After the Domain-Expired Someone Uploaded Content to New Domain by Downloading From Internet Archive


Getting virtually zero traffic after relaunching blog and ready to give up

I had a blog a couple of years ago that was getting around 100 unique visitors a day and where I was making a small amount of money monthly with the Amazon Associates program.

I ended up getting very ill and spending a lengthy time in the hospital. While I was in the hospital my Internet hosting expired and someone else ended up with my domain.

Early last year I put that blog back online. It has been back online for close to a year now but I get virtually zero traffic and have only had one single Amazon Associates sale.

I have over forty posts on my blog with unique content but have not created any new content in several months.

Am feeling very discouraged and feel ready to give up with blogging altogether.

Anyone else feel this way?
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What exactly do you mean you put your blog back? You downloaded the content and uploaded it to a new domain?

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Yes, the content was on Internet Archive and I was able to repost it all, updating and revising as necessary.

Hate to say it but that's likely your problem. Most search engine will think someone copied your content and re-uploaded it. I've launched several sites, Facebook and insta pages and out of 14 or so, only 3 made meaningful income. I would start fresh with a plan, stick to it, then start monetizing again. Don't give up. At my peak, I was making $700-800 / month but now dropped to about $200 / month.

This doesn't replace my income but its nice beer money when I want to splurge on something I normally wouldn't pay for.
chrisinbc ✍️
Thank you so much for your insight Harry. That explains why I'm getting virtually no traffic now. I will have to brain storm some ideas for a new niche and start from scratch.

It's sure ashame that I lost my original domain but such is life.
Have you checked to see if your old domain may be for sale now?

The person who purchased it most likely did for the traffic value it may have had (unless it carries their business name) at the time it expired. But if they haven't built a site on it, it may be worth contacting them and asking if they are willing to sell it (for a reasonable price of course). Just a thought.

Another idea is that you leave everything as is, and proceed to add and create "new" content. Some fresh stuff. This will help slowly fade out the duplicate content issue… then, once you start improving traffic to that new content, you can start removing the old stuff. Remember that even with this duplicate content you made one sale… I'd say write another 40 posts and new traffic will come back (slowly).

Good luck.

Running a blog is a challenging task but do not lose hope. Blogging is the only successful business and suitable for any person who wishes to make money online. You are saying that you are going to leave but don't do now, just find the areas of improvement using the tools like Google Webmasters, SEMrush etc.

Create a working strategy and work every day. Surely you can see considerable growth of your blog traffic and you will start to make money again.

chrisinbc ✍️
Appreciate the advice and words of encouragement.

Okay, but how many hours a week do you put into promotion? As a guide, if I put 4 hours into researching and writing an article, I put 4X as much time into promoting and marketing that post.

So how much marketing are you doing?

How often are you building new backlinks to your blog?

Are you guest posting on other blogs to exposure yourself and your blog to an existing related audience?

While I don't think posting every day is the solution, I do think some sort of consistency is key, that might be once a week or once a month but you need to continue to produce high quality content and then promote said content to build your authority and increase your chance of ranking on Google and bringing in traffic.

Social traffic only works if you either a) go viral (rare) or b) you continue to feed your content into the system to create a trickle of visitors.

IMO focussing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a far more lucrative way to spend your time, are you doing keyword research for each post you publish? To see what the difficulty of ranking is? the search volume for your keywords and to help you find other related low hanging fruit keywords?

If you aren't doing all of the above, then I'm surprised you even made 1 sale, because a site without marketing is typically going to get no traffic.

Also what worked 2 or 3 years ago seldom does today, Google has made several major algo changes in this time and many of them have made things more difficult to "set it and forget it" and expect to see any positive results.

For your estimates of what you spend time wise on blog promotion, how would you say your traffic is multiplied from those efforts?

For example you had mentioned that you spend 4x promoting a post. Are you able to give some info on what your promotion efforts might look like on a task for task basis?

I'm not all that analytical when it comes to measuring progress because it has been so many years since the days I would even consider publishing something and then not putting at least 4 times more time into post publishing promotion. I'm so confident in that conviction that I wouldn't go back and waste my time publishing something that wasn't going to then be an asset I can continually promote.

I think it's worth reminding of the fact that if you are publishing ephemeral content then you aren't going to invest countless resources in backlinking and other ideas beyond some social promotion but if like me 90% of what you publish is relatively evergreen content then you will be able to pour days of promotion work into it across the following 12 months because you can continually go back and promote your best content that's still relevant and maybe demonstrates either a high Return of Investment (RoI) or some other action like subscribers.

I don't have a complete list of everything I do because I do measure changes in techniques but I can say that the vast majority is invested in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) side beyond social media etc.

I generally use similar techniques to the ones you can read on Backlinko (linked in my last post) or
Maybe I will write an article about it soon that goes into more specifics about what I'm doing at the moment.


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