Google Sandbox Is Just Symbolic That Any SEO Users Make That Fad

Hey guys, i have a question, my website is in Google Sandbox, everything was okay but last week the pages disappeared from Google, do you have any idea how long it will be in sandbox and how i can resolve this problem. Thank you Guys
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google sandbox is just symbolic that any seo users make that fad

which url 👍🏽1

Ezzahra ✍️ » John
this one: 👍🏽1

Firstly, there is no such thing as Google sandbox.. right, now that is out of the way, let's figure out a few things about why the site is not ranking…
1) have you checked search console for any manual actions?
2) when is the last time you updated the site?
3) backlinks – how many and are the sites they come from reputable with decent domain authority?
4) is it just particular key phrases not ranking or is not even indexed anymore at all? 👍🏽1

there is no filter called „sandbox“, you are right. But there are some filters and algorithms for newer websites which will look like a „sandbox“. 👍🏽2
Eoin » Marius
just making sure the new guys don't actually think there is an actual sandbox. 😉 👍🏽2
Ezzahra ✍️ » Eoin
1) My website is not crawled from the 1st september, even if ask for indexation, i mean is not crawled anymore
2) i guess 2 months ago
3)8K backlinks
4) the whole website is not ranking, even for a long tail, 👍🏽1
Eoin » Ezzahra
8k backlinks kinda stands out to me.. where are those back links coming from?
Another thing, is it a WordPress site?
Check my comments lower down. Your schema is a mess and SSL is not working. Fix those and I think you have a chance of it ranking again.. 👍🏽2
Ezzahra ✍️ » Eoin
i will fix those problems, hope that it will rank again, thank you so much for your time 👍🏽2
Eoin » Alkesh Singh
aaaaahaha.. I did binary trading for some time before it was banned in Ireland 🇮🇪.. unless you are an experienced trader, you WILL LOSE MONEY! There are very few binary trading agencies that are regulated… this isn't one of them.
PS: bitcoin and binary trading don't mix, so you are already lying to people. You bet on the direction of an asset, you don't get btc back from that bet.

There is no "sandbox", or algorithmic demoting and penalizing sites just because they're new 🙂, but since the last 5 years Google has invested so much into machine learning and because of that, data-processing the link-based signals (Page Rank Score, Anchor Text, Document Classifiers/Silos) and quality signals (Panda) nowadays takes a longer to process, and new websites don't have any side-wide signals to make them appear in the search results.
Are you competing in a competitive niche? 👍🏽2

Ezzahra ✍️
The domain name age is 11 years, and website is active now for 1 year and 4 months, everything was okay until a week ago, the website was offline, and it was a problem host, not mine, i send them an email to fix the DNS problem, it was a Friday night and they fixed it the next Monday so the site stayed offline for 2 days, but when it came back the positions were down 👍🏽1
Ok, I wouldn't worry about it, you should be able to get your rankings back overtime. 👍🏽2
Ezzahra ✍️
Hope So, thank you 👍🏽1

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No SSL on the site.. probably the reason it's not ranking or even being crawled. 👍🏽2

Sorry there is SSL, but you got a lot of internal links with http:// instead of https://
Your site schema is telling Google your site is non-ssl.
From your schema:
"@type": "WebSite",
"url": "", 👍🏽1
You are also using the "additionaltype" schema incorrectly.. use the SameAs schema instead for things like links to social media profiles:
"additionalType": "
" 👍🏽1
You also have the "EmergencyService" type schema on there, which is reserved for things like FireStation, Hospital and PoliceStation types.. not for chimney cleaning services. 👍🏽2
Ezzahra ✍️ » Eoin
okay I will fix that, i will switch to home and construction business. I thought in an additional type we can mention the social media profiles
Eoin » Ezzahra
No, additional type could be used for things like Books that are also on CD.. SameAs is what could be to show you have other presences on the internet. No, use "Service" schema not home and construction. You need to get this right to get out of the Google dog house. 😛 👍🏽2
Ezzahra ✍️ » Eoin
yes you're right. I will remove those lines from my structred data "SameAs" and "AdditionalType" 👍🏽2

I've watched this page:
Do you have a single H1 in the page? H2's to lighten up GoogleBot's vision?
otherwise http, sometimes https… 👍🏽2

Ezzahra ✍️ » Andy
there's no problem if we have a single H1 with the main keyword and titles from h2 to h5.


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