Cold Calls to Sell SEO Services

Hi y'all,
What are your ways of selling SEO services?
Do you call businesses and say; hey I can do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for you for 500 bucks a month and it will improve your organic traffic and hence give you more business?
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Do a screenshot video of their site pointing out a few on page things, security, put it into pingdom show them how slow it is etc. Then show them a few sites you got to number 1 for prime keywords.
Make them feel the pain of getting no calls, then email the video to them or link to it.

Per ✍️
Thanks for the advice, is that how you sell SEO?
Peter » Per
used to but now just rank and sell the calls. Some affiliate stuff too. Outsource all the copy then tweak it. Can't be bothered with clients. Even got my brother in laws towing business to number 1 in record time but thought the new site had something to do with his old email not getting through to insurance companies. Different domain name, different host, different registry, but still had to deal with his bullshit. Clients are like that. That's why I even cut my brother in law loose.

Good luck and god bless selling SEO in advance these days. Not impossible but its been spammed out unfortunately making it harder for the good guys. Much easier, and really much more potentially lucrative, to do a pay per lead/call or percent deal… no risk to them… much lower barrier to entry.
I should clarify on that (and yes i agree with the others saying to rank for your city based SEO terms too)… but its a different animal, still way more difficult compared to results in advance/pay per lead. but u can do flat fee monthly stuff if you have an established brand and busienss with clients, testimionials, case studies, etc especially if they are relevant to the client you are giong after. which makes it all the more important to focus and niche down at least to some degree.

Rapolas » Justin
how do you track leads acquired by such client with the help of your SEO services if lets say a person visited clients website and made a call and ordered instead of filling a quote or contact form?
Justin » Rapolas
trackable phone numbers.

It was hard when I started but as soon as I ranked first page, I then get inquiries and had the chance of speaking with them, uncovering their pains, offering free, no obligation audits, and building valuable relationships with prospects who have the money and wherewithal to pay.

Per ✍️
do you mean you (your business) was ranking first for terms such as "SEO [your city] "?
Glenn » Per
I rank 1st page internationally for my main SEO-related target keyword.

Selling SEO – Cold and warm leads
COLD LEADS – Have a lead magnet
A lead magnet example would be like Affordable website development. Many who get a new website are very likely to use the company to also do the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Website are easy to find and sell. We get a ton of SEO deals from website we make, easy money.
An old strategy of mine was offer free social media makeover as a lead magnet. I would cold email a list of local business that didn’t have a design on their social media, and I would offer to give them a free social media makeover (just Facebook)
That got my foot in the door. Then I would offer tremendous value and build a relationship. My social media makeover was not 100% FREE. I REQUIRED a testimonial only if they loved my design.
Then I would bring up SEO, with my 3-month trust trail pricing strategy and close the deal.
WARM LEADS – Have a sales process and know how to close.
My company purchases warm leads of people who want and need websites or SEO services. So when I get a lead I will call and set up a discovery call.
My main goal is to understand their business, goals and get to know the owner, build report. Then I will start with a website audit, pretty standard. After that I will use another software to show them how they rank within a 13-mile radius, I get my competing SEO’s fired all the time using this.
I show them their dismal rankings and then I show them the 13 mile wide rankings of my current customers. I then basically start for the close. “ My fee is $1389 month to get this job done dan”
Let me go over everything I am going to need to do. I then go over everything.
Then when it comes to the end, I say. “ You know my fee is $1389, that’s a pretty standard fee for what your trying to do, but I don’t want your business for just 3 or 6 months Dan, I want it for a lifetime. It cost me a way to much to get a new customer, its much better for me to get you results, and for you to stick with me and grow your investment, and if your getting a killer Return on Investment (ROI), I would imagine that’s what you would do right? Exactly.
So, I have an offer for you that I want a yes or no, there is no reason you should need to think about it, we both know you want, need and can afford to do this. Just be upfront with me if you do or don’t want to work with me.
For the first 3 months I want to do a trust trial campaign. I will cut my fee in half to $697 for the first 3 months. Over the next 3 months its my job to earn your long term relationship, to show you the results, so at the end of 90 days, you know I’m “your guy”
Is that Fair enough?
(this is like 20% of my pitch, but trying to give you an idea… If you need any help with white label SEO or websites or sales leads let me know and I can point you in the right spot. )

Per ✍️
Thank you Matthew for taking the time out to provide such detailed info, much appreciated!
Question on your cold lead strategy, would you approach the customers telling me I will spice up your FB profile for free, or do a website for you for free… and NOT mention that you are doing this because you hope to sell them SEO down the line?
Im just thinking that the customer might be suspicious about your intentions, or at least ask: "why are you doing this for free?"
Matthew » Per
I am always very honest, conversation may go like this.
Hey Per, the social makeover is kinda free, but nothing is free in this world tight?
The truth is, I do these free makeovers because everyone in my industry always wants to get something from you first, usually paying for something. I just want to offer something of value you to first, build a relationship first, show you some if my skills. In exchange it would be great if you could pay me in the firm of a review. That will help me out tremendously.
I've been doing this for x years, I personally believe that I'm one of the better people around when it comes to developing beautiful website and helping my clients get customers through Google and maybe we can work together on a project one day, but for now, what do you say we get your Facebook looking sharp?
Per ✍️ » Matthew
you sound like a good sales guy! I wish I had some of your talent in that regard
Matthew » Per
13 years of practice. We have to pay our dues to get to where we want to go.
1.Start reading sales books. Be good for the basics.
2. You need practice, so start learning how to cold email outreach and offer something like I mentioned. You'll sick until you don't. Most people are scared to sell bc they don't know what to expect. The more you fail, the more you learn the objections, you learn how to overcome, you get more confident, you will tweak this and a bit of that and you'll start closing deals.
I will DM you a link to a recent email course. Everything you need to know.
Feel free to connect with me. Always happy to help.
Per ✍️ » Matthew
thank you!!

I used to call around, these days I have enough running to just keep steady and I might do some outreach for things that are interesting.
I'd normally call and ask if they can take on more work and go from there. It's not complicated, keep it simple and have good conversations.

Per ✍️
good approach! does that normally boil down to "i'll do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your for X bucks per month, I cant make any promises to exactly the kind of customer acquisition improvement you can expect, but I will do my best"?
Essentially my question has to do with the fact that its hard to tell them exactly what the results will be as there are so many factors that play into it, so its hard to make any promises
Kind of, you can't exactly guarantee the ranking as a result but you can guarantee to work on the website and implement things that have shown to improve traffic to the website.
At the end of the day business owners are paying for a return on their money, so I make sure that I only work with people who are in a pretty good place already business wise but can take on more work.
I mostly do local stuff now with Google My Business (GMB)'s etc.
I don't have any clients that are national (Australia) or international businesses, and it's mostly with home improvement companies where I'm working directly with the owner of the company.
Promising ranks is a fools game, there are way too many variables that are outside of our control.
Because I'm not competing against other providers it's rare for the whole ranking promise thing to come up.
If it does I tell them it's impossible to control where things rank (without a big ad budget) and if I could control what ranks I'd be on an island somewhere because I'd just set up all the big $$ affiliate stuff.
Look up sandler sales system if you want a good idea of a decent framework to use. 🙂.

Most good businesses are focused on value based selling these days. which is more tedious and takes an average of 3 or 4 calls to close a client.
The way my boss described it to me is that when he gets that question… How much does it cost per month for topic cluster SEO or whatever service it may be. He answers by telling them we need to do a thorough review of your site and do a checklist. Because If your site is awesome but crappy for mobile. It doesnt matter what w do because xx% of your organic traffic comes from mobile. In that case we take info and find out everything about the client. But in the end they are getting not just SEO but also mobile optimization and other services ect.


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