Does Posting on GMB Frequently Actually Do Positive SEO?

Does posting on Google My Business frequently actually do anything?
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we saw at the beginning of the year that it lifts impressions and overall views to the profile, but I never really saw that translate to more calls to the brick and mortars I was running campaigns for, so I stopped doing it.
It is nice to be able to add a Call-To-Action (CTA)to the posts, and I bet for the right business it's immensely lucrative. It just wasn't traffic that translated into anything for us, so we moved on.

Marek » Bowie
How about Google My Business (GMB) position on keyword search? Any impact observed?
Bowie » Marek
We have a pretty solid GMB/local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and didn't see any movement in rankings with posts compared to the properties where we didn't run any posts. We explored it for a quarter and then nixed it.
That being said, that was just our experience. I can imagine other businesses see a lot of success out of it.
I will say that we saw a lift by responding to reviews regularly and now have policies across all properties for our staff to manage that internally.
Paul » Kristen
I've got clients with 5 star reviews and businesses above them with no reviews in the 3 pack so reviews don't matter responding or not. Working out the map algorithm is now I believe possibly just random. I have my own two businesses 1 st but sites with everything needed reviews photo geo tagging keyword tagging and posting still sit past page 5
Bowie » Paul
In our case, our process is have GMB match our homepage text, build out citations, fill out services and respond to reviews. That 4 sided punch has served us well for all 6 of our locations.
Paul » Kristen
Me too in the past. I have everything possible on one site with 150 citations posting geo tagging etc. trying to decipher whats up
Amba » Bowie
What do you mean by gmb matching homepage text?
Bowie » Amba
I usually have the team put a paragraph of optimized sales copy on the homepage of our brick and mortars and then add the same text to the description on gmb.
This combined with local citations and fully filled out gmb profiles has worked for about 2 years on fresh profiles for our brick and mortars.
I had one guy try to convince me of the efficacy for e-commerce and I still think it's a brand awareness tool for a lot of businesses. For our purposes,however, it's worked well.
Amba » Bowie
Interesting. I'm assuming you put your target keywords in this description?
Bowie » Amba
Yeah but I limit it to my very top of the list priority keywords and I'm very cautious as to how I use them. Focus on quality copy, sprinkle in your top key terms, and it's served me well.
Amba » Bowie
Yeah we use that process too (writing great content then fitting in the keywords afterwards) works like a charm!

For the most part it directly does nothing. At best, Its effect is marginal and also it's a subjective matter depending on the business. But it's not anything that you do in Google My Business (GMB) that's going to move the Gage it's that your GMB Paige attracts people and then the actions the people take from there is what will really move the gauge so for that reason it's just about making GMB usefull meaning its filled out to the max and attracting people.. In any case I would call it a fundamental and so it should be done just to cross all your t's and Dot all your I's. I don't do much posting GMB for my clients. Side from replying to every review. But their GMBs are thouroughly complete. Like many images, maps, products, faqs etc etc. and every element optimized then every once in a while a new post but probably should do it more. If I had a secretary I would train her to post on it weekly though LOL I'm too busy doing other more powerful stuff. At the end of the day I just think it's the latest marketing angle that's popular. People are Marketing in such a way as to build up the importance of GMB because it's so easy to work with and looks fancy for your clients when you fill it out all nice and have images everywhere excetera excetera. So you have a lot of people selling GMB Services for quite a bit of money basically ripping people off. Again that's Imo. I've seen the pitch so many times "websites are dead GMB page is all that's needed" absolute crock of shit latest marketing ploy for the sneaky people that are wanting to make easy money quick while not really delivering much of a result for their client. Oh here we go here's an example something like this"We charge 450$ per Month for:
– Creating GMB
– Verifying it.
– Citations
– Web 2.0 Embed
– 15 Geotagged Images
– 10 Posts
– 50 Links to CID
– 2 Reviews"
Sounds like something that you can charge for 450 for. And while that's not bad for what's listed there "side from the black hat shit listed" I can take that 450 and make it do much more powerful things. Really Google is the only one that swears it helps a lot but the fact that they're telling you should tell you something that's just some bullshit they're trained to say if it were really impactful Google wouldn't be telling you. Again all Imo and I could be dropping the ball with my understanding of it all who knows again Google doesn't tell us the truth about what they're looking for.

Oliver » Daniel
Can you explain "Web 2.0 Embed"? What is that.
Daniel » Oliver
Nothing good lol gaming the system really. It can sometimes be a useful tactic but buyer beware you got really got to know what you're doing. I would just stick with real backlinks legit clean.


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