DMCA | A Website Else Copy Pasted My Content, but It Gave the Original Link as Credit and Even Kept My Internal Links

DMCA question… I just found a website that duplicated our content. BUT they gave "credit" by adding in the subtitle "Here is a great article by (company name) that jumps into the topic with both feet" They even kept all the same internal links, so the content has multiple links going out to our pages. Is this something to file a complaint about? They're technically a competitor… and even though we're national… they're down the street from us. I know they gave us credit, but I still don't like it. They even stole our images. SEO Pros, what would you do?
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Contacting them will only put a target on your back. Just file a DMCA report with screenshots and everything.

Lindsay ✍️
That's what I figured, thank you!

Can’t see the issue myself. Google will know you published the content first and it’s providing you backlinks

Lindsay ✍️
Eizenga if the page has traffic and good authority… otherwise it's just a low quality link that doesn't do anything for you. However, I could build links to it to build the authority that will then give me SEO juice.
Eizenga agreed!

Use it as a tier 1 and send PBN links to it

Lindsay ✍️ » Ken

Isn’t it great to see that you are the benchmark of your industry? Where competitors look on to you for direction and what you’re doing… I get this all the time, they even replicate my campaigns. I have access to my legal department and honestly, I rather focus my energy on my next master piece. Besides, what’s done it’s already superseded. Well, you have two options: #1 Go against them and be prepare to do the legal proceedings (Lot’s of resistance and cost to satisfy your ego) or Option #2: Focus on your next master piece. Good luck.

Lindsay ✍️ » Morris
thank you for that pat on the back! I appreciate it! I always think of it as a slap in the face for stealing what I spent valuable time on. But seeing it your way, and what others have said, has made me think better of it. I'll take option #2!

It depends upon the content. I, for one, would find it difficult to be upset about a scenario where a competitor is quoting (and citing) me and then linking to me as well. SEO aside – your competitor is validating you and sending their customers to you.

Lindsay ✍️ » Truslow
agree!! This seems to be the consistent answer across SEO gurus. I'm thinking differently now. ☺

Terrible advice to have it taken down. There’s no dmca violation as the source has been credited . Don’t build links to it either as it will tend to outrank your page – what happens if they change your link to nofollow and you already spent resources building links to it. 😀

Lindsay ✍️ » Rienzi
that's one way to think of it! I can't see it out ranking though if Google knows I published it first and there's links to me and its the same content… regardless if there do follow or not. However, I do see your point on building links and them changing it to no follow links. But at that point the page had hopefully retained some "stickability" in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and won't drop in that scenario due to one do follow link lost.
Which law school did you study intellectual property law at?
You should get your money back.
Just because you give a credit doesn't mean you can copy anything you want.
Unless this falls under the very limited fair use exceptions, it IS a DMCA violation.
It is of course then up to the OP to decide whether the SEO value is worth leaving it up.
Sonja My bad for misuse of terms. Not a lawyer. Now if they claim it as their own and promotes it as their own then you have a legal case I believe. But You get the point.
Lindsay ✍️ » Sonja
this is why I posted the question! To see both points of view! I love yours too!
Rienzi » Lindsay
if it gets nofollow tag the link to your page/site won’t pass juice. Is why it could outrank you.
But I’d still have them keep it for the most part. Maybe request to have a blurb that the original content is on your site. This is more like a citation.
» Rienzi – It does not matter whether they claim it is their own or not. It is a violation, unless it falls under "Fair Use" exception.
» Lindsay – I did not offer a point of view about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Many others have already offered you good advice there. I just said you seem to have a clear case under DMCA. I am not recommending you use it.

Nope, only they have to worry about duplicate content and you got backlinks. If they have decent DA, it’s pretty cool.
One way back links from a niche relevant website sounds like it's a favor these links from them to you are actually very good and they are fools.


This may satisfy you: A Competitor Site Copies Much of My Content | What Can I Do to Counter It?

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