Ever Hired an Intern

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Has anyone ever hired an intern?
Our company is looking to take on an intern for 6 months to a year in an effort to bring them up to speed on our specific processes, and to make sure they are able to execute them as needed.
What are the pros and cons? What should we look out for? How do you know who a good candidate may be?
Break it down for me!
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Ohhh, I've had a bunch. Such a hit and miss. And that's after going through a TON of candidates (a couple hundred). Make sure you understand just how much time you're willing to spend on teaching them. If you have a process put together that doesn't require strategic thinking, might be OK. Best when you have very clear step-by-step instructions. Something that you know won't require a lot of approvals from you or corrections. Maybe stuff like data/stat collection, data importing, research etc.
Had trained then hired a team of interns at one point 90% of my account managers were interns that were hired
My only advice is pair them up with seniors
If you hire more than 1 they can quickly develop poor habits because they may buddy check each other’s work
I’ve as of this week moved on every single one of them to go for senior AMs.
Found bag habits and a very clique mentality as they were all hired within 16 month period
Useful but caution in how they are used
Intern.. such an American thing.. a modern word for slavery!? Just read the above responses and think about it!
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Mew 👑✍️ » Mattias
– I’m not interested in paying someone who isn’t incredibly proficient in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the way I would prefer them to be for our companies very specific, niche processes unless they can do them without supervision. I do appreciate your thoughts on the matter though! 👍🏽2
Rubal » Mew
I've been working in SEO for a few years. I've even got a case study to show. Achieved a solid 500% ROI on SEO spend and we are extremely cautious about our work ethics. There are always things to learn, as you know that one needs to keep evolving and adapting to this ever-changing landscape. I'm not looking to intern, however, I'd be happy to discuss with you whether we have a scope to collaborate. We work autonomously, and are self motivated. I take pride in my work and thinking process to implement good SEO. I can show you how we do it including the reporting part. If there are things to learn along those lines, we'd be happy to collab. If interested, just drop me a message, so I can start with sharing our case study. Cheers.
Interns are hard work and I've found that I'd rather just do it myself than train someone to eventually undercut me with my own teachings. I'd rather just pay someone trained, aware and hungry for success. So I do it that way and I save time = money = no risk of poor practice = results = peace of mind.
Mew 👑✍️ » Rubal
– My team uses a very specific process that we designed for a very specific purpose. Chances are you do things 100% different than us. If you don’t do them the same as us we can’t fill in when you’re gone or have other obligations, or if you decide on a better opportunity.
Unless an SEO is trained the way I need and want them to be they are useless to me as it will create more work in the long run for everyone.
And let me note, how you SEO could be great but if it’s not what I need or want for my company it’s only good for you, not for us. 👍🏽1
What can I say. I suppose I don't sense your willingness, so we don't need to discuss further. I am not trying to prove myself or our method better than you/yours, but there is no possibility of me being completely wrong. All I meant was that we are happy to understand your process and adapt, but I'm not planning to be an intern. I'm here for good so question of being gone also doesn't arise. Though I'm not looking for employment so I guess it doesn't work. All the best with your search .. hope you find your ideal intern. Cheers. 👍🏽1
Brian » Mattias
Internships are certainly not slavery. That’s ridiculous. I don’t think you understand what slavery is.
An internship is effectively the same as paying for university or training. The only differences are:
– With an internship, you are paying with your time. You are gaining real world experience and on track to become an SME starting on day day one.
– With university, you are paying with money and you’re time. You are gaining the skills to learn knowledge and theory, and basic SME skills.
University is more akin to slavery than an internship. At least an the end of an internship, someone has:
– Zero educational debt.
– A high probability for a paid job at the end of the internship, and industry connections.
– Saved 2-3 years of life (maybe) better spent fast tracking a career than in university.
An internship is an amazing opportunity for someone highly driven. University has benefits as well.
Internship <> Slavery. Wtf…
So, as I lived in the US and I am European. We have “free” University and debt is optional for us. During or after Uni one gets trial employment instead of internship with a living wage which is higher than your minimum wage. Some finish Uni and some start at the bottom skipping Uni. as you just mentioned but no need to go in to debt! Because there is the US slavery system.. debt.. so comparing.. the “Intern”/“Short term employment does not a second job which interfere with the “Intern” job and it progress. What is an intern paid in the US?
Mew 👑✍️ » Mattias
– They usually have no to minimal experience and are paid very low if at all.
Scheiler I get that they lack experience we all did at one point but the bills gotta be paid nonetheless. I just think I would not mind paying minimum wage for for a short term 1-6 months contract pending on the job. All I am saying there are kids to today who are way ahead of adults on a lot.. know a Swedish kid who work for the FBI.. he started when he was 16.. and as I see it! If one is not willing to pay/invest in a short term.. then one is not serious. Large US companies spend 10 plus percent on Lawyers.. We spend 5-10 on recruitment and don’t need the lawyers in the same extent as Americans do.. so in short both have upsides and downsides. But calling Intern slavery is a bit strong I admit. But it is in that direction is what mean!
Mew 👑✍️ » Mattias
– The way I see it is there are some people in SEO I would pay to be mentored by even at this point in my career.
For me to bring someone on and give them my entire formula, condensed knowledge and the opportunity to work with us later seems like they should be paying me, not the other way around to be quite honest.
Our company and team would be setting someone up for the rest of their life with actionable skill sets that would make them proficient as a full stack marketer and invaluable to other companies. That’s a lot to give away, even for free.
But I do respect your thoughts on the matter and see your point all the same
Yeah I am suspecting you are right on your level of skills you and your team are in possession of and what that would mean for young individuals. I am an entrepreneur and here to perhaps not learn but to get insight on who to hire and for what on new project.
May I ask for your corporate website address?
Mew 👑✍️ » Mattias
– I own two companies.
Marketing Local Services Just Got Easier | Service Lifter 👍🏽1

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Physically training is nice because you're face to face but I find it takes more energy and costs more versus hiring freelancers 👍🏽1
Ive had a lot of success with onlinejobs.ph hiring inexpensive full time remote workers. If you join the email list you get a good guide of the things to look out for in candidates. 👍🏽1
An intern is going to be as junior/green as they get.
You’re going to spend an enormous amount of time training and working with an intern. That’s the largest con. Plan to lose 25-50% or more of your productivity for the first few weeks or months.
Interns are not free. They feel free because there’s no labor cost, but he true cost could be higher for you. It depends how lucky you get.
Most larger business use this as a recruiting tool (and understand it has a heavy cost like advertising). 💟1


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