Elementor vs Gutenberg if a website is Adsense powered

Elementor vs Gutenberg? Why?
PS: Website is AdSense-powered
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Elementor is my tool of choice, however it can come with issues if you don't optimize your site speed properly.

AbdolRauf ✍️ » Ryan
Alright. Elementor is awesome without a doubt. I wonder if it causes some problem in embedding AdSense ads. Any commenters claimed it to be true.
Thank you so much ❤
Yeshwanth » AbdolRauf
You have to make those adjustments. Drag and drops make work easy, but not perfect. And, after using Elementor for most of my sites, I thought of trying Gutenberg. It's easier than Elementor to start but doesn't really give you the edge. You can make your site more appealing with Elementor while learning, that you can't do with Gutenberg even after playing with it for some time. However, if you put some time, DIVI is amazing and it's a child's play, once get hold of it. Many people don't use DIVI, but it's easier and more appealing, at least for me.
Ryan » AbdolRauf
I've not really used ads so I wouldn't know, but you can embed directly with Elementor so I shouldn't expect to see any issues 🙂
AbdolRauf ✍️ » Yeshwanth
Alright. I have got the idea now. Thank you so much ❤
Ryan Okay. Thank you for your words ❤

Elementor – if you like building things from scratch and need a relativity easy to use builder, Gutenberg – if you need a better performance and want to stick to built-in WordPress features https://wpindigo.com/WordPress-gutenberg-vs-Elementor/

That's thoughtful. thank you so much ❤

With elemtor you will have a lot of performance and tehnical problems in future. I suggest you to chose WPBakery

AbdolRauf ✍️ » Ramas
Now that's a lot of confusion. Others have suggested using Elementor. While you seem to be right at your end 🧐
Yeshwanth » AbdolRauf
Ah yeah. Like Ramas suggested WPBakery. It's better than Gutenberg. Or, if you have time, try using all of them for about 30 mins each, you will get a better idea. Oh and don't use any prebuilt templets if you want to know what suits you.
Allen » AbdolRauf
I wouldn't recommend WPBakery, it's got the poorest performance of all the page builders and will bloat your site.

Elementor is easier to customize and have the result you want. Gutenberg is way more complex, but is faster and future proof as its baked inside WordPress.
I was a fan of Elementor, have like 100 client website on it. Had too many problems with the latest version, too many work hours that are not paid to iron out bugs.
If I want starting now i would either go for an LTD tool like Oxygen, or a theme with nice blocks like GeneratePress or Astra.

AbdolRauf ✍️
That's helpful, George. Thank you so much ❤ But Astra also needs some editor like Elementor or Gutenberg.
George » AbdolRauf
You will be using Gutenberg instead of Elementor. + The blocks library of the theme you'll choose.

Elementor is crap. A lot of errors, compatibility issues and very heavy. Gutenberg is all you need.

AbdolRauf ✍️ » Darío
I am also afraid of these possible errors. Thank you so much for your words

Use each tool for own purpose. Elementor is for page building, like landing pages, home page. Gutenberg is for making inner posts, articles.

Yeshwanth » Igor
This makes even more sense. Learning the purpose of each of them. Nice one.
AbdolRauf ✍️ » Igor
Thank you so much ❤ It really makes sense. But I believe I'll go for Gutenberg even though I want something easier.

Thrive Themes or Divi. No way I'll use Gutenberg…. ever. Gutenberg will not really allow you to edit the design of your pages and posts… Divi is really easy to use, the pre-made templates look really good and the tool is affordable (they have a lifetime offer for 149$)

AbdolRauf ✍️ » Martin
Thank you so much. I am also a fan of Thrive Themes. Thank you so much

In my personal website, I am using both Elementor and Gutenberg, there was an instance I needed a plugin that only works with Gutenberg. The newly updated Gutenberg is prettier than the old one.

AbdolRauf ✍️ » Ashwin
Thanks for the info. Much appreciated

If your website is AdSense based then you should not use Elementor…. Use normal theme with good sidebar and beautiful design … Because Elementor is Page builder you can make services pages landing pages on Elementor… So i also using Elementor but not on My AdSense site… Elementor have great features but for Amazon affiliate or other affiliate or services type sites….

AbdolRauf ✍️ » Zeb
Woah. It's a unique way to look at things. I got you. Thank you so much

Elementor is to heavy, you will need to watch out on page speed, mobile friendly page issue..

AbdolRauf ✍️ » Dejan
Yeah. That's what I thought. Thank u so much

When it comes to On Page SEO, I'll always go in this order Oxygen > Gutenberg > Elementor

AbdolRauf ✍️ » Jain
Thank you so much

both are shit. ACF Pro 👍 Advanced Custom Fields Pro
Gutenberg is the only shit Automattic ever made.

AbdolRauf ✍️ » Shadab
Haha thank you so much ❤

If speed matters then Gutenberg.
If it (speed) insanely matters then Oxygen Builder.

AbdolRauf ✍️ » Saurabh
Woah. Thanks so much
Saurabh » AbdolRauf
You're welcome!

Elementor: overall theme using the builder, site layout, custom category pages, or just pages in general
Posts: Gutenberg for 95% with embedded Elementor blocks if needed.
Best of both worlds.
I can usually achieve 95-100 page speed on the cheapest hosting

AbdolRauf ✍️ » Toit
Thank you for this! Perfect

Go with Elementor (pro) and you will be fine!
I run few AdSense and affiliate sites having generate press and Elementor combination without any problem.
Do proper optimization and site will load under 1 sec.
Google page speed insight score are also pretty good – 60+ for mobile, 90+ for computer.
Use html element to embed AdSense code in Elementor.
Or alternatively use a theme like newspaper or any fast loading one and dont use any page builder.

AbdolRauf ✍️ » Sable
Thank you so much but honestly your avg speed for mobile isn't good.
Sable » AbdolRauf
bro let me tell you from experience, we shouldn't waste time on scores.
Concentrate on traffic, because traffic generates revenue.
Site having awful scores also rank well in google, check scores of Backlinko or Neil Patel or ShoutMeLoud.
Get decent scores and work on rankings, if you want to run AdSense blog.
And its possible to get 90+ score on mobile and 100 on computer with Elementor. Just need advance level of optimization.
Check Cloudways recent speed contest, people achieved 0.4 sec load speed on Elementor site.
Franck » Sable
is right, the goal is not site speed, it's traffic
Sable » Franck
definitely, I wasted lot of time in chase of good scores. Although I was able to get decent one.
But I see sites with awful scores ranking on top.
Decent scores with good SEO can kill it.
AbdolRauf ✍️
I believe you're absolutely right. Thank you for your insights ❤


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