Advice for a new Lancer in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a Career

Hello guys, What is your advice to a new guy interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a career?
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Get good at copywriting and doing Youtube videos all targeting low Keyword Difficulty (KD) keywords. Outsourcing the copywriting and video creation at a very low price but of good quality will help even more.

Farouk ✍️ » Gustavo
thanks man, appreciated.
Gustavo » Farouk
This is how to go about doing the keyword targeting with the articles and videos:
SEO Silos Made Easy – The #1 SEO Technique To Rank For Difficult Keywords Fast… Silo Your Content!
Farouk ✍️ » Gustavo
just checked the video, thanks again for sharing!
Aarron » Gustavo
what does low priced quality copy writing look like?
Well, good copywriting makes sense for the reader to properly understand and conveys the appropriate message. Including good SEO practices. The price depends on the copywriting company or copywriter and you have to at least see for yourself with a sample article or buy an article first to see the quality.

I started at 0 knowledge in the SEO before 14 months, I had to learn a lot to know how this works, it's very important to know what your competitors doing and how their sites and pages are ranking well, u can learn a lot by using some tools like: SEMrush/Ahrefs. There's still more tools you need to find out and have them to help u more
Create a website or blog. Get it ranked. Then you will know how to rank and also have proof that you can. Once you learn how to rank then you will be familiar with all the lingo and skills. You will know the tools already that a company might ask you about..if you are going for a job in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) anyway. Either way you will know your way around things like SEMrush, screaming frog and other crawling tools. You will learn all of the tools like Google search and analytics etc.
Creating your own website or blog will just guide you to the SEO world..if you so wish. Hope that helps!

Farouk ✍️ » Alan
sure it helps and thanks a lot, but if I should start a blog for instance which niche will you suggest I start with since my dream is to begin SEO as a career?
Alan » Farouk
honestly…any. something that you are interested in or have knowledge about will help. It isn't really the subject is the skill sets that you will gain from doing it. From there you can speak to someone who wants someone with SEO skills and you will have the proof that you have them

Run like hell…

Farouk ✍️ » Jonathan
Jonathan » Farouk
'run' as fast as you can as if the devil themselves was chasing you… don't look back… that SEO will kill 'ya. Once your addicted… you'll never get away from telling everyone how 'wrong' they are doing it, and you'll develop an annoying twitch… then finally you'll start a Youtube channel telling everyone that you have the 'magic solution' ha ha ha ha ha 😳🤪🤔😳😳😳😳
Farouk ✍️ » Jonathan

Turn back now while you still have a chance. I'm kidding, but I'm serious. When I first started in SEO, it was a much different space; there was a hacker like culture to the place and it required specific people for a specific job. These days, while some SEO users still fancy themselves "hackers," modern SEO has become a repackaged collection of marketing, website design, and public relations tactics that any self-respecting company in the 21st century should be doing anyway even if search engines didn't exist, that also happens to help with your organic search placements. It's only a matter of time before medium to enterprise-sized companies realize they have all the staff they need to make SEO happen internally by upgrading employee skillsets. Early phases of this will turn the current SEO roles into specialized project managers, but eventually what we know as SEO will just be business as usual. If you really like the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then focus on one of its aspects and prepare yourself for a future career that includes those talents.
After learning SEO by watching free courses do job at some good SEO agency for few months then you will have budget for your own projects (money is required for content & links) also you will have required knowledge & experience. Also its very important to make your own site like any local site just to validate what you have learnt.
There are few ways/models by which you can earn using SEO skills such as
1) blogging/affiliate marketing
2) freelancing
3) Agency/client SEO
4) local SEO/leads sell
5) your own e-com store/product
6) job
Make sure you take some action instead of just watching videos & reading articles.
Ask yourself how much you like to learn and if learning isn't your thing then don't do SEO. Ask yourself if you like to solve puzzles, if you don't like to solve puzzles don't do SEO. Ask yourself if you want to be dedicated to career that consumes more than your eight HOUR day. If not don't do Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
SEO has to be something to do for the passion of it because you love learning, because you love solving puzzles, because you like making client's websites solid so that they can maintain their business models AND their employees paychecks.
SEO changes all the time. You have to love what makes it challenging or it's not for you.

Eugene » Kristine
well said mate! Hellos from Singapore
Kristine » Eugene
thank you! Hello from Las Vegas NV. 🙃
Eugene » Kristine
Farouk ✍️ » Kristine
much appreciated

Are you comfortable with constant change, adapting to regular Google updates, and able to keep learning? Also, be willing to learn more than one subfield – be it web development or copywriting. It will make your life easier. Is it required for success? No. But it can make your life easier in more ways than one.
Create your own blog and try SEO for it… Experience teach you more than online classrooms. Have patience. The moment you start getting clients through your content marketing (including blog), it means you have mastered the basics. Be humble enough to accept that you can not be expert 365 days and hence need to keep learning about changes happening on SEO front. All the best, dude.


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