Does Local SEO Include a Blog?

Total noob question here: why are blogs important for local SEO? Suppose you are a plumber, why do you need a blog with two new posts a week?
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They don’t ‘need’ one but it represents the opportunity to do a few things:
1. Earn traffic from different entry points in the buying cycle / funnel
2. Convert DIYers to done for you’s
3. Support and reconfirm that the smell coming from their AC unit does indeed warrant a call to a professional
4. Provide supportive information about supplies/materials, what to expect etc.
Good luck beating the directories.
Plumber A has high authority and ranks well because you know, customers get what they want when they search.
Plumber B comes along with a new business or a new website at least, Google will gain trust over time, if clients can find the website and don't bounce,
Why the articles help, (2 posts a week is excessive)
To get found, as with any new business just starting out the best advice is to have a laser focused niche.
Blog content potentially hits the long, long tail keywords just in case someone just so happens to search for a "plumber in X location who can offer advice on the best non fog bathroom mirror installation in a garage bathroom"
Plumber B will be found, and their ranking/authority/trust will improve because they have provided a user with a solution.
Blogging is about building trust and authority. You yarn a lot about how good you are in plumbing in your service pages. Blogs are about showing how do you do the plumbing better than others. And then comes everything about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
I think it's not just for SEO but the overall marketing strategy. Blog posts give you an opportunity to distribute content on to social channels, to share your knowledge, Showcase your projects and products you sell, move people into the top of your funnel and retarget to sell services, products etc. Plumbers often sell fixtures, hot water heaters, maintenance plans and that kind of stuff
"why are blogs important for local SEO? " Not as a blanket rule for all businesses. Every business has a different marketing strategy. For some businesses, blogs (when done right) bring in millions more visits (99.9% of the time it is not done right). There are many cases studies with this result. For some businesses it is better to not have a blog and use paid ads.
When done right, blogs:
– help attract links.
– increase subscriber rates.
– good for branding
– establish the brand as the authority.
– Build more organic traffic, which helps with all of the above.
Blogs require a LOT of marketing on top of writing the content. It is a huge amount of effort. It can take years to build it up and get returns. Write 2 high quality posts per day with no blog marketing and it is a complete waste of time. If your SEO company tells you write content or even if they write it, without a blog marketing strategy, you might want to find another SEO company.
It’s an excellent To help reinforce keyword rankings, if your keywords are designed around common search queries for your industry then your page starts appearing in Google searches
Blogs build topical relevance, and a major technique is internally linking from your blog post to your home/services pages, using aggressive anchors that you want to rank for.

Matt ✍️ » Stas
that also seems counterintuitive to me (though I don't doubt you – I just mean, "why does Google let that work?"). If Google is willing to Plumber Bob's blog to say, "Plumber Bob's landing page is relevant for the keyword "best plumber in Detroit," why doesn't Google just let Plumber Bob submit the keywords himself without the dog and pony show of the blog?
I totally understand why they let links from other sites work that way. But why does a link from your own page help that same page rank?
Yeah it's pretty weird. I guess Google still operates with their traditional logic – links pointing to pages using certain anchor text tell Google what that page is about. In many ways, Google is not very sophisticated.


This may satisfy you: Most Votes of a Poll Said That Citations Are Extremely Important for Urban and Rural SEO
Blogs are important for many reasons. One of them is that it’s additional traffic coming to your site. So people find you not just by typing “plumber Manchester” for example but also by typing questions and problems they have related to your products or services. This helps to grow your popularity and trust. Why? Because you’re solving their issues. And you’re giving it away for free! Another reason is that if you have a good content strategy planned which includes the buyer journey and is specific to who you are targeting and why – then you can turn that traffic into paying customers. Whether you’re a plumber or founder of Nike – you should care about your “brand”. And blogs (text and video format) help users paint a picture of you and your brand = TRUST
As a business you solve problems. Now people wont hire a plumber if they dont have a problem. So, where can they read more on their problem and how do they know you know your stuff? Blogging is about building trust and positioning yourself as an expert.

Khan » Brent
Awesome explanation.

When my faucet is leaking, i dont Google plumber in my area. I Google why is my faucet leaking. What to do when faucet is leaking. Whats the best faucet on the market? Etc. Here's why.
I wouldn't ignore it entirely, but I'd say just about any local business site should have a detailed page for every service offered and major areas served first.
Well i look after a few local companies and don't do any blogs and outrank all the competition that does in those areas however I do some times have an external blog on blogger pointing links back to the site from within the content some sort of link juice past on from googles owned site blogger and you also can put nap information the exact home or business address in the location tab the idea of blogging is to send signals to Google to say hay I'm the master in this area choose me please the other problem with website blogs it can kick up duplicate content issues and also iv seen well ranked pages for years disappeared due to a company doing a new blog post and Google decided to show that and get rid of the page that was ranked 1st position. I guess okay let's say you sell banners create a post with why are banners yellow etc etc to show Google you are the go to banana man with tonnes of info all about bananas
What Google finally wants is 'paid ads'. It doesn't like organic ranking. It kills organic ranking by changing rules and making rules difficult to understand and follow. Just like Governments. making rules which are difficult to understand and follow. Does anybody have any link to show that Google, anywhere, has explained why & how blogs are important?
With my limited knowledge blogs were to help with link building. Paid links to blogs and internal links from blogs to core pages with link juice.
Don’t do blogging unless 1. You know what you’re doing, 2. Have the time to write (or curate) quality content (or have someone you trust do that) and 3. You can promote/syndicate that content.
Writing Content for the sake of content is a complete waste of time
Don’t think of it as a blog, it’s just content on your site that’s structured in a certain way to gain attention and provide links back to your pillar content.


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