Are Facebook SEO Groups Decently Fulfilled by Spammers?

Is it just me or this group is getting full of scammers?
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It's not necessarily the group, it is more that the standard of SEO is going down rapidly because nowadays every kid with the intention of making money online can go ahead and claim to be an SEO. So, there really is no ladder, no filter or anything. Everybody can be an SEO. No standard.

Nabil » Brent
true😁 yesterday born kids claim to be an seo expert having more experience than Google😁😁😁
Tommy » Brent
I've been doing SEO since 2003 and just talked to a girl who updates her moms blog once a week.
She said "oh, we do the same thing, we're both digital marketers!"
Brent » Tommy
Nowadays what makes someone a marketeer isn't in depth knowledge nor results. Grab a laptop, call yourself "expert", and there you go. There is no Barrier. No Bar to pass
Tommy » Brent
pretty much!
There aren't any sort of qualifications except "I'm Google Certified" lol 🤣
You give them the best site in the world as test, they even dont notice. They say they can make it rank even its ranked number one on 200 000 keywords. They dont notice. They are arrogant. And whatever problem occurs, orphan pages, technical seo they answer you are not EAT. Ask you to give them EAT stuff and blame you. They will send you a 1000 usd retainer with no proof of concept. Buy some 50$ links on fivrr and when you stop they will negative seo you. They'll claim your GMB and call that smart. They'll ruin their reputation in 3 months.

What you mean the people here with their first post and selling some complete shit website not making a cent and idiots jumping over each other to throw money at the person? It has become like the warrior forum in here.
Red flags should be hoisted when you get these "experts" offering SEO services for $100 a month. SEO is TIME CONSUMING. It involves a ton of research and a shed load of quality content. What you'll be getting for $100 is a shed load of comment links.
Never have I seen so many people devalue a service as I do in here. It's laughable, quite frankly.

Abeer » Carter
and also offering complete website for as low as $80, 😏
Ardian » Carter
i know and I did this previously when just started. I need made a portfolio so I offer my clients with cheap service.
And its so wrong when I know how much I need to do for SEO😂

Well you have to understand. Like in this picture of same group. If someone is really good at anything he or she can have work and they are here in groups to help rather telling for rates.
If someone is great content writing with just 300 plus articles you earn so much through any affliate program that you dont need anything else.
You will find people saying i ll help you earn 100$ per day etc. Have you ever heard any legitimate billionaire making such a claim of training.
Dont be fool act wisely

are fb seo groups decently fulfilled by spammers

5000 words of PLR spun articles for $85
Many people claimed they know SEO just by reading some articles or built a shitty web site, maybe that is why you feel here are full of scammers. But this is the reality, mediocres do exist in whatever groups.

I started joining groups after doing SEO for a decade.. just to see what others are saying and doing. Your description couldn't be more accurate. The reality is many industries that suffer generate a wantreprenuers and SEO is a low cost barrier of entry to get into… technically. Without experience or at least a team with experience behind you, you're not much more than a person with an internet connection.
Andrew » Kafka
yeah, what I learnt from the industries is even creating an EAT or successful content requires lots of practice, each industry is different and there are always certain situation that you only can encounter through errors or mistakes, most of people only learn jargons and they probably had never apply these to themselves so this won't be helpful to public. Reading articles won't make you an expert but failures will always do

Hahaha im fearful of posting. I get like 6 friend requests and 9 messages every time I do. There are also a lot of fake profiles which ask dumb questions and never seen again as well as ones which comment generic shit with no history. Most likely to make the group look and seem active but it is very annoying. I report like 2 posts a day to group admins though.
I don't care about the standard of other SEOs.
Nor do I care how old SEOs are 18 or 72 is fine..
It's just the plugs 🔌 and the pm sent.. bullshit.
Just help people. Stop touting, it's tedious..
Yes it's full of shit. Admin should check better I reckon.
Anyway want to get rich quick??
I have great idea using bit-shit coins 😂😂😳
You got that right bro. And as a business owner It's really traumatizing to be scammed by them. Luckily for me after being scammed twice, I was able to connect with a legit SEO expert that shows result and on top of that, his rate is really not that pricey. So as a fellow businessman who was previously scammed, rip for my money, I suggest to take precautions and verify first if who you're talking to are scammers or not.


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