Getting Massive Traffic With the Way Always Answer Questions People Are Asking

Pedrotti 🎓
Getting traffic isn't all about SEO rankings. This is a common misconception. Here is an example of a website I have just started (little over 30 days ago, brand new domain) and the exact way I have driven traffic to it.
The biggest take away you can get from this is:
So this is a niche website. The niche is Apple/Tech. How I found it is from reading people asking questions on Forums, Quora and Reddit. These were already high traffic questions where people were looking for the answer. Its as simple as telling people about your website there. They want a simple response, not an essay.
The first night the site was up I linked it to around 10 locations.
I made it straight to the point, no popups, no fluff. This way it will get linked organically.
Really this is so simple to build traffic to your website. I already have a page 1 ranking just from a 500 word article from the traffic it has received. No Private Blog Network (PBN)'s, No Social Signals, Nothing other than getting results for people.
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getting massive traffic with the way always answer questions people are asking


Very nice! Do you just dive in? Use Buzzsumo?

Pedrotti 🎓 ✍️
How I start is i build the site out in a few hours and then wait 24 hours for Domain Name System (DNS) to propagate. In that time I will write up articles and setup some bait and then start linking straight away. I actually don't use Buzzsumo or any app. I'm a little odd with picking sites now as I really only want things i'm interested in (i lose motivation otherwise). So naturally i'm looking at those topics anyway. I just come across issues and then build it out from there. If they have issue x then they must have issue y.

That's awesome. can you explain a bit more on"They want a simple response, not an essay." but then you send them to a 500 word article?

Pedrotti 🎓 ✍️
Its just about how I write the article, Its good for the person to keep reading and traffic, not so much for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I put most of the relevant stuff in the top half of the article. What I mean by they don't want an essay is the articles you see now where people try and plump them up with shit. Say you're looking for an article on a backlink strategy, people will write their articles, they look like this.
What is a backlink
Why do you need backlinks
How backlinks help your website
How not to backlink
Actual backlink strategy here
While this is good for you to rank, its not really engaging. For this particular website its putting the user first, how I would like to read an article and SEO second.
The reason why SEO is second is because its leaching off the places that are already high traffic locations where people are looking for the problems.
The benefit of starting a website like this is so you can start earning straight away. Instead of focusing on link building first etc, you can get people to your affiliate offers quickly and then start building a strong foundation.

You just use your personal account for Reddit? Or you making persona accounts? Sorry if noob question, I've never used Reddit in my life 😕

Pedrotti 🎓 ✍️
I have a few high karma accounts but for the most part I use my personal account for everything. You wont get banned from Reddit generally, mostly just shadow banned by that particular sub reddits mods.
Kiril » Pedrotti
sounds good. I'll have to make an account tonight and try to garner some traffic results
Pedrotti 🎓 ✍️
I would just join some subreddits on stuff you are interested in, maybe post some relevant stuff, memes etc and get some karma first. This will help you help your reputation. If you try and market on a brand new account, they will smell you and down vote your stuff into the ground.
😮 Bullies! lol
Good tip/heads up though, I'll try that.

That was great feedback… I'm fairly new in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)… you mentioned that on the first night you were able to get 10 link backs. How does one go about this? Any recommendations?

Pedrotti 🎓 ✍️
Just having a beer and finding different relevant places to post. Don’t focus on dofollow or no follow links, just focus on traffic and active conversations. What you can do is type “your question Reddit” into Google and pick some of the top posts. Do the same with Quora, yahoo answers too.
Sounds good, that is for the help! I have been worried about doing that because sites/forums might consider it spam…
Pedrotti 🎓 ✍️ » Tommy
Just be genuine with your responses and take the time to join the conversation.

So you a) find questions then write article? b) have a related article, edit that article to also answer question? c) write article and hope it answers someone's question?

Pedrotti 🎓 ✍️
Find questions and then write the article yes, but make sure its not a saturated question like "how to install windows" or something like that. Make it something oddball or something that is explained poorly and then restructure it for others to understand.
Make sure the threads you are reading where people are asking the question isn't already full of links to articles, if they are, check them out, if they are shit just make a better one using the method below. You would be surprised who is actually looking.
Another method is the related merge method. Lets say someone wants to know how to do x so they can achieve y (or generally that's the case), you write about both things and merge it into one article. Say 1000 people want to do x and another 1000 want to do y, chances are there will be people looking to do both.
I don't go back and edit answers, I just make sure there is enough people asking that question and its not saturated or already quality guides.
Jonathan » Pedrotti
awesome info.


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