A Web Design Agency Wants Me to Do SEO Without Charging Them Anything and Promised Me to Outsource All Their Incoming SEO Work for Me

Suggestion Needed!
I am providing white label SEO services to a Canada based Web Design agency and my recent progress with their web design turned SEO client made them very happy and they want to go long term now…
But the thing is as they mostly do web design, they want me to first do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their own website without charging them anything (For Vancouver area) and promised me to outsource all the incoming SEO work from me…
So, should I go for doing SEO of their website for Free?
Should I work out something else??
P.S: I don't have much of choice when it comes to SEO Clients as I am in Pakistan (fellow countrymen will agree)
Thank you, already!
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so, they want you to work for free and an unenforceable promize? Do you think that they will change their behavior later? Don't you fear you will be underpaid for future projects?

Talha » Ferdinand
I can't guarantee their behavior but they are nice to me so far…
That's why M confused if this will worth it

Keith L Evans 🎓
So you are worth nothing!? No. Value your time. If you have already proven you can do it, now you can charge a fee. No matter the client.

Talha » Keith L Evans
Sure, Thank You 🙂

Do you trust them?

Talha » Ştefan
Yes I can trust them…
So far, they are good to me and paid me on time…It's been a year now

Erin Morris 🎓
Whaaaaaat? No. I'm sorry they put you in this position. It sounds like they're essentially asking you to be a founding member of a growing company, for free. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Never work for free unless you want to. I'd offer to set up a monthly plan with them. From what I understand your cost of living is less in Pakistan so people from higher cost of living countries can pay you less and everyone wins, BUT asking you to work for free is ridiculous. At the very least set up a trade. And put everything in a contract. It might be hard to enforce legally but it will help set up boundaries and a timeline.

Talha » Erin Morris
Thank You Erin…
Yes, I think making a clear contract will be a good option, Thank you
Erin Morris 🎓 » Talha
Good luck!

Sounds like a shitty arrangement. I wouldn't stand for that personally.
Haha. I know exactly who you are talking about. Post this dickhead's web site.

Talha » Joshua
What?? really?? M gonna DM you their site now lol

All good advice up top – offering another way to value your time while possibly working within their proposal
-Determine the hours you would need for their SEO and what that time is valued at
-Determine the value of an average referral deal
-In writing, get them to agree that if they don't refer you x number of deals per month/quarter to equal the value of your free work on their site, then they are required to pay x amount based on the difference between your time cost and the value of referrals
Its much more convoluted, so I would only take this approach if you really need to come to the middle. As others have stated, come to the table making it clear that you won't work for free
in tough times negotiate: the challenge is – CAN YOU REALLY DELIVER? So make an agreement for pay for PERFORMANCE/Results.. Eg if i get this xyz phrase onto top 5 then u pay amount. do 1 phrase to prove your expertise – I have many promises and very few actually deliver on their promises.

Talha » Dovale
Thank you for the valuable advice though 🙂

If they are not going to take any commission on any work passed onto you then I don't see anything wrong with it… it's a case of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch your back". In fact I have done the exact same for the best source of work I get. I do free SEO for her Pay-Per-Click (PPC) website and she sends 3 or 4 very high quality, high ticket clients my way each month.

Talha » Holgate
Hey David,
Thank you for the advice but they are definitely gonna take their commissions from every client and that's why they are interested though!
Holgate » Talha
In that case, they are trying to take advantage of you a bit there then.

If you can optimize a website to be on the front page for the search query "SEO Vancouver".
My question is: what stops you from doing it for your own good, thus, getting the clients?
So you are now santa?
Please, come and optimize for me too I will pay $50 😀

Talha » Moeugene Ahmed
I am not Santa…
Respectfully, Even though I somehow make it to page 1 for "SEO Vancouver" that would be useless because most of the good corporate clients would like to arrange meetings for the sake of trust and then start any kind of contract…
I am thinking to work with them because they are going to do the meetings part and take half or whatever percentage for it
SEO Mo » Talha
Meetings? Lol..What is zoom and other similar softwares for? We are living in a digital age bro.
Get on the first page and tell them you can do the same for them. If they are serious they will buy your services even if you live in Jupiter.
There are businesses that hire SEO users from Fiverr and Upwork without setting up meetings


Not a good arrangement, ask them a fee for doing SEO on their website and then let them mark up or earn referral commission for future SEO clients.
It's a risky arrangement. Chances are, for one reason or another, they won't end up sending you any work. They're trying to get something for nothing, but even if their intentions are good there are a lot of reasons you may never actually get any work.
So I wouldn't do it, unless you don't have work right now and are willing to take the risk on wasting some time.
As someone else said, maybe they can do something free for you up front.
Mmmm. Pretty much red flag! Doesn't mean it's not legit, but I would ask for contract.
Ask them to submit charges as an advance for upcoming project first than do this project.
After you will get second project then do your first project,
If all work completed then if you want to return then you may. Otherwise charge less for only that job but charge extra for upcoming project so that you manage all.
Rather than working for them, work for your own website. Rank your own website in Vancouver area and get client directly

Talha » Amit
As I already answered above, ranking high is meaningless if I can't do physical meetings with clients there …
I've seen the environment and 99% of clients would like to arrange physical meetings first

No. Instead of working on his website build one for yourself and get it ranked. There are many freelance marketplaces where you can register and look out for opportunities. It's said promises are made to be broken. So don't trust anyone!!!
I don't understand. If you've already done some SEO work for them and they were pleased with it, why are they asking you to work for free? To prove yourself? You've already done that by the sounds of things!
No, do free projects as a startup freelancer until you have enough case studies / referrals to start charging people then never do free work for anyone again.

Talha » Meakin
Thank you for valuable advice Geoff

Many people may not agree here, but SEO (done correctly) is lot more valuable than simple website design most agencies do for small business (usually WordPress theme). Optimize and rank for 'SEO Vancouver' 'website design Vancouver', etc that will bring leads and hire them to do website design and meet/manage SEO clients. If leads want to meet someone or talk to someone in Vancouver, then you can redirect them to this 'website design company'. This way they have nothing to lose, and if this arrangement does not work out with them after you rank a website and start generating leads, then you will keep the website and there will be other 'web design companies' who will be willing to take those leads.

Talha » Rahul
Wow this is a valuable advice, Thank you

SEO them for free then they can replace you anytime they want.
Should charge them cuz if they are real they will not ask work for free
Do you really know it is canadian company maybe they are just showing it

Talha » Taimoor
I am 100% sure they are canadian as I had video meetings and everything for previous clients

From me a BIG NO…
As you mentioned above that you do white labeled SEO, as a SEO Specialist I do know how much it will/can take your time & Effort.
Instead of taking a single project for free, become a freelancer And take different projects according to your experience/level of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
They are trying to pull a fast one. Remember you hold all the strings at present. They should be motivating you not discouraging you. Working for free means undervaluing your offering and then profiting. Then making "promises" to outsource work to you. No.
Just buy a domain and rank your own domain for those keywords and tell them that they can lease your website as readily ranking.
It may take some months.
But then you have the higher hand to negotiate
Never do it for free mate. Specially in this case.
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most competitive
– After Vancouver they will expend the requirements but will pay peanuts
– The ball is in your court (no business owner wants to loose a team member who can provide excellence and get winning clients (which leads to word of mouth recommendations for agency)
– You will do Google maps for local search then they'd expand the local area.
Simply inform them it is pandemic, in your country the number of cases are rising and you are working hard to support family and friends during lockdown. Further, you are an SEO specialist, you charge for your services just as "the agency charges for its services" Period.
If you do this for free the process of homeostasis (the universal law) will break. I'm originally from Delhi btw and Sindhi too (the natural entrepreneur) Check out #Legendary Entrepreneurs


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