Does a Client Have to Transfer the Client’s Site Into the Panel of the SEO Marketing Agency?

Is content associated with domain or hosting?
Lets say you lose your hosting access because your marketing agency hosted your site on their server and aren't handing it over. You have domain control.
So starting the website from scratch, can you use the same content from the old website. Would it create duplication issue?
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You didn't pay the agency? 😅😅 👍🏽3

Zahid✍️ » Jamie
Not me but yeah because they aren't doing anything.
Jamie » Zahéd
arrrr bad situation. I'd try and resolve if possible.
To answer your question it would class as duplicate content.
I did a test with this recently to see what would happen. Google took down both articles offline for about a week then ranked the original website and didn't rank the duplicate at all.
Even if its the same domain?
I emailed them so lets see. They are being paid for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but the only thing they did in past 12 months is 75 pages of content that they are holding hostage. Imagine paying $15000 for this shitshow. 😢1
Jamie » Zahéd
is it even possible to host the domain twice? My test was different domains, sorry. 👍🏽1
Zahid✍️ » Jamie
i mean if you build a second website using the same content and change the Domain Name System (DNS) then.
Chris » Jamie
, if you build it and switch it quickly then you should be fine. Although the old/current website might be sat on their hosting it won’t actually be live anywhere (unless they make it live on another domain – would be pointless and childish/unprofessional). I would just build the site as quickly as you can, switch the DNS to point to your site and then inform them to delete their hosting as it’s no longer live. They will literally be hosting a site that isn’t live and potentially a waste of their hosting/server space. Just don’t tell them you’re doing this as they may just delete your old current so you have no where to copy it from. Unless you save each page on to a computer (I’ve had to do this recently for an almost identical scenario). I hope all that makes sense. Happy to talk you through it if needed. 👍🏽💟3
Zahid✍️ » Chris
they are quite unprofessional until now so since its a possibility they might use a different domain for the site to sell it to someone else in the area. Would it create duplication issue and for whom?
Chris » Zahéd
it sounds like they are. I doubt very much they’d waste the time doing that. Also, the domain wouldn’t carry any authority… meaning it wouldn’t be of any value. Also, they can’t sell your content. I come across agencies deleting sites but never heard of one moving a clients site to a new domain and trying to sell it. Their business would have a very short life and terrible reputation. Just rebuild it, stay quiet until you’ve finished it and then switch it over. 💟1
Zahid✍️ » Chris
Got it bro! Appreciate it a lot.


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Yeah. I’m not sure why they’d hold your website hostage unless you didn’t pay your bills, but nonetheless. If you build a new website, or make a duplicate of your current one then join it to your domain, it should be fine since the other website will now just be an IP address and not get indexed. 👍🏽1

Zahid✍️ » Zänker
they are being paid for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but the only thing they did in past 12 months is 75 pages of content that they are holding hostage. Imagine paying $15000 for this shitshow.
Zänker » Azmarc
, 75 pages of content is worth $15,000 if it’s good content and skyrockets your SEO, but I’m guessing you’re dissatisfied with the result and that blows. Did they give you an all-in-one migration copy or anything for the site at some point, or have access to a backup? 👍🏽1
Zahid✍️ » Zänker
not me but a friend of mine and its because there are no Backlinks at all and they are not ranking in their home city. Some smaller cities are ranked though.
Nope they never did that. Kept full control of it.
Which kind of backlinks did they agree on in the contract? Were they expected to place backlinks, for example in forums/newsgroups, blogs, etc? Or did you simply expect them to buy some PBN backlinks?
Content is the main foundation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), if done properly, organic backlinks will come naturally, even though it takes time. (I have to admit, though, that within 12 months there should be something visible going on)
Zahid✍️ » Thea
I can see couple niche edits AFTER they tried firing them in June. They lowered the monthly fees from $1700 to $1000 to keep them as clients. Yes they said they'd do link building but I am not sure if they went into detail of it. I also don't see much content update either after initial stacking which I think is good but no additional content apart from blog post in November and before that in September and before that in June. So one blog post every two month. $2000 for one blog post is quite high don't you think.
Cherry on top, hijacking the website if they don't keep paying and saying they own the website (and the content in it, apparently) basically being the kind of agency that brings bad name to SEO users and preys on ignorance of people.
Maybe I’m just a glass half empty kind of guy, but it still strikes me as a failure to communicate on expectations. It sounds like they delivered what you paid for, they just didn’t get the traction they expected. $2000 for one post over 2 months? Why didn’t your friend talk to them during this 2 month hiatus? 👍🏽1
Zahid✍️ » Zänker
it could be, true. They did get some traction ngl but its directed towards for lowest pricing service for whatever the reason when they could have used the same resources for better keywords. Their main keywords (city service) are stuck in page 2 for months now. But as you said, maybe the expectations were not set right and they thought it'd be quicker than a year even though I personally think it could have been done earlier with some Backlinks. Its 180k pop. and the competition is medium tbh. Only one website at page#1 and others are directories.
They they did have a hard talk 6 months back as I said and it resulted in lowered prices accompanied with threat from the agency that they own the site. It kept them at bay until now as they thought they had no option until they grew sick of it lol. To the point they want to start from scratch. I asked the question because I think that's not necessary.
But is it common or ethical practice to host your clients website on server you control and use it as a threat to continue retainer? I mean its clearly backfiring as it seems. I personally even use clients email with Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics and I am no fan of paying for hosting on behalf of them either (or to use it as threat). 👍🏽1
Thea » Zahéd
I don't know which country you live in, but I'm pretty sure holding a website hostage would be illegal here in Germany. Probably each side would get a lawyer to dispute this and probably it would go to court.
What strikes me, is, that with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you usually can't give a guarantee of "ranking on place X for keyword Y in Time Z". And to my understanding, they put quite some content onto the website? 👍🏽1

If you own the content and domain, you can just recreate the website on new hosting. Point the domain to your new hosting nameservers and make sure you keep the same url structure. Also claim the domain in GSC. 💟1
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Zahid✍️ » Daniel
yup that's what I was thinking. Thanks for your answer.

Its the domain. Simply, redirect it to a different hosting account and everything should be yours again.
One thing to keep in mind though, ensure your redirects, internal links and the site structure is the same. The last thing you need is a broken link structure 💟1
Copy the content, build a new site on local host, switch DNS and upload the site. Then you can call us for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Can show you our case study for what we can do 🙂
Its DNS. You control the IP address for users. Just screen scrape all the content and data along with URL structure. Rebuild. 👍🏽1
If its same domain, there should not be any issue. But make sure to create url with same as old url for all the articles/pages. 👍🏽1


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