Does PPC help with SEO campaigns? On what occasions do SEOs need PPC help to get the desired results?

Does Pay-Per-Click (PPC) help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns (in some cases)?On what occasions do SEO users need PPC help to get the desired results?
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Lori Appleman 🎓
Ppc Has no direct impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Can be used to help find keywords to target. If you run ads and the engagement is good, that may indirectly help somewhat but this is not how you get rankings
With ppc you get instant traffic which you can make permanent by taking/collecting e-mail of visitors with a pop up subscribe form and then sending them email whenever you publish new content
Also you can increase chances of sales commission if you are in an affiliate program.
Kirsten Patricio 🎓
Tbh I never include Pay-Per-Click (PPC) in my SEO strategies. I do make sure my SEO strategies make sure that if PPC will be undertaken in the future, the site will be ready. Also, I definitely noindex my PPC landing pages and assign organic and paid thank you pages on lead forms so there's proper segmentation (just a tip if you are gonna run your own! 😀). It helps to have a hollistic approach on your strategies.
It doesn't influence organic but it does give it a slight boost. It does get leads but depending on how competent the paid specialist is, there are times where I get more organic leads than paid leads – qualified leads like form submissions and phone calls.
I did run a PPC focused campaign and didn't do much SEO on a client that wants to get form submissions for loan applications for three months then heavy on-page SEO for the next three (after the PPC campaign). I did better on organic leads 😂😂😂 🤦🏻‍♀️ I am hopeless lmao
For a solid 11% conversion rate, not bad for a form loan application campaign. But a 2% organic conversion rate is also not bad at all. 😀 But my account was reassigned to someone else and its underperforming now 🥺 Sigh, anyway… Just sharing some firsthand experience.
Do you wanna test PPC out? If you need really good, converting keywords then it is a great investment. Is it necessary for organic growth? Not at all. I do have a client that runs PPC and I do their organic. Needless to say their PPC efforts aren't really helping organic.
I'd say the best investment on organic is content – mainly because you get high quality links and engagement if you have amazing content. (Lori's blog on Redline Minds is awesome! Deadass shared it with coworkers. Schieler's SEO Butler too is great. You should check them out.)
I would say SEO takes time and honestly more technical skill than PPC – and my supervisor, who once worked as a campaign strategist on Google – backs me up on this. Results are fast but the downside is there is only traffic is budget is not empty. It is fun af though. Results come in fast, you optimize literally every day to make sure you don't waste money and maximize the campaign as much as possible. I got leads and keywords so yay lol 😂
For SEO however, it takes time to grow and build and very competitive and pretty dynamic but it does make for a solid, long-term strategy. But it is solid and you get traffic, leads and a profitable website from great Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
I hope my answer gives some insight even though its hella long 😂 sorry lol

Perez » Kirsten Patricio
Hi. Curious here… What are the benefits of noindexing such an important page it is the landing page, as you mention?
Kirsten Patricio 🎓 » Perez
I had my PPC landing page set as noindex because I wanted to isolate the page solely for the PPC campaign and not have any other traffic get mixed with it. So it's basically purely just for the campaign and nothing else.
That way, we get to see how truly effective the campaign was because the numbers at that point become purely from the ad clicks and not discovered organically or anything else – unless someone discovered it otherwise but it seemed unlikely. The site wasn't a big one but anyway, yeah. That's the reason why I deindexed it.
It's really upon your discretion whether or not to index a PPC landing page. Personally, I just wanted to preserve data integrity so I can have a pretty accurate reporting and actually measure my performance. But that was just me, though.
Bobby » Kirsten Patricio
Very good answer
I agree, that Pay-Per-Click (PPC)has no direct impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)… BUT we've internally tested sending more traffic (via ppc, FB, GDN) to pages we want to rank and have noticed ranking increases for those pages
Kirsten Patricio 🎓 » Bobby
Oh, I see. I can see why. But I was referring to PPC for SEM – no SMM or GDN ads. You're really bound to attract traffic this way however, Display advertising doesn't really make for great conversions. I suppose it really depends on what the goal is and what qualifies as conversions for a specific campaign. For my niche, however, Display is not very profitable.
And unfortunately, no. I don't do freelance. I appreciate the invitation, though! 😊


PPC is my specialty for the last 13 years. There is no direct connection. You can and should run supplemental campaigns to support SEO, but a bad site won't rank any better with a million in ad spend. Sorry but doesn't work that way.

Kirsten Patricio 🎓 » Bryan
100% – we did have an account with had about 1.2 – 2 million dollars a year in ad spend, higher ups did something that screwed their organic – got penalized big time and deadass got pushed way back to page 8 in Google, EVEN on brand keywords.
Despite the huge ad spend, it took a very, very long them for them to recover and actually still is recovering to this day. It happened in 2019. Really hurt the brand and not even millions of dollars of aggressive advertising helped organic majorly.

Of course it helps. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long-term game and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a short. When new project is started, optimize website for low hanging keywords with SEO, while bidding big on competitive keywords with ADS. When you start gaining positions with SEO, move some of the AD budget onto SEO. Having both of these active at once also benefits you from page relevance optimization perspective. Both SEO and PPC are about User Experience and Content Relevance and they do correlate.
PPC does help! Here's why:
-You are sending keyword driven traffic to your website.
-Google looks at traffic as an SEO signal.
-In regards to your website, SEO and PPC optimization have similar steps involved.
I have personally seen clients with basic SEO and a PPC campaign jump to the first page in competitive verticals.
Good SEO work is still required to rank in competitive verticals as a rule, however, PPC can be the nitrous your SEO campaign needs.

Bryan » Jared
In 13 years I have never seen this play out as true and I deal with enterprise monthly spends of $100k+. Never once has this activity played a rule in our SEO growth.
Jared » Bryan
Enterprise is much more difficult. I have seen this play out time and time again with businesses that are focused more on Local SEO.
Mew 👑 » Bryan – The size of budget isn't the contributing factor. The amount of on SERP to On Page signals it contributes to is the golden ticket.
Most enterprise accounts yield no benefit because your competition is doing exactly what you are. There's nothing to be had when its proportionally equal.
Apply this to local with an 80%+ above page impression share with a budget of 5k a month when your competitors spend 500 a month, and you will start seeing different results due to total volume clicks to websites, completed on page actions and so forth.

Mew 👑
So many interesting answers here…
Let me start with, it depends.
Does driving traffic to a website that may possibly get bookmarked for specific keywords from user end agents that count as on page actions help SEO? Yes.
How much it affects your SEO is niche dependent and depends on competitor volume, size and efforts. If they run the same PPC campaign on Google and get the same "benefit" as you, it won't yield much.
If you're talking about local and your impression/top of page share is 80%+, absolutely.


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