Do You Write Content Yourself or Hire Someone or Use Fiverr Upwork or Content Generators?

Discussion 2: Do You Write All Your Blog Posts Yourself? Why or Why Not?
Jessica Foster 🎓
Do you write all your own blog posts? Why or why not?
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I outsource, I don't write any blog posts myself. It frees up a lot of time which is better spent elsewhere. I have also found that it has helped me stay motivated with other tasks as I am not exhausting myself writing blog posts. I aspire to publish a lot of content, so doing all the work myself is a no go for me.

Jessica Foster 🎓
What company is better for this? Some Fiverr people I use, I find myself rewriting everything..
Andrej » Patricia
I use Upwork. You will have to filter the good ones from the bad ones on there too, but with the right hiring processes you will eventually find a good writer. But you should also take time to make a style guide, show blog posts which are written in a similar way to how you want yours to look like and explain what it is that you want. You should also give feedback on the first posts so they know what to do and not do. Nowadays I only proofread and fix the occasional mistake.
Patricia » Andrej
Wow, this is awesome advice..I have seen Upwork but I don't really know too much about it…
Courtney » Andrej
What do you do- if you don't mind me asking? The reason, I ask is because I'm a Content Developer & Strategist with an extensive understanding of SEO best practices. I got into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because of my love for writing and given every business these days needs a substantial amount of quality and consistent need for quality content, it seemed like the best career path given my expertise. Don't worry! I am not pitching you [although always looking for new clients : ) ]. I ask because I am trying to streamline my business- so any insight is appreciated! Do you prefer to work with one writer so they get to know you and your ideal values and goals to better communicate on your behalf, or do you work with several writers and focus more on trying to get the best value (cost wise). My company is only 3 people. A back-end website developer, a designer and me- I create all the content for my clients' websites, and I use an intern (who- based on my instructions- helps me promote and distribute to maximize exposure and generate as many new leads for my clients). I charge a monthly fee depending on my client's industry, the success of their competitors, the overall relevant competition and search volume, etc. I like to be fair, so I charge clients who require less work to maximize ROI a lower rate than a client who is going to dominate substantial time in order to get the results they're looking for. I am trying to grow my business and have considered offering "à la carte" content (so to speak) but then I worry because I have no control over their overall process, so I don't feel comfortable guaranteeing results- how do you view these issues? BTW if anyone else has tips or suggestions, I'd really appreciate it! Sales is my weakest strength- I love the work I do, but client-outreach is hard, and I really need to focus on growth, any ideas would be very helpful! Thanks guys!
Andrej » Courtney
I am currently working on an amazon affiliate site. At the moment, I have only one writer but I might hire another one soon. I don't care much for any " company values" (if that is what you were asking about) as long as my writer keeps delivering the work that I need. So, I am trying to get the best value for my money, although I try to be fair, give feedback and send bonuses sometimes to motivate and further incentivize the writer to write even better. Whenever I decide to bring another writer onboard I will make sure to find one that writes similarly to or has the potential to write in a similar way to the one that I already have. I want this to keep the content consistent. If I were you I would also take the time to help the new writer write content that suits your desired style and system, this can be done by giving detailed and precise instructions and giving feedback on finished work. Since you're looking to streamline your business, I would also hire a manager for the writers (either a dedicated manager or one of the writers depending on how many writers there are). In this case, the manager would report to you, and you would hand all the tasks to the manager, and the manager would pass on the work to the writers. I have never worked with SEO clients before so take the following tip with a grain of salt, but I would not get too worried about those things. Remember, your services are only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for them. In your case, most clients you take on will only keep paying you as long as your services bring results. The services you provide are an investment for your clients, so they expect to get more in return. So, I believe that you should charge as much as you want to as long as your clients are profiting. Not sure about guaranteeing results, though. Because the results are also a mirror of the clients' levels of involvement and dedication to your program
Courtney » Andrej
Thanks so much for taking the time to really give a detailed response! I am careful to guarantee results when it comes to visibility and traffic- aka I guarantee that they will get the phone to ring (or client inquiry forms filled out)- I bluntly (but try to be somewhat funny about it) say: "I will get you the prospects but if you can't close them- that's on you" I did my job- I got you traffic and made your phone ring- but if you can't close the deal- that's on you. Honestly, I don't mean it in a rude way. However, I view it like this: my specialty is creating content that drives traffic to and generates interest in whatever it is my client does. What they do is supposed to be their area of expertise…thus, at that point, it's no longer up to me… I don't claim to be an auto mechanic (THANK GOD- I
Courtney » Andrej
Sorry..hit enter by mistake! …I claim to drive traffic to the auto mechanic (for example)…it's his job to close the deal…as long as I did my part and generated the leads, I feel like I performed the service I promised!


I write all my own, of course. If you've seen any of my blog posts you know why. It's because I blog to share *my* take on things, *my* perspectives, and in *my* voice. It just would not be honest to have a ghost writer.
That doesn't mean I'm against outsourcing, of course. I think a huge number of blogs benefit immensely from *true* guest posts (and by true, I mean it is an invited guest, rather than someone who just turned up and offered). I have quite a number of past clients who I have helped to find popular bloggers in related areas to invite to guest post and thus add the value of a fresh perspective and different style.
It all comes down to knowing *exactly* what your blog is supposed to be doing, on the psychological level, for readers, your brand, and your business.

How do you invite a guest to write a guest post? I am in the kayak and stand up paddle board business and interested how I would go about approaching someone to write a guest post. and who? Appreciate any comments here
Ammon » Hamish John
Do some searches for bloggers who paddle-board and write well – especially if they already have a decent audience of fans who'd very likely want to read what they wrote for you (and thus be additionally exposed to your brand, when they already have an interest in paddle-boarding).
Then, think about the celebrity factor. Could you interview a well known paddleboarder, or find some blogger local to them who could interview them and blog it on your behalf?
Don't forget retirees. There's a lot of great talent put aside by retirement. Leverage it by offering them a regular spot as a guest columnist. Could you find a retired kayaker or paddleboarder of note? A retired judge for some well known sporting events in that arena? Or some other retiree with an amazing background of knowledge and too much time on their hands who'd love the chance to do something different and earn a little extra cash.
Very helpful, thank you so uch
Ammon » Hamish John
Also, remember that the main advantage that guest bloggers add is an opportunity to diversify your content, and get wildly different takes on things. So you might have a fashion blogger review wet suits, or make observations about the fashions surrounding paddle-boarding and kayaking.
Or you might team up with someone in the camping space and have them blog about long-distance kayaking routes where you have a different campsite each night and truly experience a great lake or stretch of river by kayak, rather than simply a few hours on the water.
Maybe an instructor, or a tour-guide of kayaking trips …


This may satisfy you: What is your biggest struggle when Looking for Good Content Writers?
Discussion 1: Do You Write Content Yourself or Hire Someone or Use Fiverr Upwork or Content Generators?
How do you guys create Content?
It can be quite time/ resource consuming. I am more focusing on written ( blog ) content but welcome to discuss other formats as well.
Do you write it yourself? Do you hire someone? Do you use Fiverr/Upwork etc. , Content Generators?
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Well I have a team of writers who are updating and uploading content on regular basis

Gailis ✍️ » Pervez
how do you find, choose and train them?
Pervez » Gailis
Lets discuss in more details, Come IB

I write it all myself, I don't trust sites like Fiverr and I can't afford to hire somebody. I write 3-4 articles a week, each one takes me around 8 hours.

Bart » Julia
how many words a week are you writing?
I’ve just started and I’m finding it really hard writing content
It depends on the topic, the most recent post was 4,000 words, but usually they’re between 400 and 1,500 words.
Gailis ✍️ » Julia
I find it challenging to write content 5k + words and more rewarding same time.
Kevin Nemzytch What do you mean? I know myself, I spend four days a week on content (I work out of the home the other 2.5 days). Of course I do a bit of site maintenance, but 80% of my time is spent on content creation.

I write it myself and I would advice you write it yourself. It’s your experience, your expertise so no one can write as you.

Gailis ✍️ » Bimbo
how you will scale it?
Bimbo » Gailis
I have an editorial calendar. That’s the best way to scale it. When you have an editorial calendar it becomes scalable, you don’t have to worry about what to write, and one more thing you need to have an idea bank, it should be part of your editorial process.
That's true, Bimbo, but you can only scale it so far when you are trading time for money.

I’ve tried them all! You’re right, writing it yourself is not scalable, however is probably the most reliable in terms of quality. So the best way I’ve come up with, without writing it all myself, is by; outsourcing it, checking it for plagiarism, then editing and adding a bit of your own personality. This takes less time than writing yourself from scratch. The Million Dollar question of course is “where do you find good affordable honest writers”, and that just takes a lot of trial and error. Just depends on your niche, your budget, their experience, etc.

Gailis ✍️ » Rodrigo
that is what I do now for the most. It works! But Iam open to get better and cheaper options.
Rodrigo » Gailis
cool… so if that’s working, are you specifically looking for better quality writing (i.e. where you have to do less editing), or are you looking for cheaper options (i.e. paying less but you may have to put in more work editing after the fact)? It’ll be kind of hard to get both of these, at least in my experience.
Gailis ✍️ » Rodrigo
I look for better quality – s less involvement from my side for post production. And also how to scale it up, i have tons of articles to write, but to little time and money to write them 😃
Rodrigo » Gailis
gotcha. So how much are you paying per word now?
Gailis ✍️ » Rodrigo
about 5-8 usd per 1k
Rodrigo » Gailis
¢5 to ¢8 cents per word you mean? Or $5 to $8 dollars per 1,000 words?
Gailis ✍️ » Rodrigo
second option 😀
Rodrigo » Gailis
wow! $5 to $8 dollars per 1k article is a great deal honestly! 👍🏻 Not sure the kind of quality you’re getting at that price though. That’s like less than 1 cent per word! I pay much more than that now.
Gailis ✍️ » Rodrigo
well it requires adjustment still. Sometimes more sometimes less depends on writer , content difficulties etc. drop me pm I tell you about other methods.
Rodrigo » Gailis
Yeah, I can imagine!

I started off writing content on my own. However, to tell you the truth my business basically picked up the moment I "forced myself" to delegate and hire a staff of writers. As mentioned above, it's a trial and error with writers and them ghosting you isn't very uncommon. That said, what I do is that I will hire the best three or four at the same time and wait as they start to fall short, sad but true story.
In the end I'm left with one or two good writers if I'm lucky and I spend roughly the first 6 months monitoring absolutely everything they post and then just do random checks so that they think that I’m still checking every post they publish and it keeps them on their toes.
Also, I really believe in giving raises even when the writer does not ask for them as well as time off and try to be as flexible as possible because that’s a bonus that big companies can’t give so if you’re not going to win on salary you might as well invest in good will.
This will not always work because everyone is different but that’s my approach.


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