Andrew
word to word
Andrew » Jawad
report to their hosting
Jawad ✍️ » Andrew
Hi, I did it with a DMCA notice but nothing happened. He has been consistently copying all my new and old content. He got Adsense activated and getting a huge traffic from social media.

If it's a text to text copy, you don't need to do anything Google will automatically mark him down for a spam blog. Just make sure your content is indexed on Google first though. You could also report it to Google as spam.

Reporting spam – Search Console Help
Jawad ✍️
Yes its word to word. Thanks, I will report it.

I'd sign up to DMCA (it's free btw) and get your site DMCA protected. Then DMCA compliant the shit out of his site.

Jawad ✍️ » Jay
I sent a DMCA notice to his hosting but no response. I would appreciate it if you could guide me further.

He is probably not reading the content. Write a few lines in your next post about half way down explaining that he is stealing your content. Wait until he copies it and then report him to google, his host, and ICANN and he will get shut down asap.

Evil genius 😂
Jawad ✍️ » Syms
Hi, I did it with a DMCA notice to his hosting company but nothing happened. He has been consistently copying all my new and old content. He got Adsense activated and getting a huge traffic from social media.

Yes, submit the DMCA to Google and their site will get removed. Just Google how to do it.
keep registering DMCA complaints…he will be alright lol
Do what the others said and install plugin which stops that person copying your content

Jawad ✍️ » Blair
the plugin is already installed. He still manages to copy it
Blair » Jawad
interesting I used a plugin made by French company I tried copying content from different IPs it stopped all the attempts I made easy

How is he copying your content? I once had this happen to a friend, and we coded a feed that gave them rubbish content if it was his IP/Scraper 🙂 you could maybe even feed some redirects and no-index stuff 🙂

Jawad ✍️ » Sandis
can you refer to a guide on the internet which can elaborate it further. Everything you said went over my head😂😂
It requires basic coding knowledge, and it works if you can identify the way they are copying your content, e.g. accessing site from the same IP. Simple thing to do is check the offending domains IP address and see if in your server log files you have your site accessed from there. If this is not the case, then potentially it wont be as easy.

DMCA is solving these kind of things in seconds

Jawad ✍️ » Alex
Hi, I did it with a DMCA notice but nothing happened. He has been consistently copying all my new and old content. He got Adsense activated and getting a huge traffic from social media.

Here is a great video from Income School about how they dealt with it
Scammers Stealing Your Blog Content? Here's How to Shut Them Down.
There are places you can go to get offshore DMCA ignoring hosting. Directly to google might be your best bet. Write something outragous in your posts like "I stole this content from xyz and I am a dirty scammer" Chances are its automated or he isn't reading the posts properly.

or that by the time this is added to the post that he will just be posting it without reading it assuming that he cannot be stopped

Make sure you fetch and render and request indexing in search console for all your new posts. If he gets the content indexed before you do then he is the original author in Googles eyes.

Holgate » Jason
Yes. Always make sure everything from the very start is indexed through Google console. It will protect you against future plagiarism and adding a site to the console is one of the first things I'd do after building a site.
Jawad ✍️ » Jason
my content is already there in search console and he is copying my old posts too. I am not sure how did Adsense approve the website full of plagiarism. Word to word.

Spam blasts him with bots that click Adsense and get him banned. Never stopping so they can never get ad revenue, they will give up eventually.
For the cruel people, this is a joke, please don't. However, this person is stealing content so not as if morals count.

Checkout this . you can even start putting-in backlink attribution to prove its your content. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lyKgNBTOo0
Scammers Stealing Your Blog Content? Here's How to Shut Them Down.


You Worked Hard to Make Content and then a Scrapper Gets Ranked With the Copied Content Of Yours. What to Do?

The Summary of Discussion 1: A Competitor Made an Exact Copy of My Site, Started Running Google Ads for the Same Keyword I Do

Competitor ripped off all of my hard work, made an exact copy of my site, started running Google Ads for the same keywords I do.
I made a DMCA take down request with Google, noting some text that was copied, an image, and my CSS file. It was approved.
A few days later the text was changed up a bit, the image was removed, and ads are still up. So nothing's changed.
Completely custom CSS and JS written by me still remain on their page, making their site look exactly the same as mine.
Funny thing is, I know who it is, just a few months ago he wanted to buy my site (for a very good price), but I refused cause I could tell he was an a$$.
I take great pride in how my site looks and functions, it's the only one in my niche that's this well taken care of. I can't just let this guy rip everything off.
Any ideas on what else I can do before I start playing dirty?


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I personally think you're getting distracted. There are probably laws out there for source code, but if you're not making $10-100k a month from it, I really wouldn't waste the mental energy.
FYI, this is coming from someone who is copied a lot because all I do is post about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Just because someone copies my site doesn't mean they will outrank me or anything. But for images and clear copyright, you can do take down. I almost don't bother, because like this guy did, he can just change words (synonyms) and image swap.
If you want to take him on I'd talk to a lawyer. Firstly take screen recordings clearly showing your code on his site to be used as evidence, even after he changes it. And then find a lawyer who is willing to be as efficient for you as possible while causing him large expense. There are all sorts of threatening letters that can be sent. Usually you don't actually want to go to court because that is when it can get really expensive. So instead use threats from the lawyer to get him to have to spend money on lawyers answering the threats. There's an outside chance you might get a settlement, or at least he will change the site, but even if that doesn't happen he'll end up having to spend money on a lawyer. The key is find one who will be efficient for you but will send letters that take them a fair bit of lawyer time to respond to! But often you'll find someone like this caves in with just the first formal threats.

Dixson » Josh
This assumes the perpetrator actually lives in a country that you can target. Chances are he/she isn't.

I'd let it go and leave court cases for the true ass holes of this world. It's not worth your trouble

Pearse » John
That is horrible advice to a business owner who is being victimized. If it is having paid ran at if and it's a market that warrants stealing a full site then this is most likely real money loss we are talking about.
If not I can agree with your statement and will.
We had to involve a federal angry once for one of our domains and I would never tell anyone not to use any means necessary to protect their family dinner table or turkey meat.
John » Pearse
I understand where you're coming from… This is a general rule-of-thumb advice whereby asking for advice on the internet for anything related to legal matters should never happen anyway – and that's my first advice. But related to my answer – More innocent people's family's are sent bankrupt by following the legal system and starting legal proceedings against bullies with more money or lawyers on tap, as they can drag it out to the point whereby you have no more money to fight the case or whereby you actually lose anyway. Additionally the amount of your own personal time and the stress it causes for many is intolerable and will take its toll and its a high toll in many instances. So I will stick with that rule-of-thumb advice. …and disclaimer: treat all internet advice with a pinch of salt as legal matters are complicated and no one knows the whole story and that of the defendants also.

As others have noted, your two main options are DMCA the webhost/registrar, or lawyer up.
I'd consider letting it go, though. Him ripping off your website CSS, etc. probably isn't hurting you very much and might not be worth the hassle and expense of fighting. Even if you win, he could just go hire a freelancer off of Upwork for $100 to make a site design that's 90% similar. He'd be totally legal, and just as effective competing against you. You'd have technically won but you wouldn't be much better off.
If customers/users are getting confused between the sites, though, maybe it's worth going after him.
get a link spam service, make half million links pointing back to his website from spam pages, Google will erase him. can do, i wouldn't advice to get a lawyer because all the html and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are open source and there is no rules against copying them
Update for anyone wondering:
– DMCA request to their web host was able to take their site down for a couple of days, till they switched to another host.
– Seems like their site is down again, I haven't received an update from either party, but I assume it's either their domain registrar or CF. I have no reason to believe it won't be back up soon.
– Google called me about my ads and I brought this up, I was told to make another request and they'll look into it more closely. Sounded like they might do something this time round, we'll see.


DMCA | A Website Else Copy Pasted My Content, but It Gave the Original Link as Credit and Even Kept My Internal Links

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