Citation Effect to rank GMB Do the More Citations drive the Better Ranking in the SERP?

Hey all I'm trying to rank my business and not seeing results yet, I think I just don't know what the next step is.
My competitors have almost 0 backlinks and under 30 citations. I have many backlinks and use majestic, (not sure if that's what you pros use) but I have trust score of 27 and citation flow of 28. I paid a guy to do 50 citations and just got the sheet today they're all up. I have 2 reviews. I'm still not ranking.
What's next?


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John Cody 🎓
Everything done sounds like a drop in the water right now. Still way too early. Citations will only do so much for you. The competitors have something you likely don't (age). That holds a lot of trust with Google and it isn't usually given up so early. Got to keep grinding and continual creating meaningful content to help build more relevancy for the business and what it is you do (matched up with the intent of the customers in the area).

Heinrich » John Cody
In addition to the great advice here… People also forget the most important trust document is the website itself… Ie you need proper on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) done on the site as well as some technical. All this will also help your Google My Business (GMB) listings…

It doesn't happen over night. Authority and Trust factors take time.
2 reviews is basically zero. Focus on getting customers to leave reviews, and make sure you reply to every review within an hour of the review being posted. G loves engagement. Speaking of engagement are you creating posts? So, many things outside of trust/citation that impact ranking over time.
What content have you created on the site to support your targeted keyword's?
How old is the GMB?

Tyler ✍️ » Keith
GMB is a week old 😅 not creating posts or blog posts. Have each targeted keyword under 10 times on each page all silo'd
Keith » Tyler
Going to take some time, especially if you are in a competitive market niche. What market niche?
Tyler ✍️
Home theater
Keith » Tyler
So, you are not only competing against independents that have been around for years, but also against Best Buy, if you are in a market where they sell.
Even in low competition markets (small population, few competitors), it's going to take more time.

How much did you pay for your said citations? Did you have him optimize each citation? Have you added geoinformation to each photo for each citation. Have you included Map embed or driving directions on citations? From your question, I will assume you bought some cheap citations off someone who uses poor to very poor citation sources. i would also suspect you paid less then $100 USD for them as well. I could be wrong, but just a good hunch. Look, If you want to have citations done you should have first looked at the competition and see what they have for citations first. You want your citations to be the top of the top citations, perfectly optimized and tailored for your business you are trying to rank for. Every link, Every site inclusion, Every citation needs to be beautifully crafted. Hope you get the take a way from this.

Tyler ✍️ » Ryan
You're right I paid $20 but he put me on hotfrog, manta, stuff like that. About 50.

Check your content on on page SEO. Make sure all pages you want to appear in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) are set to INDEX. submit your sitemap to Google and Bing. Make sure your maps listing on both search engines is optimized

Hunzai » Alissa
You are right.


So what is the niche? Is it SAB or Storefront business?
So can you share the link of your listing to see what all things it need?
~Citations build authority and you need other things to move the needle and rank in local pack.And make sure what all mentioned in Google Keyword Planner (GKP)
Google My Business (GMB) listing, it is there on website.
~Do support elements of GMB listing through your website.
~Check manually consistency of your citations.
~Make sure you target category specific keywords first And have rich content.
~ Do pass Geo relevant signals!
And there are lot of things!
Do create your checklist and strategy to rank. Be consistent on your work. It will move the needle in long run once Google index(all information) all assets.
citations are only a percentage of what you need to have done on your GMB. Even if you have many citations done, they're not always picked up by Google all that fast. it can still take some time before you get the credit for those.
Also the other guys have probably been there longer like the guy above me said they have age..

Web Trainee » Matthew
Even if it is just a bit of percentage, it has a great impact on rankings. Remember, building citations means building a trust. The more citations you build the more authority you gain on Google which makes your web/GMB rank higher.

Here my top tips:
– Audit what the top 3 spots are doing ( not only at Google Keyword Planner (GKP)
Google My Business (GMB) level but onsite as well) . Google is pulling out relevance between the content posts on your GMB and your website. In my opinion, the ranking weight will move towards domain authority rather than mere keyword and CTR manipulation!
– Boost CTR, not only using CTR boosters. You can embed your GMB post to most highly trafficked pages of your site to boost engagement signals through your GMB funnel.
-Create QR code images of your Google posts/offers, invite people to discover the "hidden offer" to enhance engagement metrics and behavioral signals.
– Grab the right cluster of GMB categories. We've seen that Google is rewarding a certain order of categories ( primary and additional). In some niche just having the main category seems driving better results.
-Products/Services: be sure that your GMB products and services section are "mirroring" your website. If your business has a lot of products to be imported you can use special online services like Pointy to automate the process.
-Publishing frequency: Audit the GMB publishing frequency of the top #3 and double down your post strategy.
-Advance interlinking: Interlinking every single urls of your GMB listings, be creative and create an interlinking structure that involves every single urls available. Use advance crawling to spot hidden urls inside your GMB.

Mehran » Matteo
Is it effective to boost Click Through Rate (CTR) through social media posts or FB ads? Also, Which CTR booster tool do you recommend?
Matteo » Mehran
If you send traffic to your GMB posts be sure that the content is driving engagement first.


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