A Realtor | I want to target the Suburbs around a City Where I Live

Do I need to create a landing page for every city I want to target or is a blog post good enough?
I want to target the suburbs around a city where I live. I'm a Realtor
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Do you want clients to convert?
or read a boring blog and bounce..

Jones ✍️ » Kafa
dang. Why the blog gotta be boring? Lol
Kafa » Jones
it's the internet…
Kafa » Jones
Boring or not the page should potentially be optimised for conversion. ie a landing page.

You never know until you try. But I'll add, how many is not as important as what. Provide quality content and it may only take one.
I've been told to create landing pages for each city and optimize it. However, what type of business is it? Because I am not sure it would make sense to create city landing pages if it's one retail store in your current city. However, if you do some time of service in those areas, that would make more sense I think.

Jones ✍️ » Jaclyn
I'm a Realtor in Houston.
Jaclyn » Jones
ok then I would recommend creating landing pages for each city. Optimize the page like crazy.. do keyword research and add valuable content. Don't just use a map with contact info. Add internal links in your blog pointing to those pages. Use long tail keywords. If you need help with any of this , feel free to message me😊
Jones ✍️ » Jaclyn
thank you. I appreciate the advice.

Create a unique landing page for each suburb with keyword volume in your City. Make sure each page has content unique to the suburb, with homes in that suburb listed on the page. Optimize titles and content, and you should see a significant increase.

Jones ✍️ » Jake
thank you. Sounds like a good plan.

Why not make one blog post, but have city specific landing pages for the cities you target. They can read the blog post if they want or just contact you or something.

Jones ✍️ » Toto
can you give me an example please?
Like for example, you write a blog post about finding the right real estate agent, then you create landing pages for each city you target that link to that article and have call to action (CTA) to contact you. Visitors can either read the article which will funnel them to contact you or if they don't want to read the article they can just contact you from the landing page. Something like that may work.

Get an IDX feed on your website (IDX Broker, Real Geeks, etc.)
Create area pages for long tail stuff like "homes in AREA with swimming pool", "colonial homes for sale in AREA", "cottages for sale in AREA", etc.
Don't target "real estate in AREA" – you'll never beat Zillow, Trulia, Realtor dot com, etc.
That's it.
Remember, people want to see homes for sale, they do not care about blog posts with fluff.
Btw, I'm talking from experience.

Jones ✍️ » Dario
should I add those page categories to my menu? Or should they only be found from searching for them from Google or Bing?
I would add the areas (towns, cities, etc.) in the menu, then have additional links to the longtail stuff in each area page.
I'll send you an example via IM.
Jones ✍️ » Dario
thank you. I appreciate it
Yamil 🎓 » Dario
this is excellent advice. Jones
long tail keywords is the way to go
Jones ✍️ » Yamil
i used SEMrush to come up with a bunch of them
Yamil 🎓 » Jones


You need to create a page for each city you want to target along with a page for each major master plan or subdivision as well. Add highly optimized photos along with an optimized Youtube video. Feed all of the listing using idx into the pages. For your personal listings or ones you would like to feature I would do a very detailed blog post.
I've done this successfully for a realtor in Southern California who was in the top 10 of all of REMAX.

Jones ✍️ » Cox
are those pages found only via search or in my menu bar?
Cox » Jones
both. You're going to want to build some links to the subpages so Google will index your pages and the new listings as they get added. You will find that the major player rely on domain strength for ranking.

Agreed. Just make sure these pages have enough unique content or they may be seen as duplicate and their ranking diluted. Also, be careful not to go to granular with location targeting. It could cause index bloat.

Jones ✍️ » Lucy
too granular? A page that ranks high for a keyword has over 3k words. I'd think I would also have to write as many words
Lucy » Jones
Yes. So not creating endless location pages for specific locations in your chosen city, for example 😊 and making sure you have a good amount of completely unique content if you are going to have some of the same content across all pages to prevent duplicate content issues
Jones ✍️ » Lucy
all of these pages don't have to be accessed from the search menu correct? Id think it would confuse readers bc every time they click a menu item another submenu pops up.
Maybe I could have a page about Houston then link other pages like "Neighborhoods" from the Houston page instead of having Neighborhoods as a Houston submenu. Am I on the right track?
Lucy » Jones
They don't have to be accessible via the header navigation, but should be linked naturally from somewhere to ensure they are not orphaned. Orphaned pages are ones which are not linked anywhere on site and if they remain that way, they won't be seen as a priority by Google. In fact, Google is likely to struggle to crawl and index them at all if they are not linked to.
Davidson » Lucy
duplicate content doesn't get penalized. Using duplicate content for different locations with just the location switched out will not cause any issues.
Lucy » Davidson
You will not get penalized but it will not rank as well as it could do. This is why you want to ensure you have a good mix of unique content as well as boilerplate content.
Also, if the content is too similar, it could be canonicalized by Google, meaning that only one version of the page shows in the index. For location pages, this would be the ultimate nightmare, so you should do as much as possible to differentiate the content, particularly when it comes to on-page content.


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