Advice for No sales Even People Visit the Website

Hi, our new retail website went live 2 weeks ago, in these 2 weeks we have had no sales, looking at the Google analytics people are dropping off the homepage straight away, so people aren't even making it to the products, we're getting the hits but no sales. Is there anybody that can give me some pointers as to why. Tia


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Sounds like a conversion optimization problem and there can be many causes. If you share the URL, you'll get recommendations. Otherwise all anyone can do is shoot in the dark and completely miss the mark. Better yet, pay a conversion pro to get an audit.
Dearn ✍️
My url is
Mood Treatz – Online Sweet Shop

Falla » Dearn
I think your website is the problem, especially on Mobile. There is no GDPR notice, on the home page, the collection images don't have a call to action to visit the respective categories. Is your pricing competitive? Do you offer free shipping? My suggestion would be to take a critical look at your competitors' websites and do what you can to make yours better than theirs. Look at their structure, their page loading speed, their "hooks" to get you to buy, etc.

I e just had a look at your site. I'm not a designer so I'm looking as a potential customer. A couple of things would put me off going further than the home page.
Firstly the homepage header image. For me it's too busy and the overall impression I get from it is off putting. The main thing though that would stop me going any further is the hamburger menu. The background color – brown with black text is illegible to me. It also doesn't fit in the the bright fun look of the home page.
Hope that might help

Dearn ✍️ » Wendy
Thank you for taking the time to leave me feedback, really appreciate it, 100% agree also, I'll get on it today

Lori Appleman 🎓
It loads super slow and quite honestly I don't see anything that would indicate why somebody should buy from you. We call that your unique value proposition and it's pretty important to give people a reason to shop your store when you carry things they can get elsewhere.

Dearn ✍️ » Lori Appleman
Thank you for taking the time to look into it for me, totally agree, I'll get working on it today
The website (first page) loads very slowly. Visitors do not want to wait and leave.



advice for no sales even people visit the website

Hi Kimberley In your Google Analytics have you looked at the source of the traffic? Is it definitely coming from potential buyers or from posts in forums?
On the site there is nothing that stands your packages or bundles as being of more value than what the average B&M store on the high street offer buyers… consider making a clearer about the value proposition in the bundles against other retailers in the U.K.
e.g. £50worth of X for £10 etc.
The mobile colors and speed need addressing, that's probably not the cause of no sales but it should be looked at if you are serious about it being a success.
Do you or have you sold the bundles anywhere else on the net like Amazon/eBay to see if there is a demand..? Could be a good test of the market pricing for you.
advice for no sales even people visit the website

I can see some typos on the homepage which might put some people off, make the site look less legit. Also some of the images look low res. And I'd expect some kind of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page with more info about shipping, returns, tax on international orders…
Kirsten Patricio 🎓
My 200MBPS internet was no match for this website it seems lol it did load very slow, unfortunately.
I can say there's a bit of a problem when it comes to load time and I'm not even on your products page yet. I think there also needs to be a re-assessment of the copy on your Home page.
Right off the bat, I noticed that there was a piece of text that blended with the banner/hero image.
I am not sure what your target audience is but I reckon it's people of my age group. A lot of us have bad eyes lol I find the colors a bit too bright for me. I think softer shades might be better without compromising too much on your color scheme.
When I get to the bottom of the page, the elements oddly disappear and the elements prior to that area gets squished.
I would recommend installing Microsoft's Clarity to track on-site behavior and seeing how your customers interact on your website.
What theme are you using? I have designed a few ecommerce sites using Elementor and Woo. All my sites load in 3 sec or less. Have you optimized all the images. Is black a good color for these types of products. Maybe stick with the basics like keep the logo top left side. The menu bar is really huge. It takes up a quarter of the screen. Add a normal menu at the top. A visitor needs to find what they want quickly via the categories.
Dearn ✍️
Thankyou everyone for your help. It's has been invaluable, I've got things moving on all your recommendations and advice. I really appreciate it, thank you
simply add Discount & offer.
Second most important Add Trust Value on your Site. There are million of ecommerce website getting huge traffic but sale is very low. Due to Trust Value .. Focus on it
Really slow to load: That isn't helping you.
The home page is way too busy and lacks a central value proposition. Who do you serve, what value do you provide to them and how do you provide it? Answer those questions and turn that into a customer-facing value: e.g. "A world of delicious treats delivered to your door". Cut down the noise. Make it easy to navigate to where people are likely to want to go.
Where's the demand? What products have a visible search volume? Which of those search terms have commercial (I.e. I want to buy) kind of intent? What's the lifetime value of a new customer? How much are you prepared to pay to acquire them? Are your individual product pages (forget the home page) optimized?
Honestly, I think you need to spend a LOT of time going up the learning curve on many, many things. The site design and structure is poor. No real attention has been paid to the page titles and meta descriptions on product pages. Many page titles (h1, h2, etc) are wasted on meaningless stuff like "PROMO Sweet Box" and other titles that fail to identify products for Google to find. It looks like a decent idea, but you need to rethink it all. I'd suggest getting some help from somebody who knows their way around e-commerce stores. Sorry, but not really my thing, so I can't offer any practical help with it. I'm not meaning to be hyper-critical, but honestly, the website needs to be rethought and rebuilt if you want to make any money from it. Before you create a pixel you need to come up with a strategy for getting your target audience onto the site and know what tactics you'll employ to get them to buy. Don't build a thing until you have that and a way to generate traffic worked out, in detail. Anything less and you're wasting your money.
You need to test your site objectively. Few things I noticed:
1) social page has low engagement and followers – first place I go to if I'm iffy about a business
2) email address is unprofessional, makes you look amateur next to the "secure payment method" callout.
3) headings aren't all responsive – review responsive design
4) visual flow is off putting, I think you really need to get some randoms to sit down with you and critique the site – it will help give you objective feedback.
If I'm going to consider trusting your company with a food purchase, I want to feel confident in the quality of your business. Good design and testing is going to help you get there.
advice for no sales even people visit the website

advice for no sales even people visit the website

advice for no sales even people visit the website


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