Backlinking from a Page of my Website to a Competitor is a Mistake. Isn’t It?

One of my blog posts has a hyperlink that takes you to one of my competitor's page.
When I asked the SEO company why is that a good idea, they told me because my competitor has higher ranking and that will help me.
Is any of that true?
UPDATE: I reached out to the company and this is what they told me:
» Zimamedia
Hi, The solution is simple. Remove the link. We liked working with you, and to make quick changes; we need fast feedback. We write hundreds of thousands of words a year, and sometimes mistakes happen. | am sorry that it happened.

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backlinking from a page of my website to a competitor is a mistake isnt it


No. rid of them now.

Arias ✍️ » Edwards
Thanks I just did, having that company on my website helped them in any way?
It will only be helping your competitor

Nope! You sure your SEO didn't put their own affiliate link in there? Wouldn't be the first time I've seen that.
I know a shady bloke that put an affiliate link in a company's gmb when he was doing SEO for them (same organisation's affiliate program) and was effectively getting paid every time they made an online sale as well as his fee for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Arias ✍️ » Daniel
as a customer I have no knowledge if what they are telling me is correct or not. This is why I hired them, because I know nothing about SEO. But I feel some companies take that to their advantage and create so much doubt on their work. Now I will be way more careful before I hire an SEO company again.
Daniel » Arias
it could be deliberate – maybe the competitor paid the SEO. Or it could just be that they are incompetent – there's a myth that linking out to related websites helps SEO. Not against linking out but never to competitors. Lots of dodgy characters in this game, best to get a word of mouth recommendation from someone you trust.
If you are going to do outbound links make sure they are not possible to take leads + open in a new tab. For example a hotel I ran SEO for had a ranking blog best things to do in <location> and we would like to tourist attractions. The hotel then set up a discount so that if you book with the hotel you get 15% off the attractions listed in the blog. That is an example of win-win outbound link.

I guess I'm an outlier here, and may have to expose my secret sauce by answering this question.
With every post I create on one of my sites, I add at least one external link. How I determine that link is simple: I do a Google search for the keyword (or keyword phase) that I want to rank for. I choose a link from the first page of results. Which one? Has to be relevant and useful to my readers, must be a good user experience (not too many ads), and the particular page cannot be directly selling anything (looking for informational posts).
Yes, these are my competitors because they are ranking for the keyword I want to rank for. But linking like this shows Google that I participate in the interlinking of the web, and I consistently link to properties that Google considers to be authoritative and useful (since it's on page one.)
Tell me I'm crazy but this shit works for me. I discovered this "trick" by analyzing all my top ranking posts. Every single one had an outbound link to a related site.
But like I said, it needn't be a competitor, which is certainly not ideal. Link to authority sites that rank for your keyword. It's not the fact that it's a competitor that helps, it's that the site ranks high and has authority for the search you are targeting. Don't misunderstand.. the strategy is not specifically about linking to competitors.
i know it's only Jan 5th but this is the funniest thing I've seen all year. no it doesn't help you – it only helps your competitor.

Andrew » Chris
won’t really help the competitor if their domain rating is not higher and also if is not relevant it won’t work too
Arias ✍️ » Andrew
my competitor ranks higher and the post blog is for the same subject.
Andrew DR doesnt have to be higher to help something rank. and we already know it's relevant because it's their competitor.
Andrew » Arias
it also depends on the anchor URL where you are placing, not because they are your competitors so it will work on you! My honest advise will be focus on producing the content that similar audiences will need and focus on putting links that are authoritative rather than just a competitor (competitors do not mean that they are authoritative) try to dive deeper with your target keywords to fond what are the top web site on same industries have and can you product a better content than these people at the same time benefit your audiences
sorry, really not trying to be offensive, but none of what you're saying makes any sense Andrew. this guy's company linked from his website TO his competitor… this is the stupidest thing I've ever seen in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). remove the link, end of story. not a single respectable person will tell you otherwise.
What this guys saying ☝️☝️☝️Chris Absolute madness fire this SEO agency, remove the link
Andrew » Chris
it’s okay to be offensive and I did not say go for it to put the link, I am more judging from the EAT perspective…
Kim » Andrew
true, but with EAT. Do not mean give your competitor the mEAT. Arias.
You can still link to other without giving your competitor any advantage. I would not either give a "direct" competitor or any competitor that wants to rank for the same keyword any extra juice for them. That would be shooting yourself in the foot. It would be better to find any content that would complement the content you are already have. Such as: wool, brushes, alpacca, etc. Sorry I have no clue about your topic, just something related to your how to article. If you linked to an authority within animals about WHAT is the animal alpacca. And you wrote about that later, you can change that link to yourself down the line.

Fire the SEO agency.

Your current SEO agency sold a backlink from you to your competitor.
Chris M. Walker 👑
Ask yourself if Coca Cola would link to Pepsi for "SEO". Of course not.
Linking to an outside authority site is fine and even smart. Linking to the competition is inarguably bad.

Arias ✍️ » Chris M. Walker
as soon as they showed me the draft i raised that question. But they told me that would help me and they were supposed to be the experts so I believe them.
Chris M. Walker 👑
They are wrong, and are not experts if they are telling you to link to a competitor.
I am stunned that anyone would say that.
Arias ✍️ » Chris M. Walker
am I allow to post a request in this page? I'd like to request for a professional who can do some backlinks for my page.
Carlos what is very sad about the SEO industry is that there are a lot of people who have no clue what they’re doing practicing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Arias ✍️ » Tim
Yes indeed, and unfortunately I know even less so I have to trust the "expert" . Thankfully there are groups like this one where I can ask for feedback.

Absolutely not! If the competitor linked to you, it would be a good idea. Of course, they would never do that, and neither should you. This SEO “professional” is not a professional.
No good it will only help them rank better as this is a clear signal you kinda recommended them. Outbound links are good but not to competitors. But what do we really know maybe linking to high trusted sites may work I guess its a bit like yelp. They kinda create a local service are page then link to all the local companies then guess what happens yelp outrank all of them.
If that hyperlink is your main focus keyword and drive to competitor page then let SEO agency remove it and want to put high ranked and good DA page then replace with Wikipedia, Youtube, or education-based link page that can help lot rather than competitor page put.

Arias ✍️ » Azzu
so for example, If my post is about alpaca fur, I can create a hyperlink on the word alpaca to Wikipedia? and this will help rank higher?
No, You do not create a page on Wikipedia,
Over Wikipedia, there are similar words of article already publish select that page link if not available choose Youtube there are sure available choose that links for target external link on your hyper link keyword
Arias ✍️ » Azzu
yes that's what I meant. Sorry I wasn't clear. I can pick an article from Wikipedia or Youtube that fits with my post.

Linking for a better UX, yes, it will help.
Linking to competitor: a big no no. It is like: “hey, our competitor next door has better products. Click here to see for yourself ☺️
Unless you are Mercedes showing BMW in their ads in the most intelligent way (I love that branding) stay away from the idea.

Arias ✍️ » Özdemir
the only difference is that the other company is not in U.S. most of my customers are from US and I am in California.
Just a maybe

In this case a big no because both of you sell stuff. You can give The link to something official, better blog post that have more info..etc. But in your case the article is better. Let me give you an example what i think you can make to increase the eat factor. For example a tourism blog about a trip in the mountains: ill link to a map site, to search and rescue site, to Mountain experts site… But NOT to a competitor agency. You need to give value for the users in that link not just link to a better ranked site.
whatever you do, don't think if it helps Google, think if it helps your customers and your sales. If your website is driving traffic out to your competitor you don't even need to ask yourself if it helps with your SEO, It's wrong!
Remove that Link asap. That link must be sold by Your SEO professional to your Competitors. It will negative effect your rankings in long run and You can never beat that site
If site A links to site B
Then site B authority will increase and nothing will happen to site A.
When you link to your competitors, you are pushing your traffic to their site.
It's like telling your traffic ' I am not good enough, check out my competitor, they are much better'.
Your SEO guy is making a fool out of you.
If you wish to link out another website which for more info or better content, then make sure that they are not your direct competitor

Arias ✍️ » Nishant
Thank you! so in my case you think It's better if i link to a wikipedia page or a government site?
Yes that should work.
I would advise, if possible, create your own content and link to that page.
Practice interlinking so that your traffic stays on your website for longer and your bounce rate decreases as well.
Your audience will be more satisfied when they can find all they need on the website itself.
You can checkout any popular websites, especially the educational ones. They follow interlinking religiously.

Outbound links to relevant sites should be in your content, just not to direct competitors. It sounds like the agency put this piece together, didn't realize that the outbound link was to a direct competitor, and then tried to save face by explaining the general value of outbound links. Sounds better than "oh good catch, person who is paying us to do this!!"
That is a terrible idea. You should fire the SEO company immediately.

This may satisfy you: My Competitor Does Strange SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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