Can a 6-Month-Old Website Rank for High Competitive Keywords?

Hi admins,
Can we rank with our new 6 month old website for high competitive keywords by using 10 years of SEO experience (taking help by a SEO professional)?
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Martinez 🎓
That's kind of a moonshot promise. Given the right circumstances, such as a new company with a compelling, innovative product, yes.
You might be able to do it in conjunction with a national news campaign.
In most situations, I'd say it's unlikely.
Rizwan ✍️ » Martinez
, hello sir,
You mean we can't get ranked directly by optimizing site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
We can get visitors by making brand awareness using advertising.. Right?

Martinez 🎓 » Rizwan
No, you can rank directly by building the site with good content and optimizing it.
But the more competitive the keywords you target, the more challenging it is.
Advertising is a good way to build brand awareness but the advertising should compel people to search for the site even if they don't click on the ads. That requires experimentation.
Rizwan ✍️ » Martinez
yes we can rank by building the site with good content but it takes time, months and years, SEO professional says that they can rank new site in competitive keywords instantly..
Can it be true?
I think display advertising is best for brand awareness.
Martinez 🎓 » Rizwan
"SEO professional says that they can rank new site in competitive keywords instantly..
Can it be true?"
Link spammers can do that for competitive keywords. And then they leave you behind to face the consequences.
People can also rank very quickly for non-competitive words without link spam and then say those are competitive keywords.
But to rank for a truly competitive keyword through content alone takes time. The content must earn links.
Rizwan ✍️ » Martinez
yes that's the point sir, it takes time..
One more question is, does backlinks are must for each page to get ranked well?
If we make links under white hat SEO, this will rank our page fast?
Martinez 🎓 » Rizwan
Internal links make up the most of any average page's backlinks. Don't go on a link building spree trying to improve rankings. The only ways to get links in large numbers is to violate search engine guidelines and that will catch up with you.
Create the content you yourself would want to find on a Website – that you yourself would naturally link to.
Use social media to increase awareness of the content.
Set reasonable goals for growing search referral traffic.
Rizwan ✍️ » Martinez
thanks sir for giving valuable information.
So I should focus on internal linking, well connected pages from each other.
In a particular page, how many links I can add to other pages of my site.
Is there any limit for adding number of links?
I see Brian Dean adds around and more than 100 internal links in his pages.
Martinez 🎓 » Rizwan
Don't do that. Create the user experience that you yourself would appreciate, if you were visiting the site for the first time.
Throwing more links on a page doesn't guarantee any improvement in search results. And in some cases, that could cause the algorithms to score a page's quality lower.
SEO formulas solve some problems but create others. Until you're ready to experiment with ideas yourself, tracking and measuring changes in performance via Google Search Console, you should keep things as simple as possible.
Rizwan ✍️ » Martinez
ok sir, so I should keep this natural. I can see Brian Dean's pages are of more than 3000 words each.
I don't have many pages in my site so I can keep this as natural.. I can add less than 10 links per pages and my pages are more than 1000 words each.
Martinez 🎓 » Rizwan
You're not ready to experiment with the ideas that Brian Dean has popularized. Spend more time creating the site you would want to use.
Rizwan ✍️ » Martinez
ok thanks sir


You may or may not ranked for highly competitive keywords. But I would say its very unlikely. You may not have enough authority in the industry. But First I think you may need to know your current situation before hiring the professionals.
Have your website fully audited and cross check his report with your current situation.

Rizwan ✍️
How can a person audit his site if he doesn't know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
SEO is the task for the experts in SEO industry.
Devik » Rizwan
I mean the expert you are going to hire
Plus have inserted the code to gsc and analytics
Rizwan ✍️
Yes in Google search console, we can audit our site's performance but it is after SEO task completed on site.
yeah that depends on how experience is he.
If he is as good as he says then he can easily pull off audit report. What is missing and what needs to be pull off for your business.
You need to know current situation of your website and if he can show you the actual situation then it is okay to hire that professional. Otherwise you need to consider your option. There are tons in the market.
Rizwan ✍️ » Devik
you are right but no SEO professional won't work on a site without payment.. All report will be seen after spending money to them.. That's why I am asking here.

I would say it depends on your domain. If you have a good domain that has exact matching keywords, the domain is older, or it short ( less words) A good domain helps you rank fast.

Rizwan ✍️
It is an older technique for ranking, but it doesn't work now
Riutta » Rizwan
of course it does I have seen it work ( i had a exact match domain. I used duplicate content and it still started to rank without me doing anything. The site was slow and it did not have a Google my business attached either) Maybe you haven't worked with top level domains before…
Rizwan ✍️
I have worked on my top level domains but didn't experienced about having keywords in domain or subdomain. But one limitation for doing this is you can target only one keyword. Isn't it is?
Yes you get a strong advantage on only one keyword and the other keywords you rank just like any other domain. This works well with niche businesses like homebuyers in America. For example "we buy houses" is a highly converting keyword for this industry and if you have this in your domain it brings you to the top quickly. Most of the time just ranking for this keyword is enough for them because each house they buy from the contact form leads they can make 20 – $50,000 on the real estate deals.
I have also noticed with a current client of mine who has a short lettered domain that is older , that her site has taken minimal work and it is starting to rank fast. Old domains are out of the sandbox already💁
Rizwan ✍️ » Riutta
I will use that strategy in future when I will target one keyword, thanks for your suggestion.
Right now I am working on photography tips and products niche. Different products needs different keywords.
Which free tool is best for keyword research?
Riutta » Rizwan
I personally like Ahrefs but SEMrush is just as good. Ahrefs has a free 7 day trial
Rizwan ✍️ » Riutta
Ahrefs is free and SEMrush has 7 day trial

Ammon Johns 🎓
With enough resources/money you can do just about anything. But you still have to know how to apply those resources, or that budget, in the right way.
With the right product, something really great, all you have to do is get the initial publicity rolling and Word of Mouth can carry the rest.
With a poor product, or simply an unremarkable one, well, things get much harder. Then you have to spend the resources on either making a better, more remarkable product, or on faking the signals of how remarkable the product is – celebrity endorsements, paid placements, etc, etc.
So, a large part of the answer to your question is dependent on how good the product or service is that the website is for, and how able and willing you are to improve any part of it that needs it.

Rizwan ✍️ » Ammon Johns
sir, I am just talking about only Search Engine Optimization (SEO), not advertising or any other resources which take money…
Ammon Johns 🎓
SEO is a promotional activity, much like any other. SEO has its own form of celebrity endorsements, both in literal terms of famous individuals, but also in terms of a link from a big powerful site. Paid links, sponsored posts, or links you get by paying for the creation of articles, whether by third parties or your own staff, are still just paid placements.


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