Business Owner or Team Who Doesn’t Know SEO Should Create a GMB or GBP Account First, and Then Create Some Posts Regularly There

I'm new to the whole SEO world and starting a Fire, Mold, Water Restoration business in my local area and have no idea how to go about finding a reputable person. I have checked various places and everyone claims they can get you the desired results. I have even checked out options on places like Fiverr. There are just so many options and I don't know enough about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to distinguish the good from the bad. Would welcome any pointers.
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if I had one advice, it would be: stay away from Fiverr. good SEO takes a lot of time and can't cost 5-10$, it can even hurt your ratings…start yourself by posting regularly to Google Business Profile (GBP) pics from your work (especially before/after), ask for honest reviews (at least a few sentences + real pics from the location of the job)…you should see results in a few months just by doing that.
Personally, I like getting clients that have tried other SEO companies first. This is because then they can feel, see, and know the difference.
If they don't answer a phone call, text, or message within an hour then I would avoid them. Generally if they don't answer the phone I would avoid them. If they don't have a straight forward answer avoid them.
This is because they generally dodge phone calls because of people complaining or trying to reach them. No straight forward answer means no accountability and basically are already making excuses for not being able to deliver before they even began.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big investment and you don't always get what you pay for! But a lot of people think they can get it for cheaper and thus you left the shark tank to enter the pirahna tank. Good luck!
Hey Brad, it's best to ask if they have worked with a similar campaign or client in the past. If they can share data (of their client) here are some items to ask from them:
1. last 3 months organic traffic
2. keyword topography of their client's profile.
3. goal report from Google analytics preferably the last 3 months.
Then consult with another SEO to give you pointers etc.
If they can't provide/share data:
1. ask about their typical campaign roadmap (they should have one).
2. if they are providing a customized proposal for your budget that would be great!
You don't need to know anything about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because you don't need SEO to gain customers.
Honestly, all you need is a digital business card to funnel people to your phone.
You can do that for free on your own.
It's called business citation NAPs( name/address/phone)
All you have to do is create a GMB (Google my business page/profile)
Than go to brightlocal .com create free account. Go submit your 100 free citation NAPs for your business.
Watch you shoot up the map pack overnight.
It will help to have a website, but you can do that free too.
Just buy a domain. Pay for hosting. Cheap hosting all you need is the shared hosting cheap ass under $10/month hosting.
Install WordPress. Choose a free template. Create an online digital business card. The only thing u need to do is make ur phone ring. Everything else is unneccary fluff.
You can do all this in am afternoon. I usually charge $1800 to do this for businesses.

Thom » Overby
WordPress sites are very "hackable" without proper hosting and much attention upating. Wonder if Squarescape would better option for a person like this?
Overby » Thom
Stop, your creating a problem that doesn't even need to be mentioned. All he needs is a digital business. Card he doesn't need a website with any type of function at all for that type of business, and WP site like that requires zero plugins!! and lets say it does get hacked it would take 37 minutes to fix on your own for free. stop creating drama.
Collin ✍️ » Overby
If I used the wix platform to build the website should I have used WordPress. I was told that WordPress is better for SEO and don't want to limit myself since I haven't launched the website
Overby » Collin
For what ur gonna use it for it doesn't matter…SERIOUSLY i built this shiity website for a client years ago…it still ranks n my phone still rings multiple times a day n I've done ZERO SEO for it EVER!! All you need is a landing page that prominently displays your phone number. No1 cares about your history or mission goals all they want to know is what services do u offer, when can you deliver said service and how much. Phone is quicker to get this info than anything else.
So to your answer your question…WordPress is better because at some point if you truly harness the power of owning a website you'll outgrow the capabilities of WIX, but if all you need is a website to make ur phone ring neither one is better than the other
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My first question is how many fire, mold and water restoration companies are in your area? I think a little bit of fresh content on a regular basis would suffice along with an active campaign to build Google reviews to get a rating somewhere between 4-5 stars.
Start with the basics. Keyword-based title, description, and focus keyword. Ensure your content is relevant to the title, description, and focus keyword. Build social signals to your site. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Google my Business.
Google loves credibility and authority. Make sure there is a page about you, your Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) (It has been a while since I work as a rugsucker so I hope that name is still current) certifications, and testimonials from clients and adjusters that have used your service. Doing so will increase your authority score which will increase your rankings.
As a marketer, I would also target insurance companies and adjusters for referrals. Both work referrals and links back to your website.
I would also put together a dos and don't checklist for fire, flood and mold and give it away for free on your site as a lead magnet.
Finally, do this consistently. SEO is not a set it and forget Ronco oven. Small steps completed regularly allow you to travel great distances (the power of compounding).
Well whoever you decide to hire there's a few things that you want to keep in mind number one if they tell you they can get you on the search engines and two weeks 6 weeks or anytime less than 6 months I suggest walk away or better yet run people that have a track record have case studies and you go and research them look at LinkedIn which is a great resource and anyone who is their client how long did it take them to do the work how much is it and what would it cost you
One way to possibly save a ton of money on optimizing your website could be Google my business page if you don't have one already I strongly suggest you get. Send out an email to every happy client you know and have them review hopefully only positive that makes a huge difference for local business I was actually able to help save an auto repair business years ago, just pie implementing everything you need for local trust me when I say Google my business is the key.


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