Funny Discussion: Hiring SEO Junior

The Summary of Discussion 2: Funny Discussion: Hiring SEO Junior
I run an e-commerce site and I need your advice for generating backlinks.
I went on Fiverr. Sellers charge from $5 to $500 for links.
Is it worth buying that?
I research my competition. Find their Do follow links and create backlinks myself by hiring SEO junior. I'll be paying about $200 a month to SEO junior since he's a trainee.


There are some gems on any freelance marketplace platform like Fiverr but you just have to test them out on unimportant sites first.
Also, a good idea is to research outreach then hire a couple of virtual assistants (VA)s to do email outreach, testing different methods as they go to get good guest post opportunities.👍4

Sahu » True

The second one. And build great content that people will want to share. that's the key thing, makes link building so much easier if you have great shareable content that people want to engage with.
PS Legiit » Fiverr any day of the week.👍1

Nick – Get More Stuff Done.
LEGIIT.COM. – Get More Stuff Done. – Get More Stuff Done.👍1
Soni ✍️ » Nick
this is replica of Fiverr.
Nick » Soni
the higher rated sellers are great.
✍️ ya they literally copied from Fiverr. I mean their design.🤭1
Allen » Soni
Speaking of copying…your website is an out of the box Divi template with a boatload of stock images and lorem ipsum text. Might want to get your own house in order before you go calling someone out.👍2
Soni ✍️ » Allen
glad you gone through my site and yes its still a template. It'll get done sooner or later. Anyway i don't care much if legit is copied version as long as people get gigs there.

Well, I checked out link-sellers from fiver and about 80% of their links are bad.
If you know how to pick out the good ones form their sample lists then yeah it’s worth it…
If you don’t know then probably not because it can make more harm than good.

✍️ can you give a hint? how to identify good vs bad links? as they are mostly giving 30+ DA links.
Shepz » Soni
ask for some samples and you'll see that they are shitty websites.
Check the DA/PA yourself and you'll see they don't match up.👍1
Soni ✍️ » Shepz
ok if the DA/PA is high and they do not match my website's industry then is it worth doing backlinks?
It does not matter about the industry when it comes to generating backlinks.
Shepz » Soni
industry relevancy is always a good thing.
Looking at each domain backlink profile, then Trust ratio and spam score etc.
As well as that each domain should be in your niche or at least the linking page url, content and anchor text should be very relevant (which will be hard to implement with these Fiverr links) or there is no link juice and Google sees your domain as a spamm…👍1

Fiverr is a great place!!for everything except links…👍2


This may satisfy you: SEO Assistant | What should You look for When looking for an SEO Assistant?
Think this is too much cheap skating. What do you have the junior to learn? Sounds like you just want to make use of a cheap laborer.
This is why people fail online. OP thinks spending $200 per month on some "junior" SEO is going to produce positive results. Like ffs (for f*ck's sake) the one thing you don't cheap out on is SEO and you are making it your mission statement.👍🤭3

Soni ✍️ » Ove
I'm learning so $200 is actually saving my time by not doing messy stuff.
Ove » Soni
What are you paying him $200 for?
✍️ To do on page stuff and find quality backlinks.
And you can't do that yourself because you are learning right? So if I understand you correctly. You don't know what you are doing and you are paying someone to do tasks you don't know how to do?
Soni ✍️ » Ove
I know how to do that. I did work for 4 months just to learn on my site. Now I am learning more about off page.
Ove » Soni
Right and you are teaching this guy to do those tasks you don't know how to do?
Soni ✍️ » Ove
I have a couple of sites where the content was not properly optimized with proper keyword. so keyword research is time-consuming and he is on that part as well.
Ove » Soni
Mate, you are setting to yourself up for a fall. Anyone competent isn't going to charge $200 for decent work. Do it yourself and save yourself the disappointment or pay someone that actually knows what they are doing.👍4
I had an intern to whom I paid zero euros per month for 6 months. Then I promoted him to account manager and then CEO. Amount of money is not always related to results. Finding links and doing outreach is definitely something you can let an intern to do. Sure, you have to give them specific guidelines but you don't have to waste your 100€+/h time on that.

From my experience common practices of a link-building don't work for e-commerce.
If you spend $200 per month you will get nothing. I recommend you use this approach. Average e-commerce project should generate $40-200k revenue per year, so you can spend a little bit more than $200. Set a goal, allocate real budget.


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The Summary of Discussion 1: A 2 Option Q About Individual SEO Pro to Hire
Hypothetical: Who would you rather hire as an SEO Director to lead a team :
1) Ivy League graduate. MBA in digital marketing from Wharton. No real world experience
2) high school dropout. Genius level IQ. Recently fired for identity fraud (to get the job) in which they successfully directed a staff at a global agency
[filtered from 55 💬🗨]


First one. If you're willing to lie to get the job what else are you willing to lie or bend the rules about? Can't trust you. But I can train the other.
Derek ✍️
I'm with #2. Quite Machiavellian. Lied, perhaps out of circumstance to get initial job and succeeded.
There's a reason the FBI hires hackers after they are punished
Let me see … you have the choice between someone who has proven that he is able to memorize a lot of useless theories and reproduce them in a test environment to pass an exam. Or someone who has a problem-solving mindset and unconventional thinking. Who do you think is better qualified for an SEO agency where you want results?

Derek ✍️ » Leon
I think Ryan would disagree with you.
Leon » Derek
People who have a degree tend to protect their qualifications, otherwise they would have to admit that they lost time and could have learned the same or even more if they had done it alone. I also have a degree in marketing and sales with a specialization in digital marketing. I've seen what qualifications my colleagues went out with and now work in fancy agencies but have no idea what a backlink is or how to start a marketing campaign on YouTube. I admit I am biased, my degree didn't help me to get where I am now. I only lost time in achieving my financial goals. That's why I would always prefer real results to any degree.
Derek ✍️ » Leon
I agree with you. I made my way in the world in poker (no college) before trying to get a job unsuccessfully and branching out on my own in marketing.
[funny image]
Ryan » Derek
it's got 0 to do with the degree and everything to do with the lying. Fraud is a deal breaker. And I wouldn't hire anybody with no real world experience to be a director level. Even if they had a PHD.
It's a loaded question. But I'd take the person with no experience over the fraud person every time.
Sanker » Ryan
you can always trust a liar to lie. you can keep a tab on that while brings you traffic.
Talat » Leon
exactly what you just said!
I have a bachelors and a masters degree in computer science.
It didn't make me any more intelligent – it just delayed the inevitable.
I could have achieved everything I have without the education.
Oh well, it brings my dad great pleasure in telling people at least 😂😂😂
he said "Director", Sanker.
– it's not about traffic at that point. It's about leading a team and making business decisions. and You can't trust a liar/fraudster to do that. They will only put themselves first, not their team or the business. and that's literally the job.
Sanker » Ryan
Yes, i do think that it disqualifies him, but he'll be a better strategist than the ivy-league guy. i also think that most marketeers are crooked to a certain degree which isn't a bad thing as long as he doesn't do anything unethical in actual business. Just my two cents.

People willing to cheat or commit fraud open you up to liability. Better to avoid legal entanglements from the outset. 😉
what the hell? just have them both tackle a small project while paying both. Whoever gets the most orders wins.
Neither. If you have just two candidates to choose from you should find more candidates. Don't compromise on hiring, ever. Leave the role unfilled rather than make a subpar hiring decision.

Mars » Mark

Hire both. One to talk to investors and the media, and one to do the work 😂

But in all seriousness, never hire the fraud guy. Or at the very least, never hire one that brags about it.

2. Cuz he's cheaper and has no ego.

Hahahha. I like your answer! Reminds me of my old colleague.

I give them both a sword…victor gets a shot.
I would set some practical tests and see who achieved the outcome I was looking for. Really boils down to company fit and whether you have the time to bring a new person to the point of autonomy.
How about neither? Jeffrey Epstein was the latter when he worked for one of the biggest financial firms.
There are people that have done well in both college and the business world. Just may be above most of us to afford.
#1 lacks any action. At that age, one should show some engagement. The fact that he has a degree only shows he's able to follow and complete assignments but shows very little ability to move things without being shown how to do it IF he has nothing else to show by now other than his degree.


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