Does Hiding h1 Title on the Home Page From Users Against Google Guidelines?

Hello guys, can I hide my H1 title on the home page from users? Is that against Google guidelines? Can anyone help me with that, please?
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Google doesn't have guidelines that require an H1 tag. If you are hiding content from users but feeding it to search bots, that can be an issue. If you mean just removing the title of the page completely, it's fine.
Boros ✍️
I thought that I put my brand name as an h1 I'm using OceanWP theme with Elementor, but I don't like it how it looks when the title is shown on the home page so I want to hide it from the front end but I don't want to remove it completely, it there any issue with that?

That is fine. Most people do this because having a page title show up at the top of a page on a home page, and some other pages, looks stupid.

Yes you break the Google guidelines. This is a pure black hat SEO. Don't do thiss

Everything you said in that comment is wrong.
17 black hat SEO techniques
See the 3rd one hidden text

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Mike » Savaliya
He is not using hidden text. He is removing text. Nothing is being hidden from users.
Boros ✍️ » Mike
He's right, I wanted to hide text because it looks ugly and maybe even spammy because my keyword is in URI.
Mike » Boros
Why would you do that? Just get rid of it completely. If you are thinking you need to have an H1 tag on the page, you don't.
Boros ✍️ » Mike
I thought I should have an h1 tag on my home page. So, h1 is not required, and can I continue with h2, h3, and so on?
You should keep them in some kind of hierarchy, but really you don't even need H tags these days. Google is smart enough to recognize headings by the formatting and layout of the page. They don't carry the same power they once did. And having or not having an H1 tag on the page really isn't going to make a difference in ranking for your brand name. You should rank for your brand name easily either way.
Boros ✍️ » Mike
, Savaliya Thank you very much guys, you clarified some things for me.

You could make the h1 tag font color the same as the background, so it basically disappears.

That would be hiding text in a way that Google frowns upon.

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So you want to use h2, h3 etc on the homepage? Then the first header you use on the homepage should be h1. Even if the content is below the fold and also if there is some content above the h1. Besides that you could also make your logo h1. Facebook does this aswell as If you use h1 for you logo then I would not use commercial keywords in de alt attribute as they will appear on every page. Use you brandname here. That's what I would do.
Example facebook:
<h1 class="_19ea" data-click="bluebar_logo"><a class="_19eb" data-gt="{"chrome_nav_item":"logo_chrome"}" href=""><span class="_2md">Facebook</span></a></h1>
Also there must be a way to incorporate the h1 that it fits the design of the website. The h1 header does not need to be large and conspicuous. E.g. for one of our websites we have placed the h1 just beneath the logo. The font size was pretty small (smaller then the other header tags) and the color was a little darker than the background.
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
Boros ✍️
Robert at first I wanted to use my logo as a h1, I'm using Oceanwp theme and Elementor page builder, could you tell me which file to modify to setup my logo as a h1?
You can change the source code. I think it's this file: wp-content/themes/yourtheme/header.php
In principle you need to add <h1>before logo code and </h1> after logo code.
However this is tricky because you use a pagebuilder. I'm not sure if you can break something. Besides that I do not know how they coded and build the theme.
If you want to play around with the code yourself then make sure you backup the original file(s). I download a file via ftp, then I make changes. Before I upload the adjusted file I rename the file on the server to e.g. header_org.php. If I need to change it again I rename the file to header_org_date.php and so on. This way I keep all the version in the right location.
I would try to get advice on Elementor community or on a forum about Elementor. There must be some information on this already.
Just search via Google "how to make logo H1 WordPress" or something like that.

Boros ✍️
Robert I will try to do that, thank you very much for taking your time to write down the comment.

Make it white font put it on white background… Chur Chur

Mike » Shen
that is not a good idea. It’s the kind of thing Google penalizes sites for.


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