Greenhorn SEO Vendors | How Can We Apply SEO at Beginning after Getting Courses?

Ive gotten started, took multiple courses and completed the google cert on the basics, but now I need to actually apply it all.
I'm still super fresh and I often come in here and read around trying to convince myself to try affiliate marketing, but I'm terrified of it. I have about a budget of $1000 to start.
Does everyone use amazon? I see a trend of Blogging about the product to build keyword dominance, and I see content about backlinking, but do you create your OWN backlinks? Like making multiple domains, that talk about eachother or is that black hat?
Sorry for the scrubby questions! Would love to see any tools you use to help you build your SEO As well.
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Not sure why you would be terrified, you've learned all the basics, go test them out! The sky is the limit.
Amazon is one of my favorite affiliate programs, because they pay and they are a legit business, I would personally concentrate on your keyword research primarily, it begins and ends right here to be honest. If you find great low comp keywords, you will not need to build lots of links or do much SEO therefore you earn from easy traffic once you get going, it's easier to build up more traffic later on.
Good luck!

Ryan ✍️
Thanks! I'm still planning a bit of a strategy. I'd like to combined my efforts within Youtube, blogging, and a few other methods to really drive it home and see if it gets any pull. I'm not sure why I'm so timid about it! I think its from all the things i know I don't know yet! haha thanks!
Anthony » Ryan
better off diving straight into it, best way to learn, domains and an unlimited shared hosting account isn't that expensive, get a decent keyword research tool and you're set. $1000 should be more than enough for the basics unless you're wanting to buy content.
Don't bother with automated link building tools/softwares from your budget just yet (if you were thinking of this) as I said above, if you find the right keywords, all it would take is a few well known Web 2.0 links to start to rank and see traffic. You'll only want or need automation, if the keywords are high competition, unless of course you prefer to pay to win by buying links. I tend to do my own SEO.
Ryan ✍️ » Anthony
lots of context for me to google here, but i plan on ding my own SEO and just using tools to sort of reflect those decesions. Any recomendations on tools you use when writing/generating your own SEO?
Anthony » Ryan
your hands, catch all emails (buy a domain, host it, set up a catch all for it and you'll have unlimited email accounts to register to Web 2.0 platforms) any keyword research tool that suits your budget, Longtailpro, market samurai,SEMrush etc, Inspyder Backlink Monitor, express indexer those are just a few but I don't want to boggle the mind. SEO doesn't have to be complicated, tools for writing, Microsoft word
Ryan ✍️
stoked. thanks!

I'm in the same boat..I don't have that amount of funds but I'll give it a go..I just need to pick a product i want to sell.

Ryan ✍️ » Paul
my understanding is start with a niche. For me its gaming/pop culture cause it matches my life style. There are tons of popular niches with tons of products

At that stage, you have no choice but to do everything yourself (writing, web design, everything), and save that $$$ for backlinks.
The down side is it's a time sink. The up side is that it's the least scary way of going about it and you will learn a lot in the process.
Amazon sucks for %, but converts like crazy so it really depends on your product. Sometimes you can start with Amazon and then worry about higher payout later. I'm ranking for some children's educational toys and amazon was making about $4 on average. BUT, there is a legitimately better non-Amazon version that pays $20 so I threw it up to see if it converted. …let's just say it was a very good Christmas. 🙂
One other thing. Start with a niche or terms that should be easy so you know when you are doing it right.
Ryan ✍️
Thank you!
It took me over 2 years before I started making a consistent income with affiliate marketing. It's a bit disheartening to work for 2 years and not make money. But, I refused to give up. A couple years later I made my first million. And the next 11 years I made much more.
There are so many more resources available now than there were 15 years ago. Find and study the best affiliate sites. Keep learning. Keep applying what you learn. Have some fun with it and never take short cuts. Put in the work and just remember that right when you feel like you want to give up, that's when you're about to have your biggest breakthrough.
You should take a screenshot of your post. It will be funny to you years later if you stick it out and make big money with affiliate marketing.

Ryan ✍️
I agree. Screen shot taken. Any tips on tool choices?
Ahrefs, Surfer, Screaming Frog, Website Auditor, SimilarWeb.
Ryan ✍️

I'm doing lead generation instead of affiliate due to the low competition niche I've found for it. I'm no expert and just started off about 3 months ago with only a $300 budget. However, I've already gotten traction and sold some leads.
Here are some things that I did and wish I did instead.
1. Researched & bought an expired exact match domain (EMD) and made it brandable.
2. Bought hosting
3. Learnt how to use WordPress and built everything myself. (Elementor Pro helped a lot here)
4. Keyword research & competitive analysis. With $300, I couldn't afford premium tools mentioned in this post. Not sure how long $1000 is gonna last you if you're subscribing to these tools too. For me, I just use Ubersuggest. It's $10/month now but for starters it really provides loads of information to help you get started.
5. Map your keywords out and just start writing.
Honestly, save the money and write the content yourself. Every month if you have time you can produce 2-4 articles. It's time consuming but it trains you to know what works and what doesn't, how to do on page SEO, and you'll give your website a persona.
Save the rest of the money for links, and slowly build them monthly.
Hope I was of help! Good luck, keep us posted! 😄

Ryan ✍️
Great help! I use Elementor, and design website currently freelance! Elementor Pro is SOOOO GOOD. – Just posting to show you the template I'm working on ! (the screenshot shows some weird stuff, but its all filler template as I prep to write all the content )
yea, those tools are gonna kick my ass. I'm gonna put the money into ads primarily. I'm confident in content creation, utilizing the reaction culture of todays Info-market so I will at least have a confident start – I don't know (idk) about success yet, but that's the goal. Congrats on your lead generation – is that basically similar to affiliate in terms of just grabbing traffic to direct them to sales channels for clients??
how can we apply seo at beginning after getting couses

Looks great! And yeah Elementor pro is amazing and have been so much help! Will you be running ads indefinitely or just to get something going on in the beginning?
It's somewhat similar! I rank my own websites, generate these leads, and then sell them off to those who are interested. I doubt it has the same potential affiliate has, but it's all about trying it out (and paying college tuition 😩)!
Ryan ✍️ » Syazwani
I think if ads are bringing revenue, and after testing don't affect conversion for affiliate sales then I'm going to let them stay – they are here to help now – and there will only be the mid banner, and one side banner – the screenshot system I use does a scroll, and the side ad follows the scroll down so made it looks like 50 are there. Its also not spaced properly yet which I'm working on right this moment!
Oof, selling em off! That's kind of cool that you're that level in skill to do it. I feel like it's a rarity to hit successfully, but I guess there is so much digital real estate there is room to rinse repeat. Do you think if 10 people are selling the same thing that they can all be successful simultaneously or is it so competitive that if someone else pops up you're kind of doomed?
Syazwani » Ryan
it definitely helps if you have a friend in the industry! If not, almost any business would take you in if your leads are qualified.
I guess if 10 people came in there would be lesser leads for me. I don't think I'll be doomed, just that I've gotta put in more effort then! 😂
Once I see success with this site, I'm probably thinking of creating an affiliate website. Gotta try something new! what kind of ads are you thinking of running?
Ryan ✍️ » Syazwani
I'll be running ads related to the niche – not sure if that answers the question lmao. Stuff that I don't cover ground on though, but related enough. I assume the bad thing about ads is them potentially clicking away from your website to go somewhere else. I probably am not sure enough on what you mean on type of ads besides that question – unless you meant like the ads I'll run for myself rather than ones people will come click on?

Hey Ryan, if you really want to put that $1000 to good use I'd recommend buying a site with existing traffic and monthly earnings. You could probably pick up an abandoned project for that money from a group like Flipping Websites™ then just add content and watch the magic happen. Good luck with it all!

Ryan ✍️ » Mark
ooo cool. Ty for the group link. I might do this as well. It's not my go to, because I have sort of a dream plan, but that might change if things go south lmao!
Ryan ✍️ » Mark
just got accepted into group. Crazy to see things in here much appreciated.


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