Adding Up Backlinks Price to SEO Service Basic Price. Is It Okay?

Craig Neal
I have been paying someone to do backlinks for about a year for several of my clients. They are whitehat backlinks, and good quality, and doing about 20 per month. But I have to say, I have not seem an increase in our organic leads. It gets a bit expensive and wondering if I just need to stop doing this. Are adding/paying for backlinks worth it?


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Adrian Borg
People overlook outbound requirements
Underlook internal requirements
A shitty link with a specific anchor is all you need in some cases… Matter of link builder being more of an SEO and not just links built to meet client metrics
Goes a looong way there
Jacob Maslow
20 over several clients isn't a lot especially for competitive industries.
I have really good links snd can get you more velocity.
But most industries are really competitive.
I've had SEO agency that was trying to rank for lawyers get 2-3 links per client and complain. He also was getting cheapest links I had.
1-2 better ones is much much more effective for same money.
When I used link agencies I would get fewer but better links.
Scott Latham
Personally, I'd get set with your analytical data. If the websites are seeing an increase in ranking and more importantly organic visitors then the website is the problem.
Let me explain that better.
You can have the best rankings and 10000s visitors a day but if the websites are not developed to convert its all pointless.
And of course vice versa. You can have the nicest looking and conversion savvy website on the Internet but if you don't have visitors, what's the point of it.

Craig Neal ✍️ » Scott Latham
I agree..thanks Scott!

Umang Chugh » Craig Neal
If someone is building backlinks then make sure they are following link velocity and diversity. Sometimes people are building backlinks on the keywords if we do so then Google thinks that we are doing spamming. So, we also need to build backlinks on different anchor texts related to the target keyword.
I can also show what I am talking about. And available for the meeting also to discuss about link building.
Cormac Reynolds
Backlinks may not be the issue in this instance.
Sites need a good, well optimized content strategy in place and good technical SEO to complement links and to rank in even moderately competitive niches in most cases. You need a holistic approach
Nowadays having good links and neither of the other is a bit like having a powerful engine in a car but no steering wheel.
Craig Neal ✍️
Looks like I need some help…does anyone with experience on this work on UpWork? If so, I would like to get your information.

Chris M. Walker 👑🎩
Craig Neal
not on Upwork. But I am going to tag in Scott Allen to help you sort through what's holding you back.
If he is busy there are some people on Legiit I can get to help you.
Craig Neal ✍️ » Chris M. Walker
Thank Chris!!

Sarah Jannah
It is very essential to note to not to lift up site and its rankings only on backlinks. In the starting of my SEO career, I did the same mistake. I did experienced rise in rankings but then the growth became stagnant.
From then on I now focus equally on technical SEO, on page SEO, content management and skyscraping and ofcrse on various quality backlinks
Hector Espinoza
If someone has been building backlinks for a year for you and haven't ranked. Either your website needs better on-page or the links they got you sucked. In a few weeks of good linking, you should have seen more calls or sales coming in. Are the backlinks showing up on Google Search Console (GSC), and have you checked to see if those links have traffic? Run a website audit

Craig Neal ✍️ » Hector Espinoza
I agree- Is there someone you could recommend that could provide a audit?
Hector Espinoza » Craig Neal
SEMrush or screaming frog can get the job done.
Craig Neal ✍️
thank you

Khalid Irfan
If they were of good quality, they would have definitely work, I am not sure what factors do you consider for a good quality one but mostly sites with great organic traffic do wonders for backlinks, I am helping an agency with my links and they are doing awesome!
Glenn Sojourner
Improve your content and on-page SEO. If they have been building backlinks on the same content for a year don't expect a lot. If you are only building backlinks to the home page, your effort is wasted. That is not where the real info that people find value and would link to naturally.
Michael Faulds
Paid "white hat" backlink 🤣🤔
Narender Chahal
Creating links and then counting numbers is not SEO. If links not pushing ranks then you must stop right there.
Just dig into technical SEO. Look for page speed, page errors, unwanted redirection, and other things as well.
If possible add more relevant content (text, images, videos), do interlinking.
Write up more articles on Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and link them to the main page as well.


Anand Maheshwari
I started making mini sites and mass pages they are better for business results and great source for back link power to boost main site ranking too

Jeannette Robinette » Anand Maheshwari
Excellent idea!!! what are your site addresses, love to see how they work and give you the clicks!
Cristian Kennedy » Jeannette Robinette
This doesn't work. Google measures traffic quality, engagement, bounce rate, etc… which is impossible to replicate
Anand Maheshwari » Cristian Kennedy
You can say I never tried way that is fair but saying it don't work is perhaps not good.
I do proper on-page, ai tools used, if it's local client they ranks good over time and also once given tiered backlink to those pages every single backlink from such site works and boost the main website rank.
We design them like a real looking website so they don't look like just traditional Private Blog Network (PBN) or content farms
Cristian Kennedy » Anand Maheshwari
Just because you design a website "to look real" you think you are fooling google..
I know for a fact Google is not fooled. These websites you create for backlinking have absolutely no domain authority…
And when you put many low quality, low domain authority, backlinks on one domain… the domain gets classified as spam…
Kevin Carney » Anand Maheshwari
Please define "mass pages".
Anand Maheshwari » Kevin Carney
Please note that nobody can prefer to share client URLs or live sites in public places like this. We are all here to help each other with what we know, but don't mean we can cross this privacy or security boundaries hope you understand.
I recently have one of our AppSumo listing approved at some of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s are there. A note to admin please note that I have no personal intention to advertise here however based on the pattern of user comment sharing a detailed URL was necessary I can't explain this all details in one quick reply Hope you understand the purpose.
Webji Mass Page Website – Rank Your Business in Local Areas | Exclusive Offer from AppSumo
Kevin Carney » Anand Maheshwari
I'm curious what a mass page website is, and the page you linked to assumes I already know.
Can you describe in a short paragraph what a mass page website is?
Anand Maheshwari » Kevin Carney
Think of it like 100s of pages with unique content, SEO optimized pages, having backlink if required to your money site and above all a real looking website not a content farm.

Manoj Kusshwaha
look getting is not the only thing for ranking. This you call "link farming" . Suppose you have restaurant and you get advertise using traditional advertising method. In that case also you landed many people at your restaurant but your food means content, your website framework like internal decoration, your internal links means easy to get customers food like proper cash counters and order desk. If you don't have these things then believe me you will be on losing side…if you think i can help you then come inbox we can talk there in details

Josh Hook » Manoj Kusshwaha
First, I'd have to understand you before I could even think you'd be able to help me.
Manoj Kusshwaha » Josh Hook
Yes you are ✔️. But for that you have to share your Url first .if you can openly share your Url then i can help you..i think this is not safe to share url openly. If you can then i can help 💯
Brian McGuire » Josh Hook
Rude. He is saying that, if you're getting traffic but no conversions, then you need to look at your website, reputation/reviews, mentions, etc. If you come on these forums and ask for help, be grateful for the help and recognize that not everyone is a native English speaker.
Manoj Kusshwaha » Brian McGuire
No issue . Its his way, however if anyone wants help and If he becomes so judgemental then its something like ego. For learning and understanding anything everyone has to be polite. leave it, i appreciate for your comments

Cristian Kennedy
The quality of backlink also matters… what's the site that the backlink is from? You can get 5 billion back links for $10… problem is there are all on .ru domain and most likely to give you negative SEO.
The best backlinks are from sites like Forbes, wall street journal, new york times, etc… where blogging or opinion pieces cannot inject links

Laurent Dambies » Cristian Kennedy
You will find backlinks from Forbes and such on marketplace, not but direct link injection, but they have another way

Ransom Agui
It's about how competitive the keywords are. Even if you do 50 backlinks if you're competing against big players with a budget for 500 backlinks, it still won't make a dent. Or it could be that you're not addressing the search intent.
Vikas Sharma
A back link without proper strategy planning is worth 0. Try and get good back links from authority websites. And while making the back link ask the provider to cover some good topic in the article usually they will just have a introduction of your company and would paste it om all platforms. Avoid that. Get web 2.0 back links I have found great results with them
Joe Aquila
No increase in leads, but has traffic gone up? Have rankings improved on the target pages? If everything is totally flat, look at the source and nature of the links. If traffic is going up, look at the page experience and search intent to address why you are not seeing leads off of it.


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