Can a Wix site rank its pages as well as WordPress pages?

I've heard that Wix is quite low quality but research shows me they can rank pages as well as WordPress (WP).
What's a real difference between them that makes WordPress better?
And please elaborate I'm new at this stuff.
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It's not about being able to migrate or not. As Wix is considered a website builder and is very limited in many different areas compared to WordPress which is a Content Management System (CMS). To answer your question , name a few big brands that use Wix or SquareSpace … The number is likely 0 or close to it. You just have more control over the technical aspects of the website where you can code things, categorise and use structured snippets and etc the way you want with WordPress than with Wix. Who knows though maybe Wix will get better and better over time.

Paramveer ✍️ » BeeJam
I absolutely agree on that. I think they only have like 2 or something like that.

There're reasons that the majority of people suggest WP over Wix, a simple Google search should explain why; but if you insist on using Wix, just do it your way.

Paramveer ✍️ » Khánh
well actually if you search on Google you'll find more 'Wix myths dispelled articles(not affiliates)'.
However, I've down some research since asking rhe question and I do plan to use WP now.

People attack site builders like Wix but they serve the purpose for which they are intended.
A simple and cheap way to get a website with no up front cost and no ongoing management or maintenance.
Yes WP is better, more flexible, more features, better for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) etc, but you also have to take care of the hosting, Maintenance, site potentially breaking after updates, plugins getting abandoned or hacked etc.
Thousands of wp sites get hacked every day because the site owner is not managing it properly if at all. Many don't even know they are supposed to.
User the tool that is appropriate for the job.
Many clients do not need WordPress, if it's overkill.

Beautifully put 👍👍👍
Johnson » Russ
agreed but there are better ones that do the same job such as Weebly.
Russ » Johnson
I certainly wouldn't say weebly is better. It is simpler for sure, but that is because if has less features and functionality.
There are better solutions than Wix yes, but they are also more complex and not aimed at the average computer illiterate user.
I am not exactly a fan of Wix myself, the support is terrible, but it does what it says on the tin.
I mainly use WordPress myself but I do quite like Simvoly as it goes
Simvoly – Build Your Website or Funnel – Website Builder

BTW take a look at Simvoly as an alternative.
I actually host my own simple site builder for clients that want one. This can be downloaded and hosted anywhere.
Simvoly – Build Your Website or Funnel – Website Builder

Eric » Russ
that's exactly what I use and at this point I wouldn't go anywhere else.
I'm literally building all of my client sites on it and they range from local businesses to full blown eCommerce stores and info product funnels.
I was drinking the WP kool aid for years and then I got tired of it for the reasons you listed above…
… so finally left WP and went to Duda and that's when I realized that dealing with all the WP bs wasn't necessary.
I then found Simvoly and haven't looked back.
Russ » Eric
it is rather lacking in a few areas though. Such as the ability to create complex forms with logic.
Eddie » Russ
I love Simvoly as well. Build all my clients sites on it
Eric » Russ
i agree… and the upside far outweighs the downside and is why it's the inyl platform i use for myself and my client sites
I have my own self hosted builder that I use for the really simple sites and cheap clients 🙂
Website Builder Demo – Russ Consulting


Okay, first of all i do WP for a living.
People who give 100% sure answers for anything are plain wrong, the world is not black an white!
Wix upsides –
its easier if you want to make your own website.
Its cheaper if you are doing it yourself than if you would pay for WP website.
Its easier to manage
WP upsides:
Its infinitely more customizable (such a simple sentence that can explain so many things).
You can optimize it more, in both terms of the website and the hosting.
You will hit the wall "cant do this" much later with WP. In your case, probably never.
Main point of everything is – RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB.
If you wanna do work yourself, and Wix is way easier for you, do it. Once you grow larger, redo in WP or pay someone to do it (wink wink). If you are paying from start, go with WP.

Colgan » Milos
how does one "do WordPress for a living"?
Milos » Colgan
what do you mean? We do mainly WordPress websites, design and dev for the clients…
Colgan » Milos
cool so you work for an agency that designs and develops WP sites. Do y'all favor a specific page builder or do it thr old fashioned way?
Milos » Colgan
yep, own the agency but its all the same 🙂
Nope, no page builders. We used to run Visual composer + custom widgets back in the day, but overgrow it quickly (everything is too bloated these days). Nowdays acf is most popular and cleanest way out of them all, so we use it coupled with a custom themes…
How about you?
Colgan » Milos
pretty cool logo you got.. Lately I've been using elementor pro with ocean WP and SEO Yoast. Elementor I find is cutting my dev time in half
Milos » Colgan
thanks, our designer ego will go through the roof! 🙂 😃
Not my cup of tea, but I heard good things about Elementor + astra theme combo
Thought I'd jump in on this bit of the discussion.
For years I used the X Pro theme and really liked it. I started looking into some alternatives and found a lot of talk about Ocean and Astra with Elementor Pro and ultimately bought Astra after dabbling with both themes and Elementor for a bit.
A few design jobs later though I found the Hello Elementor theme, which is essentially a blank canvas, so you can use Elementor Pro with it to build pages of any taxonomy however you want. It's actually a really fun system to use once you get the hang of it.
I should also add that Elementor is doing a lot to cut down on their bloat. Their latest update made some good strides on that front.

Entire game is of SERVER and hence speed, security, etc.
If you can manage all of these then no problem go confidently with WordPress.
else, pay to these platforms
Wix has its limitations including some that include SEO factors, but most of these are minor. Wix had major issues in 2016 when Wix sites were not being indexed by Google. Since then Wix has fixed most of its SEO issues. Most advice on this topic is based on 2016 state of affairs (this is why people think it is bad today). 99% of responses on this topic are about non SEO topics or outdated info. There are many many Wix websites ranking in position 1 for their most important keywords.
Also, checkout Duda, their agency plans give you white label so you can put your own branding and logo on the backend for your clients to see.
I been using wp since day 1, I now prefer Duda , it's makes me 50-70% more efficient in launching websites and don't have to worry about security and ranks in SEO with no issues.


WP has more under the hood (Imagine a car engine mini vs porsche) which makes it appealing to professionals. Half of the widgets u add to Wix e.g. contact forms – you will have to pay a monthly fee on. With WP you usually only have to pay for hosting as there are hundreds of free plugins (equivalent of widgets). And yes, if you know what you are doing you can rank WordPress sites way better than Wix – reason being is that you have more control of a WordPress site than a Wix site.
I'm gonna squash the SEO question with Wix once and for all
we ranked "CBD gummies" and "cbd for dogs" on page 1 with a. Wix site.
Content is king.
5 years ago Wix used to suck for user interface and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Not the case anymore.
We have 29 sites on Wix we manage and they're all ranking in the Google My Business (GMB) or nationally. Clients love it because they can make small changes on their own without bothering our team – although we still ask they tel us to avoid any issues.
SEO wise, Wix got a lot better once you know what you're doing. Site speed got a lot better since they went to ssd servers and they allow image compression.
My SEO team also loves it because there's less stuff to check with plug ins.
That said, WordPress has more flexibility with custom solutions and plug ins.
It depends on what you need. If you're building a robust back-end with client log ins and billing, Wix will not cut it. It's not designed for that.
Marc all of our clients are contractors. We have their site map structure documented with all of their onsite copy saved. If Wix shit down we'd have all of them back up on another platform within a week. The decision was done to give our contractors some freedoms.
Also chalking everything up to "Wix is for noobs" is very degrading to those who use it, not to mention just rude and incorrect.
We have another 17 sites with WordPress that we're too robust for Wix, all hosted on Cloudways.
Marc I just firmly believe not all clients need something that robust, especially in niches where they want to be able to max changes on their own without being technically proficient. But we will agree to disagree.
Unless you are know what you are doing with WordPress site then you can go with WordPress.
We build most of my clients site using Wix. It really helped the owner to have minor updates, etc without relying on us.
No problem with the SEO, snippet etc.
Most of the sites i worked for get more score in pagespeed compared to other WordPress agency sites.
However the disadvantage comes in mobile speed. You will need some good optimizing to pass the 50 score. For desktop Wix easily score above 80+ score.

Jay » Ardian

We did the Wix SEO competition last year and won.
Our conclusion was that the platform is much better than it used to be but there are basic things you can't change from a technical side that make it difficult to fully optimize. So, it depends on what you are trying to rank for… But if it's moderately competitive you are making life a little more difficult for yourself.


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