Factorial QnA


There is a notation which will be used many times in the next explanation. That notation is called factorial. Factorial is notated by: “!”. Factorial is the short writing of a series of multiplication of positive number in a decreasing order until 1.
Factorial can be defined as the following:

factorial concept

And so on.
Generally the factorial of a numeral is formulated as the following:


Example 5:


Exercise Competency Test 5 (QnA factorial concept)
1. 6!=⋯
A. 720 B. 620 C. 520 D. 360 E. 6
Answer: A, explanation:

2. 5!∙3!=⋯
A. 15! B. 10! C. 8! D. 7! E. 6!
Answer: E, explanation:

3. 8!/5!=⋯
A. 336 B. 326 C. 316 D. 236 E. 226
Answer: A, explanation:

qna factorial
4. 7!/(4!∙3!)=⋯
A. 70 B. 50 C. 35 D. 25 E. 10
Answer: C, explanation:

factorial explanation
5. n!/(n-1)!=⋯
A. n C.n-2 E. 1/n
B. n-1 D. n2n
Answer: A, explanation:

factorial is
6. Suppose p and q are the roots of quadratic equation x2-14x+48=0. If p>q, then the value of

about factorial

Answer: C, explanation:

what is factorial
7. If

n factorial

The n=⋯
A. 6 B. 5 C. 4 D. 3 E. 2
Answer: B, explanation:

qna factorial
8. If

ie factorial

Then the value of n which satisfy the equation is equal to ….
A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 7 E. 8
Answer: B, explanation:

factorial concept

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