Google Dance Phenomenon

I've just bought some of this niche edit garbage (3 links) – 2 of them went to my site and now it's dropped from result #5-#7 down to #18!!!! Now I've disavowed the links – gone off on this idiot niche provider and told him to remove my sites off his toxic directory – my question is – what are the chances that this could be a Google dance? Of course this is what I hope but everything is down – the client is going to freak!! This is why I never buy links – this whole F*cking page and community is full of toxicity. I never bought any of the shit off Legit.


Sorry.. truth be told 95% are garbage links. Even if it does not drop your ranking it may not move it. Focus on quality content and less competitive keywords before you scale..👍4

Kosta ✍️
Exactly – I didn't have my hopes up but to have it tank like this is mental – the seller is talking "Google dance" and this can happen I don't buy it – not only that one of his links is now not indexed – and he's trying to blame me for pinging it with an indexation service.
Okocha » Kosta ✍️
Ask him to take down link. It could also be keywords or anchor optimizations that trigger the effect. It is definitely not a Google dance. Algorithmic are automatically applied with some conditions.. some times you need to wait for 7 days or more n check search console if link has been indexed, also whether that content is still in index.👍1
Kosta ✍️ » Okocha
yep – I've asked him to take it down – and it definitely doesn't look like a Google dance. What do you mean by check Search-Console – you mean in the links section?
Okocha » Yup

It could be Google dance mate. We build almost 5-6k links a month and what i have seem from experience is that a new site will show immediate rise in rankings. Old domains normally drop rankings before they stabilize and shoot up. Not all links are shit. Its some of the providers that provides low quality cheap garbarge but we as seos have ourselves to blame for that. Lot of SEO agencies promise the world to clients for couple of hundred $$ a month. Its practically not possible to rank these sites as just link building will cost you a fortune if you are getting quality links.👍4

Kosta ✍️
Well this is a top ranked seller on Legiit – so if it's shit links Legiit's marketplace is iffy. Also keep in mind I understand if the links are weak and do nothing – but I'm talking about a decimation in rankings.
Ravi » Kosta ✍️
Not sure bud. We are in selling game not buying. I wouldn't blame anyone if i haven't bought from them. Yes toxic links can cause issues. How was the relevance of the links to your niche?
Kosta ✍️ » Ravi
Pretty relevant to be fair – it was a lawyer and it was a criminal lawyer so it was on a news site about a criminal matter… though the news site was overseas. But I don't think that matters as much. Shouldn't be the reason for the drop anyway.
Yes its very unlikely if site was relevant…not sure my friend. Without looking at the links, i wont be able to comment. Maybe try some other providers around.


You JUST bought them? Give them some time.👍3

Kosta ✍️
I'm not going to just sit there like it's normal when I go from #7 – #18 – that's a big drop – way too big to what I'm used to.
Razi » Kosta ✍️
When did you buy them?
Kosta ✍️ » Razi
ages ago but they were delivered 2 days ago.
Razi » Kosta ✍️
It's too quick, honestly. It's not the links, it's something else. Either Google dance or the site was about to get banged anyway. SEO moves too slowly, you have to wait before you come to conclusions. You seem to be basing everything off of fear right now.👍2
Scott » Kosta ✍️
I’m not gonna bash people but you really don’t know much about SEO. Those kind of drops happen every day and can be down to so many factors not just a few links. It’s seems you haven’t educated your client enough if he’s gonna freak.👍2
Kosta ✍️ » Scott
it's the clients client that will freak – I've never experienced drops like that when a site has been on the front page as long as it has – if its normal for. Your first page sites to bounce out of the top page then fair enough – not normal for me.
Scott » Kosta ✍️
I don’t think you have enough experience in SEO in that case. Ask any SEO who’s been in this game for 10 years. There’s no such thing as normal in one of the most ever changing marketing channels like Google search. I’ve seen sites drop to page 10+ and return a few days later. Instead of bashing the links and throwing the blame you void have asked for some advice, maybe give some more info? That way some of the nicer guys here would take a look for free and see if there’s anything obvious.
Kosta ✍️ » Scott
not with pages on top 10 – if you think that a site that's been on page 1 for a year suddenly drops to page 10 and that's just how things work then we have a different experience it's all good man.
Sany » Kosta ✍️
I agreed with others. It's not weird at all. Did you check your search console? Links are showing up there? If not then you can't say that this drop is for the links. There are many other issues you need to check. I can understand your concern. Check your search console first. Give some time and I believe you can see the results.👍1


How long did you wait??

Kosta ✍️
Just checked now – got the links 24-48 hours ago.👍3
Trevor » Kosta ✍️
you need to wait man. It’s highly likely Google dance. Do you know the URLs linking to you? Do a penalty check – Google search any of the sites page titles or just Google ‘http://site com’ (so leave out the .) and if the site ranks for its own search and is indexed the they are probably effective links.

Way too soon to judge, there’s often a drop before the bigger rise.👍7
So much stupidity and misinformation in this thread. It’s no wonder there’s so much toxicity in the SEO industry.👍💗12
I would say almost 90% chance it’s Google dance, and that actually if it’s making your site dance that much there’s a chance they could really give you a boost if you wait. The bigger the dance often means the better the links.👍2

That's a theory from SEO guys who sell you links.. Everyone one of them says this.. Keep us updated to debunk this!!👍1
Trevor » Okocha
This is from my own experience running over 250 different campaigns and testing piles of different link configurations over the years. I put a lot of time into setting up experiments and can tell you this happens almost every time.👍3
Okocha » Trevor
Fingers crossed in his case that it would be back!!!
Trevor » Okocha
A drop down to #8 or even top of page 2 is nothing and I’d say it’s actually a good thing. Sure, it sucks, but this happens all. the. time. Now, if you’re sliding down to page 3 or lower, then you really need to evaluate.
Here’s what it often looks like. For the record, I would never use these links on a client site. That being said it’s good to do threshold testing to see what you can get away with and understand what SEO effects and timelines look like. So – even if the links are dirty there’s a chance it’s prob the Google dance is all. I’m still washing my hands from these links, plus coronavirus. Stay safe y’all.


dirty links
Google dance all the way if you ain't got a ton of links already, I always leave for two weeks and see what happens 🙂.👍5

Kosta ✍️ » Mads
yeh but I gotta worry about the client freaking out, and me freaking out and everyone freaking out.
Completely agree with Mads.
The presumptive idea behind the dance is exactly for Google to spot the ones who remove or disavow the links right away, so they know they were paid links.
You're the one who has to explain to your client that this is normal behaviour, and to wait at least a few weeks, maybe more.
Also. If i was the seller, I would be pissed, if I found out a client had disavowed links they just bought. It's like reporting straight to Google that these links are crappy or paid.👍2

At the end of the day you're the one that decided to buy something from someone you don't know and you did it for a client site. You're the one that pulled the links before you give it a fair evaluation, and you're the one that didn't test a vendor on one of your own sites. But it's Legiit's fault?👍3

Kosta ✍️ » Mark
I'm not even gonna read this.
Mark » Kosta ✍️
that's fine if you don't want to hold yourself accountable, your client trusted you with there money and you might of made a mistake but keep blaming other people.👍3

UPDATE: So get this – just checked the rankings… the site is back to position #10 (low position but still on first page and not worse than it's ever been)…. but….. we're now position #2 on the snack pack!!!! The client is going to love me 🙂 …. and I probably have to apologize to the provider who I cursed out who probably was instrumental in doing this (if I'm going to scream at someone if they screw up I have to also give credit when they blow up the rankings)…… wow.
And they lived happily ever after.
The end.👍1

EliFry » Kosta
and there’s the Google dance.
Until the disavow you made in a rage takes effect.👍1
I find this f*cking unbelievable that you acted like a complete prick to everyone who tried to give you advice, completely overlooking the fact many of us here have vastly more experience than you. Just wait till that disavow kicks in you'll be back here asking for help.👍3


P.S. SEO is so f*cking easy – you just get the tags and buy a bunch of links – i don't know how you can even call it a profession – you could teach this to a child in half a day.

so is Legitt still shit? You walking that back?
Kosta ✍️ » Mark
and yes I was wrong about the vendor and I'm man enough to admit it and apologize.
Sany » Kosta ✍️
, you learned your lesson, I think. None of the marketplaces is selling 100% real links. It's full of garbage. I am selling links at the BHW forum from 2011. I am active at Legiit, Konker, fiver, and other places. Trust me, all of us are selling PBN links in the name of Niche edit. It's us who get fooled by those impressive metrics and the fancy names. You do your link building or play the gamble. You can't blame others if you can find the proper service. And SEO takes time.
Good to see it's back. Good luck with your future ventures.👍1
Kosta ✍️ » Sany
thanks yeh – well I do you know – small order – I got my own link building thing going too – I just though tI'd dip my toe in the water – worst case I can always them to remove it.

PSA: Please tell everyone you know to wait. If thousands of SEOs overreact to the dance and knee jerk disavow then eventually anyone else benefitting from those same sites may actually suffer. I think this is one of the reasons Google has increased the volatility (in ranking and time) of link impacts… to f*ck with SEOs nerves, to confuse them, and to get them to quickly self-identify laid links they can then collect disavow data on and penalize/ghost no follow..👍1
Kosta ✍️
My apology – the end

You succesffully triggered so so many people, it is hilarious 😛.🤭1
Bryan » Kosta ✍️
where did you buy.

My $0.02 on some rudimentary SEO lapses here:.
1. Purchased some links that you were unsure would move the chains 'cause at the first sight of trouble, you jettisoned them.
2. Disavowed them immediately thereafter thereby pointing this anomaly out to Google, when you could have just moved along.
3. SEO is about experimentation. You could have waited a couple of weeks and then decided on the next course of action with the links.👍9


So much silly in this post. "trusting" the great ratings of a vendor on Legiit for links – strike 1. You should at least recognize the name of a few of the reviewers if you are trusting the reviews. Are they peeps or low budget buyers with no real knowledge of a good or bad link. You clearly don't understand that dropping 10 spots from a brand new link is NOT that irregular and you didn't give it time to actually make its mark, good or bad – strike 2. Finally, you tested LINKS FROM Legiit on a client site – strike 3. That's just bad form man. Use your own sites to test less than reputable link vendors.👍🤯2


A few months back I bought a do follow link on Reddit from legitt. The link vendor had tons of positive feedback, and not one negative one. The link arrived and it looked crap, Total spam. The vendor was asking for some positive feedback. I didn't give any feedback as I thought the link might be removed. A couple of days later the link was removed. The vendor apologised, and seemed sincere. He told me that that he would get another one to me ASAP and it would stick. he delivered the new link and It was deleted in a day for violating Reddit's rules. Again the vendor apologised and sent me refund. The problem I found after accepting the refund you could no longer add a review. (I think this might have changed recently). That gig was still going on for weeks later. The vendor knows it was a scam. It's easier and more profitable to refund than to have negative feedback. I would love to purchase links from vendors that have reviews left a few weeks later and not as soon as they have been delivered. Should add there's plenty of decent gigs on legit.👍1

Kosta ✍️
Good points – never considered that. Thank you 🙂.👍1

So one idiot buys from another idiot and then complains that he was such an idiot that he couldnt tell just how much of an idiot the other idiot was…

He had recanted and apologized. He discovered the links were good 🙂.👍🤭2
Kosta ✍️ » Libelt
shut your f*cking mouth.

The main problem with Legiit is that you cannot put a negative review if the order has not been accepted by you as completed. Yes they will refund very quickly but the review system is very flawed.
Amusing to see one of the sellers from Legiit posting "advice" on this post when my experience with them was a total shambles. Got my money back but I not allowed to post a negative review.
Do not place ANY faith in Legiit reviews.👍1

Kosta ✍️
Wow – thanks. I never knew that.👍1


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