GMB Crush Chrome Extension Update! What Is GMB Crush? It Is a GMB Audit Tool That Does Reverse Engineer Your GMB Competitors’ Success

🔥GMB Crush Chrome Extension UPDATE!
What is GMB Crush? GMB Crush is a Google my Business Audit Tool that reverse engineer your Google My Business competitors' success in a couple of clicks.

💪🚀Our user base has grown close to 5,000 users and we've released our biggest update!
⭐🚀Link to the extension:
🤓You'll be able to verify and record where your keywords rank across any geo-radius without ever leaving Google Maps!
🤓The new Chrome App requires now a user registration but don't worry, we will keep this extension for FREE!
💣We want all users to be able sync their version of the app with our upcoming software. The registration process is required in order for this to happen, so please follow these instructions carefully and contact us if you have any questions. We want to make sure that your order goes smoothly!
•Step 1: Register and Validate your account
•Step 2: Choose to run the audit based on a location you have visited previously, your current one or any other.
•Step 3 (option a): If you would like to make a search using your current location, after selecting the Box on the left Click on "Search Now" to start.
•Step 3 (option b): If you want to run the audit based on any other location, city-state/province combo or country zip code then untick "Search on Current Location" box and input your chosen search criteria. After you've done so, select from search box dropdown the exact wanted location and then click to "Search Now" button.
•Step 4: The usual Crush Audit is now available for a change to collect the following data:
⭐Listing CID
⭐Total GMB Post count
⭐GMB Post Publishing Frequency in the last 90 days
⭐GMB Post dates
⭐Review Attributes
⭐Business Title
⭐Main Categories
⭐Hidden Categories
⭐Listing Rating
⭐Amount of Reviews
•Step 5: Unleash the Local Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Tracking Feature. How? Once you've selected your chosen geo-location, simply reach the Google map interface after clicking on the "Search Now" button and input keywords along with location to capture top 20 search results for each competitor in that specific area!
😎Explore your rankings on Google map setting your search location from your targeted Zip code, address, neighbor and city. A business' rank can be seen in different geographic areas to show clients what they're up against and how well their competition is doing. It's also helpful for determining any potential GMB listing who may have spent money on advertising.
⭐ With our local SERP tracker feature, you can see who has been advertising the most locally as well!
⭐The Ad spenders are labelled on the rankings report as AD, all other results appear with green pins and yellow pins depending where they fall in relation to Spot 1's rank.
⭐Your local rankings constantly fluctuate and they can change any time of the day. Well, you know that right?
⭐If you will just consider your rank at a certain time of the day, you may not be getting the right information you need to make decisions.
⭐ With our local search rank tracker tool, you can track your trending position on the Map SERP in a specific date range and compare the results.
🚀Easy Competitor Tracking
Just like in any game, you can only plan a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing strategy to win if you are aware of how other competitors are doing.
Without any data about them, it's easy to be complacent and overly confident that your business website is doing well when it is not.
Your competition may already be outranking you in certain locations and if you don't take any action as soon as possible, this could mean losing a lot of potential customers to them.
🚀Knowing Your Ranking Per Zip Code
If you have a very good idea as to who your target market is, and even in what geographical areas your customers are located, it's vital that you know how well you rank for the zip codes in those geographic locations.
For example: if there's an area where people want to eat at restaurants similar to yours but no one has taken up residence there yet then this helps determine ideal restaurant locations within untapped regions.
Do this in all cities where you are located and not yet located and it helps you to get a bigger market share of a whole country!
🚀Checking the Industry Centroids
Find Out Which Zip Codes are Important to Rank for.
Centroid, or central point of relevance, is a central reference point in Local SEO and local listings. In the past centroids were based on the geographic center of their respective cities; this meant that businesses closer to city centers had competitive advantages over those not close enough.
Our local rank tracker is a powerful, yet easy to use tool for tracking and sharing rankings data with clients without the need of paying extra fees. You can download your screenshot or CSV sheet so you have all this information on hand at once!
💪Happy Crush!

GMB crush chrome extension update what is GMB crush it is a GMB audit tool that does reverse engineer your GMB competitors success

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Not working for my country i guess…since i tried it for couple of businesses but no luck

Matteo ✍️ » Stavros
What you mean by "no luck"? Thank you 🙏🏻
Stavros » Matteo
I searched for a term in Google and then click on a company that appears on Google My Business (GMB) and then click on the chrome addon but not getting any results
Matteo ✍️ » Stavros
Please see the video below, here how you can use it correctly:
Free Local Search Rank Checker | GMB Crush Google Rank Checker


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