Do You Reveal Yourself on Social Media that You are a Site Owner/Founder? Any Risk About it from Competitors, Haters?

Do u reveal yourself on Social media that you are site owner/founder?? Any risk about it from competitors, haters?
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Jesse Neubert 🎓
I have several brands I keep under wraps and off of my usual profiles.
If your company or brand relies on your personal brand or image, then you can't really get away from putting it out there front and central.
However, there are always risks involved with having a prominent profile. These range from DDOS attacks and hacking attempts, to negative SEO and even lawsuits.
You'd be surprised at what people will try to do to your sites out of spite, jealously, to gain a competitive edge, or simply for lolz.
Personally, I prefer to stay low-key. There is no benefit in "boasting" for social likes and 'attaboys'. Most here have no idea about 95% of my projects and that's ok with me 🙂

Nagar » Jesse Neubert
Can u tell more about Lawsuits
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Nagar
Oh, these are fun lol
They really run the gambit. But the more successful you 'appear' or make yourself appear on social media, the bigger target you place on your back. Because now there is a PRIZE for anyone who sues you.
And trust me, it doesn't matter at all if you are 'in the right' and the lawsuit frivilous. It WILL cost you time, energy, and financial resources to deal with. In many cases you'll end up settling, NOT because you are wrong, but because its literally the cheaper option.
The most common we see are:
1. Copyright issues – mostly images
2. Breach of contract
3. Some negative SEO
4. Lawsuits against SEO agencies for lost rankings/revenue > blatent violations of Google webmaster policies reusting in lost ranking are most commonly cited > this gets pretty messy tbh but I've seen agencies lose and many settle.
5. Lots of compliance issues, often FTC cases (affiliate disclosures, sponsored ads not listed as sponsored, fake reviews, etc. etc)…which btw, they don't just go after the "big guys"
It's just that you only hear about the big cases due to the fact that they make nice headlines.
I know people making $60k per year with one affiliate site that the FTC has ruined
Nagar » Jesse Neubert
Thanks for this information 🙏🙏🙏 😮
Linda » Jesse Neubert
And that's why I always triple check that I follow all the rules xD
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Linda
Given that any link building is against Google TOS, an argument can always be made that the agency "knowingly put their client's business at risk by running amiss"
Of course, virtually all off-page SEO goes against Google TOS, but try explaining that to a judge and jury who isn't in the business 🙂
There are terms you can and should be including in your contracts to mitigate this specific risk.

Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Stephanie
Happens more often than you'd think.
One of our divisions deals with risk management (largely cyber), and there are a multitude of ways competitors, and generally just unhappy people, can attack a brand.
That's not to say that you shouldn't have your company on your profiles etc. But disclosing assets with caution and an understanding of what can happen is advisable.
Often, we find out these things in a forensic audit of why a brand or site is tanking. So in that sense, it's not even 'obvious' to a lot of site owners.
Also, bear in mind that many of these 'attacks' can come from countries where they may or may not care at all about the laws in your own jurisdiction.

Stephanie » Jesse Neubert
That actually makes a ton of sense. Thank you for taking the time to explain that side of things I hadn't considered 🙂


I am really confused by this question and the responses. How would revealing yourself as the owner only then allow competitors to copy something that is already public? And in theory if you're doing a good job your competition has already noticed you. As a small or medium business owner most of the company founders are talking about their business on social media presence… what am I missing here?

Steven Kang 👑 » Dale Marketing is dependent on your target audience, not trolls or competitors. If you have a way to reveal your asset to your core audience only, unnecessarily attracting competitors, copycats, or trolls is not the best strategy.
Dale » Steven Kang
How does this relate to revealing the owner of a company?
Steven Kang 👑
People assume you are either the owner or have an executive role when you list a website on your profile page.
"Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Nagar » Steven Kang
👏👏 you tell it in very simple words😅 without confusion👏
Steven Kang 👑 » Nagar One should use common words to say uncommon things"
― Arthur
Nagar » Dale
You are right. I'm thinking about negative sideeffects of revealing identity. Some of big competitors can use their power to push me back knowing I can't do much, some bad people or haters can destroy the business knowing that 1 single person can not fight against big attacks, some can copy and outrank business with their higher resources than me,
if business is small, haters with bigger authority can easily paralyzed my small business, etc. I'm trying to learn so I can minimize the risks in future.
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Dale
It just broadens the risk profile.
In our intelligence reports we will uncover everything about an individual.
Think of this as cyber private investigation but for business purposes.
We could uncover a casual post/comment about a previous business partner, affiliate relationship, payout, investment, domain y forgot about that didn't have privacy on, a past employee that now has a criminal record or has been accused of harassment, etc etc.
Much like social engineering used in hacking, this information can be used to uncover patterns or aspects of your business that could be used against you in various and creative ways.
Business is war.
Although I err on the cautionary side, it is still prudent to have a broad awareness of your risk profile.

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