Does Google Use Data From Google Ads to Rank Pages? Based on Your Experience

Does Google use data from Google Ads to rank pages?
Based on your experience please!
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Been running Google Ads for 18 years. Personally, I see no correlation.
I think ads do have some impact. But probably based on increased traffic and resulting User Experience (UX) signals. I expect if your site sucks it’s not going to make a big difference to Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) though.
Depends on what the paid traffic does and what the goal of the ad is. Good UX signals, social shares, time on page… all of these are good things. Thing is, most paid traffic does the opposite. Low engagement and high bounce rates.
Google Ads helps for sure, you can expect a slight improvement by running it, for me it was +1 position from 10th to 9 for a very competitive, buyer intent keyword. Might be directly from Google Ads, or indirectly due to the increased number of returning visitors/ improved social signals
Google needs time to understand what your website's about. By running Google Ads you help it understand it better and faster. But make sure that the visitors you send to your website thru ads have a good UX; they read, they share, they read others pages and so on. Google will then understand that your website has great content and it worth being on the first page and why not 1st position.
All that matter to Google is better engagement. Since paid advertizers have to work on conversion optimization of landing pages, to make the maximum out of their spend. They generate better engagement and with little onpage and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) mind, it's easier to rank such sites.
Not Google Ads specifically. Rather overall traffic data. I've seen improvements after promoting new websites via ads and social media.
No. The answer is no. There is no other answer. Google does not rank you higher because you run ads period.
However, lifetime customer retentions do help organic. If you acquired a customer 12 months ago and they're not googling you to buy again and come organically that helps boost brand authority and ctr. But there is no direct connection between ads and organic this is from official documents from Google. And as an agency running both for clients we can confirm no relation.

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yes yes it does.
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hahahaha show me. Prove it. I am a data analyst so I'd love to see what you have because I've got 3m in ad spend across 30 accounts and data showing it doesn't
And which of those accounts do you spend 50k a month and you have for 2 years? Think about it. Traffic to your site and converting. Doesn’t matter where the traffic came from. If your customers in the local area with local IP addresses visit your site, fill out your contact form it helps your SEO. I’ve ranked this same site in 13 cities for 148 categories. I think it’s safe to say I know what I’m doing. I am not an agency with automation and employees. I’m one person who’s worked on the same account everyday for 2 years.
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Google don't know or care who converts on your site. That's not a ranking factor i bet my left testicul on it. If you don't have analytics installed on your site youre not less or more likely to rank. If you don't, Google has no idea how many engage. In fact they're not allowed to use that data if you read their privacy statement. In Google's official documentation and statements they say there is no relationship or connection between ads traffic and analytics. Once again, you can run ads without analytics installed if you want and all Google knows is who the person was but nothing past that.
Dwell time is measured from time clicking to next Google activity. Not anything on your page. They also use AI with their spider to determine how people might engage with your site based on its learning but they're not allowed to use Google analytics data to learn. Its part of their privacy statements and legally most countries wouldn't allow it part of their data collection laws. Google cannot track real people doing real things and use it for anything but insights for the owner of the account. They cannot use it even for their own reports as this is misuse of private information.
Are you claiming Google is going against their official documents and statements and going against their official privacy policy documents as well as country data collection laws simply so people using ads can rank higher in organic traffic?
Big claims. And yes, we have accounts running over 50k and we run Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on them and we have the joined data that correlates connections between ranking position and ad spend. When average position was available we even had campaigns that would adjust based in organic ranking positions and still no connection whatsoever.
exactly WE I bet you don’t even run it yourself. Yes Google Ads helps. Are you even based in the US? You just said Google cannot track real people doing real things. Have you ever read Google analytics. I bet if we had a chance to rank a site. Bro I build the site, rank and track it. I’m a developer and an SEO specialist I don’t need commentary from a sales men or someone who doesn’t even run his own ads. Get out of here
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yeah I'm a development background, I build rank and track i do Google ads, heat mapping data analysis the lot.
I do it all. Google cannot use the data from real things correct. They can record it for me to analyze. But that data captured in Google analytics cannot be used by them as a ranking factor you heard correct. That's in their privacy policy and against most laws in most countries. They can only analyze user signals based on machine learning.
Bullshit Google can track which page they landed on and how long they stayed there along with conversations. Which is why you have utm strings. They can track everything if you set it up properly. If they are tracking it, you don’t think they are using that in their decision to make sure you’re a quality result in the area? Do you know what a site map is? You do not build, rank and track. You have 30 clients. You have departments that handle each area as you could not effectively run 3 million in ads yourself. Come on bro be real.
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I'm not saying they don't track it. But they cannot use it. Not everyone uses Google analytics. In fact most sites don't. There are plenty of alter alternatives to Google analytics. And those not using it as re not at a disadvantage in rankings.
They are not allowed to use that data its literally against the law and against their policies and against their user agreements. What don't you understand about this? A publicly traded trillion dollar business is not going to go breaking laws so blatantly when they have ways around it.
I don't have 30 clients, I said I've got 30 examples of clients who do both ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with us. You are trying to act as if I don't know what I'm talking about whilst you claim with no evidence Google do illegal activities behind their user agreements. Nice one.
I hope some day my clients come against yours because they'll get some pretty good results. I'm not saying your agency is big or small that's not what this is about why you bring that up is irrelevant. I have the data and analysis you don't. I analyze and measure you clearly don't. I design, build and develop websites you are questioning about a sitemap which is actually not even useful anymore it's 2020. And you're questioning the size of an agency to make you feel like your dick is big in an argument about ads helping rankings 🤣😅 you lose my dude.
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I’m not an agency I deal with one person. lol.
Everyone hates competing against me seeing as I rank. I’ve also ranked nationwide for best local SEO company.
I think you need at least 5 more years working on just one client who spends 50k a month on Google Ads 40 hours a week before we can have this conversation. I’m not saying you can’t make them perform. I’m saying I spend too much time on this client for you to know what it does when you haven’t.
Matter of fact if you’d like to see Data we can do a zoom call I’ll show you.
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so what you're saying is after 5 years of ads you will see ranking improvements? If you need to commit 5 years of ads before rankings improve is that really helping?
No I’m saying I’ve spent 5 years on one client and I can show you the improvement with the ads per year. I have 5 years of data
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yeah I wouldn't mind it. I am open minded and I'm not against you or anything but I have done my own analysis several times and read the entire privacy policy and user agreement documents so I'm extremely sceptical. If you prove me wrong I'm selling my Google shares because it'll dive if they get caught out.
I'm in Australia and if they used that data here they would be breaking our laws same as the UK, most non-english speaking countries as well. US is pretty who gives a f*ck. But I also know Google don't change their algorithms based on country only whats shown and their features but the core algorithms are identical and know they have ranking factors are identical.

Yes. The traffic to your site, conversation, relevance and bounce rate do contribute. If you do not run over 50k in Google Ads per website… JUST ONE WEBSITE with a 50k spend a month. Do not comment. Because you simply don’t know.
This are my thoughts:
There is no direct relationship, but when you run Google Ads and traffic is being driven to your website, It tells search engine what your website is about, which helps your website rank for certain keywords which were used in Ad,
People who visited your website through Google Ads, now, they know your brand name, So they type your brand name in Google to find you again, your branded searches sends positive signals to Google about your website this increase your brand value in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Sometimes returning visitors, who has bought certain products from your website put search terms in Google, Product+Brand in results Google returns Page which have highest mentions of searched product/service, this helps your page recognized by Google.


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