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Jesse Neubert 🎓
Whether you're a "Take the blue pill NEO" or a "Welcome to Skynet" type of Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
You've no doubt been hearing rumblings about THE MACHINES TAKING OVER…at least on the content front.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way. We've seen Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT)-2 evolve into GPT-3, opening up a virtual world of possible applications.
On the content front, CopyAI and the like have seen considerable success, as have those such as Quill's re-phrasing tool. We've also seen impressive results with AI regurgitating interpretations of news stories.
But long-form content is the last frontier for AI.
Sure, it can pump out a fairly entertaining fictional story, but there are considerable challenges with generating useful content for SEO purposes and user experience.
To that point…I would like to bring to light a little project I have been working on, on the side.
If anyone is interested in seeing content from my trained GPT-3 models, drop a 50-75 word seed paragraph on the topic of your choice below. The more generic/broad to your niche, the better.
I'll take that and, at my leisure when on breaks, will reply to you with the content output in this thread.
I'll do this until I get bored or you all do lol
If anyone has any interesting ideas or proposals for use of said type of content, feel free to raise your hand or yell real loud from the back…I still won't hear you but it'll be entertaining for your neighbors 😎
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generative pretrained transformer gpt-3 content from gpt-3 artificial intelligence ai

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Steven Kang 👑
Can you do one on Virtual Assistant (VA) loan?

Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Steven Kang
I do have a general 'finance' model.
I need 50-75 seed words of content (usually an intro paragraph with the keyword works best)
This can be a copy paste from any existing article online
Steven Kang 👑
Can you pick some from this page?…/home-loans/home-buying-process/
Buying a home with a VA-backed loan | Veterans Affairs
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Steven Kang
For you…I will go the extra mile 😎.
I'll play around with a couple for you tomorrow.
Keep in mind the way GPT-3 works it won't necessarily discern or understand facts and compliance
As such, I generally stay away from medical (health and wellness is ok), legal, and any other categories where a single error causes major problems.
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Steven Kang
*ONE OF OUR MODELS* (I'm going to try a second model as well to compare) – Generally speaking results vary and I normally like to crank out a dozen results per topic then cherry pick the best. This is just a random One-off and hope for the best test lol
You may not have had the opportunity to buy a home with a VA-backed loan if you were trapped into a foreclosure because you didn't have a job or income. You can prove your income now with your new VA-backed loan. Examine all the different types of VA loans available.
VA loan home-purchase programs are available as either a fully amortizing (equity) or an adjustable rate (ARM) home loan. A fully amortizing loan requires a reduced risk for the loan company so your interest rate is much lower. An ARM reduces your interest rate to a fixed level over the life of the loan.
At the beginning of each loan repayment phase, you will be paying more than you owe. But, your payments may Ethically be reduced so that you can afford to pay more than you'll need. If you are 30 years or older, you may want to consider a fixed rate loan because there is no need for any kind of loan refinancing at that time.
Also, if your income increases while you are paying the loan, you won't have to worry about any kind of loan refinancing. The VA loan has many advantages, such as no down payment, which can be as little as 3.5% and no mortgage insurance in most cases. The people that are eligible for VA home loans can be found on the ACE website, where complete information about all of the things you can do if you have the VA loan are published.
added bonus: You can also use your Virtual Assistant (VA) loan to repair or reconstruct a home that was damaged by a natural disaster such as fire or storm, to name just a few.
At the top of the page, you can print the Cost Benefits Summary, which should have information about the amount of loan payments, credit fees, an introductory interest calculator and the annual percentage rate (APR).
This document summary will show how much you actually paying for your mortgage each month once the application is approved, as well as other information about the loan. The military member who is requesting the dies welcome loan to his or her next home. museum investigate your appraisal estimate to make sure it is correct.
If the appraisal is off, do not have your application sent to the lender. Since so many down payments, buyer loans were no longer necessary. This is a manual mortgage application. You have to fill out pages 4-8 of this document carefully in order to complete your application.
This section also contains information about your payment history. Take your time filling out this section and be sure you have all your pay stubs and copies of your tax returns for the past 3 months.
If you are married, your spouse must also submit the application and death certificate of your spouse. Use eBay or similar websites to find an appraisal. If you value your home, you could pick it up for approximately $500 to $800. Your lender will send you a questionnaire to answer to a series of questions about your military service, units, units, verses dates and your criminal records. It will only take about 15 minutes, answers will be available soon after you submit the questionnaire to your lender.
You will have your data confirmation in the mail and an confirmation of your military service. After your appraisal has been approved, you will have your money and can relax. Do not have your application sent to the lender until you get this happen.
Do not apply for a loan while your loan is in process. This loan will go to work working on your home. You will have the satisfaction of building equity for your future. The loan money and your mortgage will deposit in your bank account for you to use as you wish. Do not be tempted to spend this money on other things because you will need that money for your future. Y
our "ordered to do" paperwork will be processed quickly but your loans will most likely not get used until several days after you've moved into your new home. You can choose to have the military recoup its value on your loans.
You can ask for the excess "satisfaction value" to come back to your loan for you to use again. If you do not have a plan, have no idea how much money you will be needing and your questions about VA home loan terms are unanswered then apply and just suites happen. The sooner you know what you are applying for the sooner you can enjoy home ownership.


Steven Kang 👑
I have an interesting one. Marty Marion answered my post and commented. Can you use these as seed keywords and expand?
1. Page description must be written informatively to have maximum relevance to the likely search intent
2. Page description must be written ideally in the command tone (do, see, learn, etc.)
3. Page description must be compelling enough to get the click even if competitors are ranking higher
4. Page description should 'set up' the searcher / clicker for linear connectivity so the first thing they see when they hit your destination relates exactly to why they clicked
5. Refer to number 1 to ensure that G does not decide to modify what you specify

Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Steven Kang
The seed length programmed for my model is 50-75 words per topic
Those are also way too technical and specific to work well with Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) IMO
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Steven Kang
Something like "How to write a compelling description" would be more appropriate
There are still a lot of limitations with long form content and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Shortform AI crushes it. I've seen near perfect models for paraphrasing and 1-3 sentence ad copy
But after that things get dicier.
Think of it like the exercise where you tell one student to pass a message to the next and around the circle that goes, every time straying a little further from the core topic.
GPT acts in much the same way. It'll be doing great then ONE random word can throw it off and take the long form content off topic and down a rabbit hole bc it builds on itself

Will it randomize each time? Let's say lots of people take the same paragraph from the same article as they want a similar article. This can happen with viral articles.

Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Xuezhi
It will. Theoretically there could be a point at which duplicates exist.
It is worth noting that GPT out of the box has a fingerprint to its algorithm and at some point Google could identify this and devalue it
HOWEVER, individually modified and trained models are way less likely to get identified given that google would need to figure out a mathematical fingerprint for each modified version by every random Joe out there.
Xuezhi » Jesse Neubert
That's amazing. You basically have with a trained model the human like randomization incorporated. Your own little enigma machine 👍
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Xuezhi
It's neat.
Far from perfect. On a good run you get content that is near the quality of a $1.50-$2/100 word outsourced writer
When combined with human editing and used as part of a unique process it can accelerate output at a reduced cost which is the path we are on rn.
Plus a few other tricks to enhance quality


Digital maturity is simply a measure of how ready an organization is to both understand and adapt consistently to ongoing digital change. Digital maturity models evaluate how well companies have incorporated digital into their operating models, how effective they are at executing on digital initiatives and their ability to adapt to disruptive technology, events, market trends, competitors or other major factors – both culturally and operationally.

Jesse Neubert 🎓
This is just a single hail mary run lol…usually I prefer cranking out 10 or so then cherry picking the best outputs.
While digital is only 13 years old, it is still changing at a rapid pace. For small and medium size businesses, the early experiences of how digital has impacted on their business are priceless. Now is the time to claim industry leadership in the digital world.
Here are a few of the current challenges facing small and medium sized companies as they evaluate how digital and traditional marketing influences their business today:
1) Completely lost in the mix, Everyone is still in denial about the power of digital. Or, in some cases, it applies to less digital oriented business.
This includes the lack of knowledge of tech capabilities and new techniques in the digital world, or simply not leveraging the power of social media.
2) Inability to provide information in real time. Many business owners do not have the ability to effectively manage IT infrastructures and operations. Many are unable to justify spending the large sums of money necessary to modernize their operations so they can compete in a competitive marketplace
3) Inability to develop strategies for customer acquisition & retention. Digital business is revenue driven. Purchasers Of Digital Media are usually not restricted by the day-to-day operations of purchasing and receiving distribution, but rather through the process of enriching the information they receive with additional useful and valuable information. In order for a vendor to provide the insights needed to sustain growth within a digital environment, businesses need to develop strategies, or people need to be deployed to provide insights.
4) Strategic challenges due to complexity of the digital landscape. The business owner must be able to allocate the budget and resources necessary to keep up with changing trends, technologies and social media channels. If businesses do not have a framework to test lead generation on social media, it makes the lead generation process all the more difficult.
5) Inability to plan for profitable digital landscapes. But even the most sophisticated market and technology environment has its surprises. In most industries, there are areas where profit margin and value add are mixes that are difficult to control.
6) Demands on competitive marketplace. Technology and/or standard business processes are at the mercy of new and emerging trends and channel factors. There is often a old and outmoded business model that is still proving itself to be successful in some very specific sectors. There are also emerging technologies that are making appealing business models. For example, test revenue via targeted ad campaigns and call the content creation process the content distribution.
7) The integration of operating systems and hardware across different channels and processes. Clearly, digital is coming ever closer to the point where businesses have to sync their business vehicles enough to drive them to a centrally managed web presence that can build, evolve and improve modernizing the order and infrastructure of digital capabilities in several of the business processes.
As you can see, there are more than 7 factors impacting the fitness of the company and digital is only a part of the solution. As you plan your digital budget, get as much information as you can about digital cycles. Demonstrate your IT capabilities, make detailed estimates and share them with your stakeholders to ensure that your digital budget is capitalized.
Singfield » Jesse Neubert
Thanks! Is that 100% AI?
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Singfield
100% no human edits. Its not GPT out of the box though. We have a handful of models trained to various broad niche categories.


Terpenes produce a subtler effect than its c4nn4b1noid counterparts in terms of psychoactive effects. These aromatic substances have been a part of aromatherapy and other holistic therapies for many years. They have been used to affect a person's stress levels and mood. Researchers believe these compounds derived from plants can elevate a person's experience in a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

Jesse Neubert 🎓
lol re-running this one. The AI kept wanting to hit on the benefits of tea and then went down a general diet and health rabit hole haha. It happens.
I'll circle back.
Jesse Neubert 🎓
Got it… second model worked a bit better. All AI.
Essential Oil Research – Terpenes and the C4nn4b1s Plant
Terpenes are the primary fragrance of the c4nn4b1s. They are what produce the various and very distinguishable scents of this c4nn4b1s. They generally are comprised of the oils which produce the desired smell. The scents differ as much as the various strains of c4nn4b1s itself.
The terpenes from c4nn4b1s contain the same properties found in essential oils, which are that they add a freshness to the aroma and the flavor of a dish or cuisine. The essential oils from terpenes have been used for ages by the native peoples of certain regions of Mexico, Africa, Australia, South America, and the West Indies, where they are also produced in large quantities. Many of these areas have very diverse cuisines, due to the fact that the climate is extremely varied, and with such great variation in temperatures and humidity levels. There are some foods that cannot be prepared in certain parts of these regions without changing the ingredients, and even then sometimes have to be adjusted so as not to offending someone at a table. With the presence of terpenes, this is no longer a problem, because the scent is there, and it is always a pleasant, balanced aroma. There have been tests on animals, and human subjects, who have experienced direct sensory responses to the terpenes, and have shown complete positive results.
The basic structure of terpenes is similar to the structure of terpenoids, which are natural and organic chemicals responsible for the characteristic scents and flavors in insects, plants and wines. Both terpenes and terpenoids are made up from the same fatty acids which are essential for life. Terpenes also contain an interesting group of aromatic compounds responsible for the distinctive "fragrance" that the c4nn4b1s plant produces and is responsible for the distinctive smell in herbal preparations. Although many people use only a dab of c4nn4b1s for the initial "high", the plant has also been used in high dosage recreational doses for quite some time, and its continued healing properties have made it a favorite medical treatment for people suffering from ailments such as cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis.
Henry » Jesse Neubert
That's pretty amazing. How long did it take you to create your own spinoff model from the AI?
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Henry
It's been a bit of a side project for the last 6-8 months or so, starting with GPT-2.
I don't know how many hours specifically have went into it, but in terms of $$$ it can get pretty expensive.
There's been some re-engineering our training framework to train models on TPUs (pre-emptive TPUs v3-8s on Google Cloud) to speed up training and reduce costs a bit, bc a single TPU per hour pre-emptive is cheaper than a pre-emptive V100.
Needless to say, it can run as cheap as $1700 ish a month on upwards into the thousands depending on the setup, models, outputs etc.
I'm still trying to work out best use cases to monetize and keep it going. We've had some stalls and periods of time where it's been 'offline' in terms of use and training.
Simmon » Henry
Here's something I produced with my 'method' – produced 3 articles, took about 20 minutes…. here's part of 1rst article (unedited)…just wanted see what happened – I used c4nn4b1s + terpenes to get this 🙂
What are c4nn4b1s terpenes and what do they do?
There are many ways to prepare c4nn4b1s for consumption. And while final marijuana products may come in many forms, each aims to provide rich concentrations of the terpenes, c4nn4b1noids, and other desirable compounds the marijuana plant produces. From the simple process of drying and curing marijuana flowers, to the sophisticated chemistry of producing c4nn4b1s concentrates, here's a guide to the most common forms of c4nn4b1s.
Since terpenes extracted from c4nn4b1s plants fall under the category of marijuana, c4nn4b1s derived terpenes are considered illegal on the federal level. However, c4nn4b1s derived terpenes are legal in states with recreational marijuana (and certain medical marijuana states ). Here's the good news: non-c4nn4b1s derived terpenes are legal in all 50 states.
Essential cbd extract is one of the best brands in the category of daily health products, as it is totally organic and clinically tested so one can definitely go for this product without any confusion, also it has a good review. It is a high-quality product made from the helm plant, which is deeply researched and found exclusively in different parts globally. The cbd extract essential (terpenes, cbd tinctures, cbd products) is a perfect remedy and one should definitely try it, as its totally free from the side effects and only has the pure extraction of the helm and c4nn4b1s plant.
Have you ever wondered why the c4nn4b1s plant takes on so many different smells and flavors? the culprit is terpenes – the small molecules found in the glandular trichomes of the c4nn4b1s flower that jump out of a bag of top-shelf c4nn4b1s and smack you pleasantly in the nose. There are over 200 different terpenes found in the c4nn4b1s plant, but a few appear much more regularly. Every c4nn4b1s strain has a unique terpene profile based on its genetic makeup, allowing c4nn4b1s connoisseurs the ability to distinguish among various stains based on smell alone.
Secreted in the same glands that produce c4nn4b1noids like thc and cbd , terpenes are aromatic oils that color c4nn4b1s varieties with distinctive flavors like citrus, berry, mint, and pine. Terpenes may play a key role in differentiating the effects of various c4nn4b1s strains. Some terpenes might promote relaxation and stress-relief, while others potentially promote focus and acuity.
Many terpenes have been shown to enhance the flavors and effects of hemp and c4nn4b1s. Fx cbd vape oil uses various terpene blends to help achieve enhanced effects, scents and flavors of our cbd juice. We use only naturally occurring terpenes in our mixtures. We never use any synthetic terpenes.
Over the last couple of years, terpenes have been mentioned with much more frequency among c4nn4b1s consumers. If you asked a botanist, "what are terpenes" they would most likely tell you they are in the essential oils of plants. Furthermore, they are aromatic organic hydrocarbons. You can find them in a variety of plants and even some insects. Now, most people use the term when referring to c4nn4b1s terpenes.
The relationship between terpenes and c4nn4b1s is intense and important. Terpenes bind to receptors in our brains similar to the way thc and cbd does. For an example, terpenes give us the flavor and aroma of highly sought after c4nn4b1s strains like pineapple express, blueberry, chocolate kush, or even sour cream.
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Simmon
You have me beat, but CopyScape is showing DUP content of about 10-20% of text with 100% copied from each paragraph across multiple websites (all different paragraphs too).
Not saying you just copy-pasted from 10 sites lol…but it kinda looks like it.
Giving you the benefit of the doubt I'll say that perhaps you used a paraphrasing AI engine (which does result in notably higher quality than longform AI models but also too much duplicate content).
Jesse Neubert 🎓
The conclusion is 102 words of 100% plagiarized copy according to CopyScape (I gave it a quick eyeball test and it looks to be correct).
Essential CBD Extract: #1 C4nn4b1s Natural Remedy Review,Cost,Benefits
Simmon » Jesse Neubert
Yep, it is from scraping, so your AI definitely wins for that…but my 'method' produced 3 unique articles n 20 minutes or so, which for what I'm using that content for, works well, as it doesn't seem to matter about the plagiarized part (for the most part I do local, and it really doesn't matter for that, lol)…and it makes a good base if I want to re-write to make it unique…
But my point wasn't to one-up you, your AI def looks cool, and your content is unique….I was generally curious how my 'method' would do, besides…it's a BIG internet out there 🙂
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Simmon
All good, just wanted to clarify it wasn't AI.
I certainly don't have the best one out there lol, but I was like daaang that looks legit haha.
Certainly can get away with a lot more in local and generally without the risk of any lawsuits from copied content either.
Solid strategy. Cant knock it 😎


"There's normally no point in spending unless there's a return on investment somewhere down the line. So, if you've invested in getting traffic to your accountancy practice website, you want the reward of new customers and the life-time value that client will bring.
First though … they have to get in touch.
A 10% conversion rate is pretty good going. I would think most web design businesses would consider that a success.
How do we get there? What is the strategy for generating these leads at a good conversion rate?"

Jesse Neubert 🎓
I had to deviate a bit as that blurb/seed wasn't triggering good results.
Lead Generation and Nurturing Tools
Lead generation, the sales process of capturing and driving interest in a potential product or service for the intention of building a sales pipeline, helps businesses to foster multiple targets until they are able to sell. Lead generation is useful for virtually any size or type of industry, and also for B2B and C verticals. With lead generation, there are two primary methods used to capture potential customers: Individual lead generation and lead tracking. Individual lead generation refers to contacting potential customers on their own, which can be more challenging and time-consuming than using strategies such as email marketing, and can be more expensive. However, when done correctly, it can be highly effective.
Lead tracking, on the other hand, is used with lead generation strategy. Tracking offers detailed information about who is calling, how frequently they call, how many times a caller hangs up, and how many leads are actually converted into sales. A good lead generation program will allow you to easily determine what works, what doesn't, and what you should do differently the next time you prospect or generate a lead. Ideally, a lead generator and tracking system will work well together for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
By providing prospects with detailed information about who is calling and generating calls, you increase the likelihood that the leads you provide will convert into actual sales. Most lead generation companies provide reports detailing the conversion rates of the leads you provide. These reports should be scrutinized to ensure that you are not wasting your time or money by only providing leads that will not convert into sales. Generally speaking, the better your nurturing and lead scoring capabilities are, the higher your lead generation potential will be. Therefore, you need to carefully consider what options you have available to you and then decide on the most appropriate lead generation and nurturing services for your company.
Phil » Jesse Neubert
To be fair .. it's pretty good.
Thanks! Really interesting experiment!
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Phil
Thanks Phil! Appreciate it!
Still working out the best way to utilize this. Always open to suggestions.
Phil » Jesse Neubert
Clearly some would see this as good pbn content. Others may look at it as a good way to start a new website on the cheap.
I'm not sure it's good enough yet to completely follow a search intent and get conversions – a pro copywriter will still do more there in my view.
That was some of the start from this article I wrote btw:
How accountants can improve the conversion rates of their website – Phil
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Phil
Totally agree.
I own a content agency btw. We don't use any AI content in our current offerings but have played with adding a "budget tier" that would leverage it.
The reality is most articles don't get read (or read all the way through) and there is an argument to be made that with good Call-To-Actions (CTA)s above the fold, a user that hits on a 'dud' article may click thru to those.
Certainly plausable for Private Blog Network (PBN) and WEB 2.0s. I've also toyed with launching some sites at scale and 'see what sticks' using this lol
Phil » Jesse Neubert
Yes I wondered if you could build something huge. It would be interesting. If you ever want a second pair of eyes on that, it would be interesting as an experiment.
How's business going? What do you guys focus on?


Jesse Neubert 🎓
*UPDATE* Today I'll run everyone's content that posted above this comment and reply to each post in this thread with the result 🙂

Phil » Jesse Neubert
Will be interesting to see what comes back!
Thanks so much!
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Phil
I just replied above with Steven Kang's output.
I'm just doing a simple 1-off and hoping for the best with these lol…usually I run 10-12 per topic then cherry pick the best. His turned out pretty good all things considered.
Phil » Jesse Neubert
Thanks! I'll take a look 👍
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Phil
Adams just posted as well 🙂
Phil » Jesse Neubert
Could start something like 99 designs for articles 😉
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Phil
Hmmm…perhaps lol. I'm vetting potential use cases.

Jesse Neubert 🎓
Stress is a challenging situation for any person and a situation that is further complicated when the stress comes from other people. Symptoms of stress include nervousness, chest pain, headaches and mental dizziness. Stress certainly isn't a position to place yourself for while its important that you don't avoid it, you can do something about it. Methods of dealing with stress can include all the things that you can now and some that you have learned along the way including eating, sleeping and exercising. Nutrition can play a very important part in assisting your body to combat stress.
When one is feeling stressed, what best thins the heart is a proper diet. One of the factors that works against the heart is stress, not only the mental and emotional strain that stress places on the body. When the heart is healthy, the other systems are acute and it functions at peak efficiency. Moreover, the heart is designed to function at an optimal rate following a careful maintenance program.
One can benefit greatly by eating a diet that is high in the heart healthy foods. Consuming a well balanced diet can also lessen the risk of heart disease and stroke. At the same time proper nutrition can make an individual much more resistant to health risks such as diabetes, neurasthenia combined with heart disease and the muscular disorders along with arthritis. Nutrition is so important in maintaining good health, that the American Heart Association (as well as the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention) recommends a planned vegetarian diet that is well planned and balanced. A detailed list of the best vegetarian choices for the heart healthy diet can be found online.
Certain vegetarian practices and diets have been shown to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. This should not be considered a substitute for a heart healthy diet program that is in accordance with the American Heart Association and the American Dietetic Association.
Some of the most beneficial vegetarian practices that result in benefits for the heart healthy diet include:
1. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables by making them a regular part of the diet to replace meat and dairy products.
2. ration foods high in saturated fats and low in saturated fats such as dairy products
3. decrease intake of grams of sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup, and high dietary fiber that are found in a variety of foods including whole grains, legumes, and dried beans
4. increase consumption of foods that have plentiful antioxidants, especially vitamin C, as well as minerals like potassium
5. decrease consumption of foods with sodium, especially sodium that is added to food
6. consume about 3-4 ounces of fish, tuna, mackerel, and sardines weekly, high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid eating seafood that are high in mercury content such as swordfish, tuna steaks and other seafood.
The American Heart Association heart healthy diet focuses on a person's diet and lifestyle and an overall healthy lifestyle. The heart healthy diet is great for a number of reasons and should be followed where appropriate, as it is overly restrictive to follow heart healthy diet penetrating in all aspects. Additionally, the general idea that the way to figure out which foods are good for the heart is to "fit the diet" is nonsense, diet alone can only support the function of the body, but it does not give the all important corporate decisions the green light to make profit. Diet is but one of the components of living a healthy lifestyle. Diet and exercise should be considered, but not as the ultimate answer to the problem. It is important to realize that proper diet is only one part of the overall equation; physical training and movement, proper rest and relaxation, mental and spiritual attributes, family values, activities, outlook and hobbies, all play a role in making sure we reach the proper balance that is necessary for a healthy lifestyle.
Now, when most people think of vegetarianism, and the term "vegetarian" comes to mind, the first word that comes to mind is "balanced";

Xuezhi » Jesse Neubert
Title says "stess"
Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Xuezhi
Fixed lol
Human error that time. But AI acts funny sometimes. One article we did on reupholstering chairs started talking about Joe Biden mid article 🤣


Jesse Neubert 🎓 » Steven Kang
V2 of VA Loan output from the second run…
A conventional loan will cost around seven percent to nine percent more in fees and closing costs than a VA-backed loan. And there are other kinds of "teaser" or other kinds of fees that your lender may quote you to you. These kinds of fees are called "points," and they vary according to which kind of loan you get.
The difference between the interest rates of all loans, including VA-backed loans, is entered into an interest rate calculator so that you can compare the rates for different kinds of loans. This will help you make the right choice for you.
What is the VA-backed loan program?
Veterans are eligible for a VA-backed loan if the home they buy can be paid for. The home must be a principal residence of the veteran or a investment in a home of a veteran, such as a VA-backed home in Florida, and it must be bought from an approved VA-approved dealer.
You're buying a home that any considers a good risk, such as a VA-backed mortgage. The lending should be from a lender or mortgage company approved by the Veterans Administration. The loan must be guaranteed by the Veterans Administration. Lenders must also meet certain minimum credit and income requirements. (It should be no more than 10 percent of your total household income.)
Taking advantage of this program is fairly easy. Each loan will be referred to a loan counselor, who will help you decide if you should get a VA-backed home loan, and if so, how to go about getting one. (Home loans generally can be obtained even if you have less than a 50 percent interest in your savings or investment accounts.) There are so many different kinds of loans to choose from that you might become overwhelmed. . . but it is possible to do it.
To find the best loan now that is right for you, and that will cost you less money, take a look at VA Lenders. There you will find a number of different lenders who will meet all your requirements and who can offer you the best deal on your loan. Then, you pick the lender, he or she completes the paperwork, and you are given the money. You are not obligated to do anything until the loan is signed, but you can choose among the terms of the loan and close it at any time.
One thing or another is inevitably going to go wrong. Somehow in this process though, it is inevitable that some small fault or glitch will be encountered. At that point, if a problem is discovered, you still have the choice of refinancing under the terms of your original VA-backed home loan.
If you do not wish to wait until closing to find out about mistakes or whatever, VA Loan Improving is still available to you.
If you have been thinking about making a new home purchase, this new loan from VA Loan Improving can help you.
VA Loan Improving can be started for personal, auto, equity, and investment property purchases. You can get up to $2 million with 100% financing with no mortgage insurance. The rates are at the lower end of all other home mortgage rates and fees and are fixed for the entire time you owe the loan.
The loan can be made for up to 30 years, at a competitive interest rate in as little as 7 to 10 days. The point is that VA loan Improving offers complete convenience and flexibility.

Jesse Neubert 🎓
Some Helpful Tips For Window Replacement
Window replacement is a service that has been required by most homeowners for a long time. The problem, however, is that, most homeowners have no idea how to get started. What do you do first?
So, a professional guide may be necessary. The following guidelines should give you a good idea of what is involved in window replacement and what you should expect from the professional services.
Window replacement is one of the more difficult repairs that can be done. A replacement will likely cost between one thousand and five thousand dollars and can take quite a bit of time. Most replacement windows are basically a new installation with new glass and are done on a regular basis and with minimal maintenance.
The most important thing to remember when looking for a qualified installer is that they must be able to produce clean, energy efficient windows. So, avoid leaving any windows open while they are being installed. It will save you both time and money.
Make sure that you ask your professional installer a lot of questions about his work. You want to know if he has done window replacements before, if there are any special techniques that he uses and if he knows the ins and outs of your home. He should not only know your home well but be knowledgeable enough to recommend the right type of products for your needs. If your specific needs are not covered, then get references from friends or neighbors.
When you choose a professional service, you want to ensure that the installation process is taken care of properly. This will help to reduce the chances of leaking, framing damage and unwanted hardware. The installer should take adequate time for the job and should leave a happy customer who is satisfied with the end result.
Consider price when making your decision. The quality of the work may be great, but you have to consider the cost of a quality service.
If you cannot find a reputable company or individual in your area, consider speaking with an inspector who has experience with professional services. This person can give you honest opinions and recommendations.
After the installation, make sure that the installation was smooth. This should include measuring the areas where windows will be installed and making sure that all pipes are secure.
Also, check to see if there is a certified to carry out routine maintenance on the installation work. An experienced person will be knowledgeable about what maintenance means and can suggest that professional service is best for your particular situation.
Before starting window replacement, research the company thoroughly and find out whether they have certifications and will follow those standards. Do not settle for anything less than a top notch repair person.
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Plumbing Repair: Simple Tips To Help You Quickly Fix Your Pipes
Many people who decide to install new plumbing in their home opt for the do-it-yourself plumbing approach, since they don't understand the complexity of the plumbing installation process. However, this does not always work out well. If you choose to fix the existing plumbing instead of installing a new one, it can often end up being more costly.
Plumbing contractors often offer a free estimate, even if the plumbing issues you are having are something as simple as a burst water heater, damaged natural gas line, or other minor leak. There are some plumbers who also offer leak detection services free of charge. This may be an option if you have a leaking natural gas line or other hot water heater problem that needs to be repaired before you decide to hire a plumber.
In order to determine what the best course of action is when you have a leak, you need to determine what caused the leak. Some of the most common causes include broken pipes due to age, condensation, tree roots, or other forms of damage. The leak may also be caused by a pinched pipe, which is when a pipe has become damaged and is interfering with other pipes inside your home. Regardless of what the cause of the leak is, the first thing you will want to do is find a reputable plumber. While it is possible to fix small plumbing issues on your own, such as a burst hot water heater, it is often more cost efficient to have a professional take care of the job. While it is possible to fix many problems on your own, if you end up causing more damage to your home by trying to fix it yourself, you will end up paying even more money to a plumber who costs more than you would if you had called in a professional in the first place.

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