Bounce Rate Changes Drastically Due to the Google Analytics Code Placement Mistake

My bounce rate has been average at over 80% on a site since I started it 12 months ago. I’ve been pulling my hair out and rewriting the content again and again.
Yesterday bounce rate was 40% and today it’s 2%!!!
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Gareth ✍️
Traffics gone up. Usually been getting 300-600 a day and up to 800 for past 2 days. Disavowed a couple of spam links on Sunday. Any common errors or should I just keep going and see what happens?
your analytics tracking code is most likely implemented twice on the site. Makes it load twice per visit which results in the extremely low bounce rate.
We see this happen with tracking errors, particularly if your analytics code has been duplicated somewhere and is now firing more than once.

Gareth ✍️
ok that makes sense. It should just be once with gtm, I’ll have a look thank you

A bounce rate that low means Google Analytics is not set up properly.
A high bounce rate is not always a bad thing. It can be an indication of a problem, but not always. For example, if it is an affiliate site or site running AdSense, you want people
If you are trying to generate phone calls or leads, you want people calling or filling out a form, not browsing around the site.

Mian » Mike
mate as per Google and my understanding so far. Bounce rate means a person landes on your website and does nothing and leaves. Even if he clicks on another link or page within 5 secs. Its not considered in bounce rate.
Mike » Mian
nope. It’s when they leave your site having only visited the initial page they entered through.
Mian » Mike
without doing anything… !
If they click somewhere within your website or that link leads them to another its not considered in bounce rate.
Mike » Mian
wrong. If they click a link that takes them away from your site, that’s a bounce.
Mian » Mike
for quick reference. Last mate my LinkedIn profile. I wont guide wrong things. Only comment which i know.
bounce rate changes drastically due to the google analytics code placement mistake

Mike » Mian
that is exactly what I said. If they leave your site without visiting any other pages on your site, it’s a bounce. If they click on a link to leave your site and have only visited that one page, that is a bounce.
Mian » Mike
mate check it out yourself.
If i am affiliate with your definition they have highest bounce rate.
Even if they click on a link from your website leading them to another its activity they performed on your website. Its not longer considered a bounce rate.
Check it yourself.
Mike » Mian
yes. If they click an affiliate link, that is a bounce. It’s not a bad thing, but that is a bounce.
Mian » Mike
its not a bounce brother. Its not always one should press a call button or fill form.
Secondly, majority just make a view of all website. They do not filter bots.
It shows a visit or pageview but no action.
For human actions if they even click on Youtube video and leave within 5 secs or click any link. Its not bounce rate. Google a little or learn more about it. You will agree with me then.
Given u have more expertise but that's what i learn over the years. Is there's no activity. And it can be checked with further optimizations. And you know what i m saying.
Given if they bounce(visit another link) fro. Ur website. You won
Correct me if i m wrong.
I m talking with reference to Google Analytics bounce rate.
I know we are talking about Google Analytics bounce rate and I am sorry but you are just flat wrong.…/q/high-bounce-rate-on-aff iliate-portal
I can link all day to more articles that say the same thing. If someone enters your site and clicks on an affiliate link (or any other external link) without visiting any additional pages on the site, that is a bounce. Period.
If they close their browser tab, that's a bounce. If they just walk away and never come back, that's a bounce. If that is the only page they visit, it is a bounce. It's a single session visit.
Clicking on an external link does not trigger a second session.
Understanding & Using Bounce Rate – Affiliate Marketer Training

Install Google tag assistant extension for Chrome. Run it to detect if your tracking code is fired twice or GA is counting pageviews twice (or if tag assistant is sending any type of error when you disable ad blocker if you have one). Also, if you have it.

Gareth ✍️
Thank you Ristić, I followed your step by step guide and there were two tags firing so have deleted one. Much more normal now!
Ristić » Gareth
glad i was able to help!


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