Create Ten Articles to Support the Main Article!

Discussion 3: Create Ten Articles to Support the Main Article!
Search Engine Optimization | SEO Help/Suggestions Needed to:
1 – Outrank an authority page
2 – Create 10X content
I assume a majority of us have heard of 10X content to beat the top-performing pages/posts. But what will be one's actionable guide (with the nitty-gritty details) to create a page better than the existing ones?
I plan to create one but the top pages in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) are really good.
Out of the top 5 pages, 2 have really nice User Experience (UX)/User Interface (UI) too.
The top 4 pages have detailed info.
Apparently, I do not see any loopholes, weaknesses, or lacking.
How would you tackle such competition?
Need serious help!
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Do the better version of top 5.
have really nice UX/UI and pages have detailed info.
Answer the query of user. Answer the question your blog is about in the first paragraph with no BS. (Wikipedia style) .
Add Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below every blog with FAQ schema. (That can help with getting discovered in "People Also Ask")
Use H2 / H3 when making a list. Like "Top 10 tips" your tips should be in H2's or H3's.

Adeal » Nathan
Thanks a ton for your suggestions. I highly appreciate the tips. 🙂
I have done "People Also Ask" for U.S based local businesses but didn't think of it for this industry. Thanks a ton.

If you combine several methods of topical and keyword research, you should come up with all the topics you need for those articles. Build your content around that skeleton and don't even look at the competing pages until you are finished.
Checking for the gaps at the end instead of at the beginning yields much better results.
Well for not seeing any loopholes or weaknesses you didn't name a single strength. Aside from the debatable UX factor. Do the pages have really bad-ass video content with a lot attached to that video lots of social signals feeding it? Does the page have really good schema markup? Is there a really nice info graph on that page? Is said info graph in say probably 30 available directories bringing traffic to it in getting shares for it? What are their backlink profiles looking like? Yes I know all the marketing is about content is king, But the truth is is content is worthless it's what you do with that content that brings value. Are they using internal link map strategies well? I can go on and on but you get my drift …

Adeal » Daniel
Thanks a ton for putting up so many questions.
I will definitely putt out some critical points from here to add to the post like adding
1 – Working on good schema markup
2 – Adding a video or a really nice info graph. Adding both may clutter the page.
As far as the 'backlink profiles' is concerned, I have kept that section separate under the offsite optimization category.
However, I couldn't get it when you said:
"Is said info graph in say probably 30 available directories bringing traffic to it in getting shares for it?"
Can you please guide me a little on this, please?
Daniel » Adeal
Sure. There a 30 at least, info graph directories or galleries on line. Upload your info graph and include meta description and include the link. Some of them are actually do follows. Most aren't though. Still even those serve to increase your pages total link count, dilver traffic, and therefore do touch on at least 2 SEO factors if not 3 by also transferring link equity. Just Google different variations if the question top info graph directories and you will surely find some lists. These directories also give you even more social signals potentially if people share your info graph. Because now you have a social signal hitting your infographic directory and traffic being delivered to your infograff directory which send all of those signals to your actual info graph. So there's a lot of value in having a really nice well done info graph and then submitting them to these directories.
This is probably going to be the most common way you can beat your competitors content Because most people do not do this. It's pretty hard to make a truly nice useful info graph so I guess that's why but also people just overlook this Pretty powerful trick.. It may not be super strong but it could easily be the thing that puts you over the top. But this falls in the offsite category also. It just begins on site then you gotta do that off site work in submit Which can take a while to submit all 30 directories. See I am about to help out the writers of this content in the same exact way I am explaining you can get … Enjoy, "40 Infographic Submission Sites to Promote Your Infographic (2021)"
40 Infographic Submission Sites to Promote Your Infographic (2020)
Amba » Daniel
Do you do this on every blog?
Daniel » Amba
No way only do this if it's the only way to beat your competitors. That way your not wasting your time and overdoing a really good trick. Never pull out the heavy artillery unless you have to.
Amba » Daniel
Got it. Sounds interesting. Have any examples?
Srinath » Amba
Daniel has mentioned a beautiful technique and let me add a small tweak that I have been following for years. Leaving a content incomplete & then slowly updating it has greater chance of success than a one-time finished product. It's a Google algo quirk you can exploit.
Daniel » Amba
Sure here would be an example of "10x content" but as I said, I only go to this level if I have to. If the top 10 for whatever given SERP sucks, then I do not build a post like this one; this is the max in case I'm against top-notch content. And of course, this is a link equity funnel hence the internal anchors. It has links connected to it also.
BBQ Grills: Serious Grill Brush Health Hazards and Solutions – Palm Beach Grill Center
and I don't mind putting my work out there. Anyone who wants to play games, go for it, I got the security to match I assure you.
Adeal » Daniel
Thanks a ton for your input. Highly appreciate the guidance.
Daniel » Adeal
That's what it's all about. What we're here for. Help each other out! Each one teaches one, and be ready to receive teachings always as well. Good luck!


10X content? Is that the new silly marketing buzzword? Just go with 7.343827X content. Don't strain yourself. You will be fine.

Thanks Mike … I will try to keep it at 7.343827X 😉
I prefer 11x content…
Roger » Mike
10x has been around awhile. Not new. I never bought into it, but it's better than saying "Make awesome content." But not by much. 🤪
Aspiration to 10x is, imo, the reason why a lot of sites don't rank well for the past couple years.
Srinath » Adeal
Ideally I would go with Pi (Infinite number)
I assume 'Pi' will be a little difficult for me! 🙂

If your unable to find your competition weakness than you have chosen the wrong keyword …don't try to directly hit the competitive term …go with the long tail first …gain some traction from search engine…gradually optimize it for the hard terms…first you need to prove that your website is worth the only Google will reward you…

Adeal » Mandal
Thanks for your suggestion. Highly appreciate it. I am after long-tail keywords and keywords with low difficulty but this keywords is a Bottom of the Funnel (BOF) keyword I cant overlook. 🙂
Bose » Adeal
OkAy got you the best thing you can do is, to optimize your page exactly like your competition not over optimize nor under …excatly same in terms of onpage, off page every thing what you can replicate to your site …


These may satisfy you:
» The Structure of Internal Links | Silo Strategy | On-Page SEO
» How To Do Better Silos | a Better Silo?
Discussion 2: One Article with 5000 Words Versus Ten 500-Word Articles
I'm working on a new concept. Would 1 large article with 5000 words rank better than 10 x 500 word articles?
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No and it will increase time spent on writing or cost if paying a writer.
It's hardly a new concept. Depends on your topic and quality of content. If it's a definitive guide to something answering pretty much all user questions – yes, it might. I am a content writer – and I've seen it work.

Richard ✍️ » Zag
new concept for me. My current sites have 100's of articles. I was thinking of combining them.

If all the top ranked pages are 5000 words then yes, if not no. Go for a few more words than your competitors.
It depends on the keyword. A best practice is examine the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to determine a word count.
It's also obviously not just about the number of words, but more so what you are writing about.
Not really…if the 500 words article it's quality, unique, offer good info and it covers main topic you can write even an 15k words article and you can't outrank the 500 words article…so don't go for quantity…go for quality of what your article offers to your visitors. I outrank with my 700 words article even old and authority domains (health niche) with more than 4k words…so trust me I know what I say.

Richard ✍️ » Ionut
does one big article make it easier to promote in socials. Mailing lists etc.
Ionut » Richard
i'll give you an short example: lets say I'm searching for gaming laptop…that's mean just i want to buy an gaming laptop nothing else…so I'm interested to see only laptops, not why to buy one or another…I'm not interested on top laptops etc…so if you write an article only with laptops, prices and specs you have more chances to rank and appear on my results than the article which have top 10 laptops with very big description for each, pro and cons etc…But yes for social it easier to promote the big articles…
Richard ✍️ » Ionut
what if the article had best gaming laptops and best laptops in one?
In your Example I would have the "Best Laptops" with sub sections for "Best school laptops" "best gaming laptops" etc. with internal linking between the sections.
Ionut » Richard
My main article have 10 laptops with prices, specs, and 2 paragraphs with short description…and subtopics for many long-tail titles as you mentioned above…in that way you can outrank without backlinks, without authority etc…also you must be carefully to don't target keywords from another or article which you want rank…interlink between each other subtopic, and all topics link to main page/article…

Why not have 5 articles at 1000 words, and them position them like a series. Almost like 5 chapter to a book.

Richard ✍️ » Tony
yes. But I can also do that one 1 page. Use a menu system so the users scrolls between articles.
Tony » Richard
well i was just thinking that each page could have a unique keyword rich headline. So five unique rankings on your topic instead of 1.


It depends on the target keyword and user's intent. In some cases, even well-written content won't help you as much as a video will. The most famous example is probably "how to tie a tie". You need to think like a user. Ultimate guides or XX best on some topics probably require more content while transactional keywords with low volume and low competition do not. Cheers!
Everything depends on the competition… A long article will rank for many long tail keywords which help it to rank for the shorter keywords…Less back links are needed in this case too.
Ultimately It depends on the competition and keyword pool.
You can't generally expect to rank an affiliate article with 500 words if the competition is putting out 2000 words on average.
Bharath » Richard
You may want to look up/ read up on keyword and topic clustering and pillar topics. I read in some comment that you had hundreds of articles.
If you looked at Google search console you should know which of them are driving traffic to your site, if any of them are at all. These would be priority 1 to optimize in long form potentially once you do your keyword cluster research.
Then have 1 optimized Pillar topic and multiple relevant optimized clusters rolling up to it. Key being useful articles. This should help a lot.
Also split your articles based on user intent based content and balance out the blend of content. I'm targeting 50%-60% top of line information content, 20-30% middle of funnel comparison type content and 10-20% bottom of funnel purchase decision type of content.
I'm working on something similar for my ecom site. Hope this helps.
How much word Isn't a matter..😬
The matter is to cover up the whole topic properly ensuring the user intent.. So if need 10k words to do it then you have to cover up with 10k words..
If you can cover properly within 1k word no problem..
No matter what's the word count actually..
But Google love long content 😀.

Porter » Dipu
I always shoot for 1000 words although I do have 1 article less than 500 words on page 1 but that didn't happen until I gained domain authority from all my 1000 word articles ranking.
Dipu » Porter
you have gaining authority on this topic. So it's quite simple that Google will prioritise you.

I think it depends on the topic, but I'm having great success with this. I wrote 5000 words on a topic and within 2 months it's outranking Wikipedia, so I'm a believer.
Some topics obviously don't need that much, but this was a long, complete list with paragraphs defining each item.
I just wrote a 10,000 word article, (took forever!), which could have been broken down, but as a single article I think it is more helpful and makes more sense. Always come back to what makes the most sense for your readers and what information they're looking for.
It's not new. Power articles have been around awhile. Their effectiveness greatly varies on searchers intent.
The best idea is…Research based quality articles 1500 to 2000 words. With images or infograph…proper on page…after that socialized it and book marking for fast index…who is agree dis agree if i am wrong so correct me…I am SEO expert with proven strategies.


This may satisfy you: Some Pages Are Ranking for the Same Keyword | Internal Linking Others to the Most Satisfying Page | Keyword Cannibalization
Discussion 1: 252 Articles get No Traffic | Consolidate any Similar Articles/Posts into one, Top Quality Comprehensive one. Redirect the ones you remove thereby to the new more Comprehensive one
Hey Everyone! After going through the articles on my first website I see that I have very identical articles
Also, What should I do with those articles that get no traffic at all? I mean literally no impressions or anything! I have 252 articles on my website.
It needs a good clean up as I chose very competitive keyword when I first started this website (Was a complete newbie when I started this website!)
It's in the cat niche and I got hit hard in the December update.
It's making around $350 per month. I was thinking about selling it but I want to try and see if I can get it back to how it was before the update.
Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!
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252 articles get no traffic consolidate any similar articles posts into one top quality comprehensive one redirect the ones you remove thereby to the new more comprehensive one
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Ammon Johns 🎓
Where possible consolidate any similar articles/posts into one, top quality comprehensive one. Redirect the ones you remove thereby to the new more comprehensive one.
Articles that get no traffic are almost as bad as articles that get no links or shares. Again, look to where you can possibly combine several into one, or redirect to a better similar article.
This is one of the reasons I have always hated the advice by charlatans and fools that creating fresh content regularly is the right approach.
Here's some very simple, easy to verify facts. The total link equity (PageRank, Juice, whatever) that your site has is the total value of all the inbound links power, as distributed around your site via your navigation and internal linking.
So, if you imagine that a site has 100 total inbound links, all of roughly equal value, where about a third of those links are to the homepage (brand citations), and the other 60-70 links are mostly to just a couple of very popular articles published on the site.
Thanks to good internal linking, pretty much all of this hypothetical site links to everything else, even if not in a single link, but via category index pages. Basically, no page is ever more than 2 clicks from any other page. That means all the power of those links is being passed from page to page fairly evenly.
Now, if the site has in total 100 pages, with about 10 of them being business pages, and about 80 or more being articles or blog posts, that diffusion of the link power across your site means it is as if each page on your site had one solid external link pointed to it (100 links divided by 100 pages).
Now, ask yourself, what happens if you add ten new pages and none of them earn any new additional inbound links?
Well, your homepage still has the direct internal links it had before, and every page on your site it is linking to is still linking back, so it has no real change to speak of.
The same is true of the articles that were popular enough to have gained several inbound links. They still have that 'juice' coming in from external sites, and while they then share it out between more internal pages, there's more of those internal page to pass some back, so no real change.
However, for the vast majority of the site, which previously had 10% less pages, the juice being passed around is diluted, the same total divided between 10% more pages, so 10% less to each individual page that only gets its juice from those internal links.
That is what link diffusion is all about, and why constantly adding content that doesn't earn its own links can ultimately be suicidal to a site.

Miharbi ✍️ » Ammon Johns
Honestly I love your very in depth advice.. Its very helpful 👌
Ammon Johns 🎓 » Miharbi
I've heard that said once or twice over the years, but I never stop appreciating hearing it. Happy to help.
Great breakdown, Ammon. Thank you. How do you feel about increasing deep links to help poorly performing pages? Some of my writing clients have themselves been SEO users, and their tactic is to have a large block of 9-10 relevant internal links at the bottom of all new content pages, as well as a link from one or more category pages directly to the new page(s). (It, combined with other strategies, seems to have worked for their sites.)
Ammon Johns 🎓 » Kumar
ANY links are only passing on a share of the 'juice' (juice is always meant as in the slang term for 'power' never as liquids) that the page the link is on has.
On larger sites, or those with very organized 'levels' of content, where visitors might have to go through several category pages to get from one deep-level page to another, then direct links or deep links can be exceptionally useful, and may also help give the page a very small share more 'juice', not because there is an extra link, but because there is better flow and less steps.
External deep links however can provide an immediate and far more significant boost to the deep-linked page, and because it is an external link, it is bringing fresh 'juice' into your site too, where the navigational and other links on your page will add it to that flowing through your site. Obviously, this varies by the amount of power or juice the specific external PAGE that linked to you has to share, AND by how many other links, both internal to its site and external to other sites, there are on that linking page that it is dividing its power between.
The best way I've found to explain PageRank in the simplest terms is to think of links a bit like votes, and the passing of PageRank as like proxy voting. Every link to your page is a proxy vote, and your links out from the page (internal and external) are what you in turn share your proxy votes between.
Thanks, Ammon. Makes loads of sense
Bain » Ammon Johns
That must be one of the most valuable Facebook comments I have ever read [takes fingers away from chin…]


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