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Ajjore Ajjore
Hi all – I had a question about Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR).
So, my Keyword is '
best necklace for women' which has a search volume of 210 however allintitle shows: 19,000 results – should I avoid this or should I make this a long-tail keyword and target?


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Tripper Swift
1. If you are going to learn/use/test KGR then this is obviously an example of what not to do.
2. Obviously a lot of thinks rank without KGR and a lot of folks dot use it. However, I would avoid that keyword phrase like the plague.
I'm al for going for it but it has to make sense. Really think about the phrase then think about who would actually search that. Sure normally a best this for that title that ranks might convert well. However, the vast majority of necklaces online are for women, so the intent of the search is not as specific as it seems. Think about these to things. 1 I'd be willing to bet it would be more popular for a woman to use the world popular, trendy or anything like that besides best. 2. Add to the title and long tail. Most popular necklace for xyz occasion.
Hope it works out. If it's fairly expensive jewelry it really helps to dig into understanding the fashion and trends side.

Anthea May
☝️☝️ this is actually excellent advice and well worth paying attention to Ajjore Ajjore.
Ajjore Ajjore ✍️
Thank you.

Roy Jossfolk Jr
I think you need to get more specific.
Try for occasions, age groups, relationship to the person (wife, mom, mother-in-law), etc.
You could basically write a ton of articles for much smaller audiences and gain more traction in less time than if you tried for very broad terms.
I wouldn't even pay too much attention to search volumes. Focus on intent and specific demographics like I listed above. People who search with more specific queries tend to be more ready to take action (ex: buy, sign up, etc.)

Ajjore Ajjore ✍️ » Roy Jossfolk Jr
Thank you very much. GOLDEN ANSWER! one quest- should I write more blogs or create category pages for these terms- or both?
Roy Jossfolk Jr » Ajjore Ajjore
I would have a single category page, many product pages and even more articles.
Topics ranging from "what is" to holiday and shopping guides per occasion.
It would end up being an endless amount of content you could create about this single product type.
Interlink all of them together as well. Build out your "cluster".
Ajjore Ajjore ✍️ » Roy Jossfolk Jr
That's a fab reply, wow! Thank you so much for taking time out to reply.

Stockbridge Truslow 🎩
"Best Necklace For Women" is a comparative intent, usually. So, the organic results are (mostly) not going to be single necklaces. Google is going to want to put a mix of necklace category pages – that somehow indicate those are the "best" or "most popular" at that store. And it's also going to want to mix in a good number of articles that actually compare necklaces head to head.
So… if you're going to target the higher competition stuff – look at the search intent (in this case – it's to find a list of best necklaces or something that actually compares a list of best necklaces). Then look at the results and see which of those two (or more) types of pages Google is throwing into the mix. Find the type that is either lacking in representation or that has pages ranking – but not because they're done well, but because they're the ones out there that fill that part of the intent demand.
There are a lot of search terms out there that look very competitive – but when you break down the terms and study the results, you can often find a fairly eaasy way to sneak yourself in there.
Yamil Francisco 🎓🎩
As a woman I would never search for "best necklace for women". I would search for "long gold necklace", "wood beads necklace", "silver plated bulky necklace", "jewelry for tropical cruise", "necklace and earrings set"…just to give you an idea

Alie Jules » Yamil Francisco
Agreed. In addition if e.g. a partner was looking for a necklace as a gift, I don't think they would search for "best necklace for women" either, rather they would also use specific keywords related to what the person might, gold, silver, elegant, for anniversary, for mother's day etc.
And all of these different scenarios (long tails) would give you a lot of content to write about.
Yamil Francisco 🎓🎩 » Alie Jules

Jeremy Morrison
I think you should focus on a more specific phrase and not spend time on this one. I think there is far to many necklesses, personal tastes/styles to really satisfy a users search intent by simply stating "best neckless". Maybe focus on different types of necklesses and brands maybe. I know nothing about necklesses but I don't think I would search using "best". I would want value and trust (trust being #1) and from there I would break it down to particular necklesses based on value and trust. From there I would like to see reviews on the site about a handful of necklesses I am interested in to make sure they won't turn my neck green. I don't know your site but it might be hard for you at this point to gain trust and maybe even give good value/prices so it might be best for you to find out which necklesses have good reviews on other sites and therefore will have some trust to pass to a potential buyer and focus on those necklesses. This way you have less work to build trust with specific necklesses and can maybe gain trust just by stocking them and from there its about your site and brand and can they trust you will ship it, not ship a knock off etc. Vasically get in the funnel at the point users have already found necklesses they feel they can trust and are searching for particular necklesses.

Ajjore Ajjore ✍️ » Jeremy Morrison
Thank you


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