Could We Offer a Gift Card for Review? Offer a Reward for Who Leaves Feedback?

Looking for ideas on how to collect reviews.
Two of my clients, a lawyer and a medspa are having huge difficulties getting reviews.
They send out emails, have signs at the office, asking for reviews… but almost nothing.
Could we offer a gift card for review? or like many big stores do, offer a reward for one client per month who leaves feedback?
What else could we try? Thx!
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I suppose it would depend on the type of law the lawyer specialises in, too. I'd imagine a criminal law lawyer indeed having issues. "Did the crime, but he kept me out. 10/10 do recommend!"
What type of law is it?

Karen » LaFauve
Was thinking this too. If this is the case, I would focus review outreach on clients who are less likely to be hesitant, maybe cases/accounts that have smaller/no chance at causing harm to reputation by associating with said biz.
LaFauve » Karen
I used to do this for debt recovery lawyers; much easier. But all in all, people just don't really seem to want to let people know or something. Aside from the fact that for a very long time it was illegal for lawyers to market themselves, of course, and many simply don't know how to properly ask.
Karen » LaFauve
I mentioned this because I have personally refrained from leaving reviews for this very reason, not wanting my name attributed to a business/product. In my situation it had nothing to do with reputation or the nature of the product/service. I just don't want people knowing where I buy certain materials, supplies, etc. So any attempt by the business/seller to request a review from me is 100% pointless. BUT that doesn't mean I am not wildly satisfied with my purchase. For people who will not leave a review (for whatever reason) providing alternative methods to show support or satisfaction has potential to be really useful.
An aggressive affiliate/referral program comes to mind but I bet there are other ways to leverage this pain point as well.
LaFauve » Karen
How about marketing automation to ask people several times over whilst providing more automated value. I quite often simply forget – especially if someone asks just once. We're all busy, right?
It's hard to make suggestions tbh; we've no clue why it's going wrong.
Karen » LaFauve
I dunno. The number of screenshoted rage messages I see in etsy groups, where a customer flips their lid over repeated review requests, has me second guessing any multi-message review campaign.
Curious about what made people leave a review, I recently asked this in a large fb group that caters to my niche. Their answers were interesting.
For my niche, which happens to be online shoppers, females over 35, it appears that gorgeous packaging, and personal touch were the things that most people said made them want to leave a review. As to actually doing it, many people said that the delivery method and ease of execution were huge factors in follow through.
According to the "likes", a card asking for a "quick review" with a qr code taking them directly to the review form was a very desirable method by which they could act on their desire to leave a review. This info is highly tailored to my niche, but I would encourage the op to seek similar info in groups relevant to their clients.
LaFauve » Karen
That's golden insights. Thank you for sharing!

It is unethical to "buy" testimonials. Encouraging them to leave a Google Review personally is fine. If their clients don't want to leave a review, find out how they can serve them better. Clearly, they are not raving fans or completely unsatisfied. "Good" is not good enough though so they should maybe create customer survey or send out an email asking clients to tell them what they liked and what they didn't and what they would like the firm to do differently.

Lori Appleman 🎓 » Randine
You can offer a reward for writing a review as long as ANY review gets the same reward. Bad ones too.
LaFauve » Lori Appleman
Do you have any source on that? I thought it was still considered persuasion. If it's not, that'd be cool.
By that reasoning, promising that everyone has equal opportunity to win €100,-" works, I suppose?
Lori Appleman 🎓 » LaFauve
That's US law. May be different in UK or EU.
LaFauve » Lori Appleman
Ahhh.. yes, I looked it up. Apparently you can just do this in the US, but it needs to be disclosed in the review, to whomever is reading the review, that incentives were given.
That's fair enough, to be honest. With all the sham reviews going about, it makes sense to do it like that. It fixes the whole ethics dilemma by allowing people to make their own, well-informed choices.

I've set up an automation using zapier and Twilio. They enter the contact info into a Google sheet which then sends to something like Aweber with a follow up email sequence which asks for a review. Also a text is sent out doing similar. Links go to their Google my business reviews.
Then once a five star review is left it will automatically post it to Facebook as well for extra juice.

Monika ✍️ » Richard
You made me curious what tool can be connected to Google My Business (GMB) to post reviews on FB?
Richard » Monika
It's not posting to the reviews section of Facebook, just posting the Google review to the Facebook page as a post.
I connect to GMB and Facebook page on Zapier.

We've also encouraged reviews by offering the next 20 reviews go into a draw for gift cards. Normally do it when close to a big milestone. One client I did this for as he approached his 500th five star review last year.

Monika ✍️ » Richard

I am a doctor and this is what I did. I think it should work for your clients too. I linked part of salary of my front desk staff to them getting x number of reviews. So when patient walks in they know they are going to ask so they are extra nice. and when patient is leaving they make a request for a reivew. First you have to ask may i ask you of a favour. When they say yes only then go ahead and ask them for the review and send them a link which opens the review page directly. we went from 5 to 250 reviews in one year.

Richard » Garg
Many of my clients are chiropractors and that's exactly what they do in addition to my automated system I created for them.
Monika ✍️ » Garg
Thank you for sharing it


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