As an SEO Specialist Do You Ask Any Client for Access Details Every Time You Want to Make Some Corrections?

Harsh Singh
As an SEO specialist, do you ask client for developer every time you need to incorporate changes in website or content?
SEO is Search Engine Optimization
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Real SEO specialist should have all access to the back end to implement what they need to 👍🏽3

Marcus » Frederik
the problem is, a real SEO specialist didn't necessarily need to be a TYPO3, Magento, Xt:c, Drupal, Hybris, FirstSpirit, … PHP, MySQL, Java, ReactJS, AngularJS, … specialist at the same time I'm over person. I fear must people commenting here with "yes" only have WordPress or pure Html in mind.
That said: yes, I always work extremely close with my clients developers! 👍🏽2
Fikri » Marcus
i agree, SEO specialist are not fullstack developer. 👍🏽2

As a business owner. I won’t give you full access no matter how expert you think you are. Maybe keep that in mind when approaching clients. 👍🏽🤭🤔9

Mark » Salahat
then i would give zero in this situation. Nothing. Nada. And when you say "could you just tell me how to do this it only takes 2 mins" id smile and thats all. 👍🏽6
Developers and SEO guys do not like smart clients.
Salahat » Shawn
True. Because there are so many so called SEO exerts and developers nowadays and there are so many clients following the dream of getting rich from internet. SEO people don’t need to focus on quality because it is easy to sell the dream to the next business.
Everyday I wake up to at least 5 emails from SEO experts that promise to put me on top of Google SERP 🤭1
Salahat » Mark
or if you value your time, you won’t want to mess with changing a website that is custom built with 10 years of development because your focus should be on what you do best not worry about understanding how the website is developed. Because not all clients use WordPress or Shopify 👍🏽🤭2
Mark » Salahat
i code in 12 languages. I could read whatever you have on any platform and understand it and change it with virtually no extra effort. I can do this having been a programmer for 30 years or so. Changing custom "code" has been a facet of my life. Dont trust me? Your loss, i can assure you.
I can understand your outlook when dealing WordPress hotshots. 👍🏽💟2
Christina » Salahat
have you ever heard of technical SEO? And if you have a 10 year old website, next time keep in mind that the website development techniques with regard to SEO are changing on everyday basis. Lastly with that sassy behavior no knowledgable SEO expert would want to work with you. Maybe that's why you are where you are.. 👍🏽💟3
Anezka » Salahat
it is like going to a car mechanic and refuse to leave the key.🤷‍♀️
Salahat » Anezka
not even close. Just because you want to do SEO for me doesn’t qualify you to be an expert to implement changes.
Last technical SEO audit took my developers 3 weeks to implement the changes. And cost me over $2000. Whenever I get an estimate from someone who claims to be an expert in everything I immediately run away.
It is good to have technical knowledge in coding but being an expert in every programming language and open source software is a bit extreme. Again not everyone runs a turn key website
Anezka » Salahat
maybe If you would much quicker if you let the professional do the work instead of trying to fix it yourself. But hey what ever works for you!

My company is in the custom web and software development. The good thing is that I’ve worked 2 years as a SEO before moving to new challenges. Having an overview about the SEO process and needs makes it much easier to work with clients and SEO partnering companies. 😁 👍🏽1
The problem is, a real SEO specialist doesn't necessarily need to be a TYPO3, Magento, Xt:c, Drupal, Hybris, FirstSpirit, … PHP, MySQL, Java, ReactJS, AngularJS, … specialist at the same time in one person. I fear must people commenting here with "yes" only have WordPress or pure Html in mind.
That said, I never (!) ask for full access to something I am not expert with. In the last 10 years of agency side SEO, I had many clients with many different systems in place, only twice it was WordPress. I haven't laid a hand on any WP in the same time. Also my personal websites do not run on WP. I am no expert (any more) on WP.
But I always demand to work extremely close with my client's developers and writers (and with whoever touches on areas I like to touch for SEO). 👍🏽5
Lori Appleman 🎓
If you aren't capable of making those changes yourself you should have your own developer. You can get somebody on a contract that will work when you need it and not beyond payroll when you don't.

Marcus » Lori Appleman
and again: your own developer doesn't necessarily need to be an expert for all those 100s of different systems out there. Sure, a developer can figure things out reading documentations. But that needs time (which you will have to pay for). And this your own developer might still break things, which you will be made responsible for, just because there is no documentation of all the changes and sometimes dirty adjustments to the system the clients developers (or agencies) have made to achieve certain output.


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