Best Tools and Advice for New SEO and Digital Ad Agencies

Hey guys!
I’m brand new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and any digital advertising stuff, so I am looking for the best tools/advice/direction that y’all can give so I can start to be successful! Excited to learn, grow, and move forward here!
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Start with your own project and research what you need to. Neil Patel and Brian Dean are good places to start.
I wouldn't recommend taking on any paying clients until you can demonstrate competence and results first.
Also know the difference between on page and off page SEO and stay away from cheap backlinking services. Learn which types of backlinks actually work and how you go about acquiring them.
Ahrefs and/or SEMrush are good online SEO tools but each comes with a monthly subscription cost.

Samuel ✍️ » Kevin
thanks so much for the reply!
Are those guys places to learn about building websites and such?
And yeah, that was my plan.
I recently left my last position and am interested in jumping into this, is this something you suggest that is a good route to dive head first into?
And where would you suggest to start to build a website from? (Software, applications… etc).

Chris M. Walker 👑
Step #1 – Determine What Type Of SEO You Want To Do
SEO gives you numerous options for revenue streams. The one(s) you choose will affect how you go about doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Some of the major ways to monetize SEO are:
Affiliate SEO – Ranking a website and selling other people’s products and services for a commission
Client SEO – Ranking websites in Google for brick and mortar businesses such as plumbers, and dentists
eCommerce SEO – Selling physical products through a website, and getting people to the website from search engines like Google
SEO Services – Selling low and medium priced SEO services on marketplaces like Legiit.
Those are some of the major ways to monetize SEO and most people will choose one of those.
Step #2 – Start Learning From Free Resources
Now that you know how you want to go about making money from SEO you can start learning.
Before you invest any money into SEO you will want to learn some of the principles and foundations.
There are a lot of free resources available and you just have to find the right one for you.
Some places you can learn for free are:
Youtube – There are numerous channels and videos on Youtube that can teach you the basics of SEO. Just search “SEO 101 For Beginners” or something similar and find the video or teacher that best fits you.
Blogs – Some people prefer reading to video and absorb information better that way. Blogs are a great option for this type of person. Google search things like “SEO 101 Blogs” or “How to learn SEO” etc…
Facebook Groups and forums – Lurk around SEO themed Facebook groups and forums. Read responses to questions and take in as much as you can. Its ok to ask questions too, but try to be specific, don’t just ask “How do I do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” that’s too hard to answer in one comment and it will upset some “advanced” SEO users.
Step #3 – Start Applying What You Learn
Now that you know what you want to do and you have started learning how to do it, its time to take some action.
There isn’t a lot to elaborate on here. Everyone learns differently but nearly everyone learns by doing.
And the great part is you have very little to lose. You should be able to get started for $40 or less.
So grab a domain, and hosting and get your first site setup. If you mess something up… who cares! Just wipe it out and start over.
Keep working on it until you have implemented everything you have learned and made some progress.
If you get stuck on something, revisit the groups and forums from step #2 and ask specific questions to get you passed what you are struggling with.
Keep doing this until you start making a little bit of money (assuming making money is your goal)
Step #4 – Invest In Paid Training
Now that you have some knowledge, some experience, and maybe a little bit of revenue its time to scale up because it is likely you will hit a wall that free training and questions won’t get you passed.
That’s where paid training comes in.
There are a plethora of paid SEO courses available today of varying price points, skill levels, quality and so on.
Do some research.
Ask in the groups and forums you are in or see who everyone there is already recommending
See if the people whose free training you’ve been following offers anything more in depth at a price you can afford
Look at some of the ads you are inevitably being retargeted with at this point and see if any are a good fit for you.
Step #5 – GoTo Step #2
Well not exactly. But I wanted to use a bit of old school computer programming there.
At this point you now have some better training and likely access to a coach or coaches that can help guide and motivate you further.
Keep going through their training, and implementing it. Asking questions along the way.
Once you do, you will be able to grow your revenue even further and faster.
Then invest in some higher level training, or even some private 1-on-1 coaching.
Keep repeating this cycle; learn, implement, scale, repeat until you are a site ranking, money making SEO machine.
I realize that is a VERY general outline on how to learn SEO, but that is what this post was intended to answer, a very general question… “How Do I Learn SEO” or “How To Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”.
Hopefully it will give you at least some guidance on the process of going from not knowing what SEO is, to eating, sleeping, and breathing SEO.
This may satisfy you: Greenhorn SEO Vendors | How Can We Apply SEO at Beginning after Getting Courses?

Samuel ✍️ » Chris M. Walker
wow, this is the best response I think I’ve seen from a group.
So I am looking to do Client SEO work, is that market too saturated you think??
Chris M. Walker 👑
No, not at all! There are millions of businesses out there that need help, and it only takes a few clients to make a good living. If you want to do client SEO, and you are unsure how to go about getting clients try this:
First thing I would do is figure out an industry to target and focus on that.
Become THE company when that industry needs SEO.
Learn all the little details about it such as the terminology they like to use, what they don’t like and so on.
Then break it down even further from there.
Create a customer avatar.
What I mean by customer avatar is create a fictitious person that represents your ideal customer… their age, gender, type of business, whether they are married or not, what they want, what they need, what type of pain they are in, and how you can take them from that pain state, to a happy state.
Once you have that all figured out create your funnel based on that.
From that information, you should be able to determine where they hang out online, which in turn will give you what type of traffic source to use to best reach them.
Some potential traffic sources are:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)… though this will take longer and isn’t really direct response.
Linkedin… best bet here is to provide content to build trust.
Google Ads… same issue with SEO but still useful
Content Marketing… blog posts, podcasts, Facebook groups/page, Instagram, Youtube and so on.
Facebook or Linkedin ads… in my experience it works better to send them to an advertorial then it does directly to a sales page or an audit form.
Highly targeted, non spammy cold email campaigns… self explanatory.
In person marketing at networking events, chamber meetings, etc… (assuming that ever becomes possible again)
Cold social media outreach.
And don’t be afraid to straight up post on your personal Facebook and ask if anyone needs help with SEO… you never know, and you shouldn’t be shy to promote your business.
Now you have a niche, an ideal prospect, and traffic sources.
Now you need a sales process.
Determine if you will get on a phone call, Skype, in person, email etc… with them.
If they need to fill out any kind of form ahead of time
How you will have them pay, if you will have a proposal etc…
Make sure you have some sales training and some scripts you have down pat so you can close them.
Be obsessed with implementing this EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Schedule it out.
Spend 12 – 18 hours a day on it. It won’t take long to fill your pipeline and grow and scale your business.
I hope that helps.
Lucas » Chris M. Walker
I’ll second that… outstanding reply, well done sir 🙌👍👏
Kolade » Chris M. Walker
wow!!! This should be a blog post on its own. Thank you for sharing Chris.
Chris M. Walker 👑
It is 🙂
How To Learn SEO | How Do I learn SEO | Chris M. Walker Blog
Daniel » Chris M. Walker
You just killed Google. 👑
brilliant!! this alone can rank well.

Like others said, build your own website and start applying your learnings. I strongly suggest building a site/blog on something you are passionate about. Set up Analytics, Tracking software, see your progress in metrics… then you will become addicted!


This may satisfy you: Cold Calls to Sell SEO Services

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