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The Summary of Discussion 2: Group Buy SEO Tools
Guys, controversial question…
Is Ahrefs actually worth it?
I'm a freelancer doing SEO but their pricing looks crazy and for my client base would be 500-600 per month. I keep swaying to make the purchase, but then hold back as i cant work out if its going to just be a waste of money.
What do you use? Has anyone found any diamonds that aren't ridiculously priced?
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Buy in group buy… I do it.. Ahrefs and much more for $25

Nic » Zain
Where do you find group buy?
Phil ✍️
hmm sounds like this would be a scam…
Ryan » Phil
no scam most of us SEO's do group buys.
Zain » Phil
it's not a scam my agency runs on this. You can buy it from
SEORDP – Best SEO Group Buy Tools
SEORDP – Best SEO Group Buy Tools
SEORDP – Best SEO Group Buy Tools
And guys I'm not in affiliation with them at all. I buy for my own agency, and never had problem with them. Their Facebook support is quite fast, and helpful.
Phil ✍️ » Zain
But the page and domains all seem to be owned by you… and the page has like 30likes… doesn't fill me with confidence bud lol
Zain » Phil
group buy seo tools

See this, my chat with them. How can I own it? I tried to help you and you're painting me a liar. You can buy or not buy, it's your choice but please behave. Thanks.
I use
🥇Original | Provide quality SEO tools at cheapest – Group Buy SEO Tools

Do you expect to make money?
If yes, spend money.
If no, get a job.
I guess what people should know before they answer is what do you plan on using it for? Without knowing that, any answer is just as bad as writing "group buy".

Ahrefs is best for competitor's backlink analysis and I haven't seen any alternative for it.
Moz have less data than Ahrefs.
SEMrush is better for keyword analysis but lack in backlink data.
And all other tools are way behind in data.
So my opinion is try all of them for a month and select which suits your need.
Group buy will not work for you because it has limit in use. (Around 10-15 searches per day)
If you have a client base that requires a $500-$600 Ahrefs investment, then take the number of clients you have and divide it by $500-$600 and you'll see that the avg Ahrefs cost per client is negligible. Like other tools, it is a cost of doing business.
No other link tool compares to Ahrefs.
What are some legit group buy links, never heard of this. The one posted looks super scammy…lol
Ahrefs is absolutely awesome. Well worth the money.
Use 3rd party tool for Ahrefs until you are ready to pay up direct amount.
Its worth it but you can use a cheaper license if you have under 100 clients. We use Ahrefs for checking projects but use other ranktracking tools.
Buy the entry level plan for $100 a month. That's all you need regardless of how many clients you have.
IMO, yes. Time is money. And Ahrefs ability to save time is much greater than $100/month.
Try it out for a month and see if it is worth it. Then you will know.
This may not be as helpful for freelancer or agency whose clientele fluctuates, but if you want to use it for your blog or small business or just a couple of sites, save up and get the monthly for one month. Use that time wisely on intensive keyword research and you can plan out the next 12 months fairly well content-wise. A year later, rinse and repeat.
You can go for group buy tools, if you can't afford the official price. they provide share accounts for Ahrefs which cost 10 bucks And work pretty good. I would recommend They are providing almost all SEO tools at affordable price for freelancers and small businesses
Group Buy SEO Tools – Direct Access To 25+ SEO Tools
Group Buy SEO Tools – Direct Access To 25+ SEO Tools
Group Buy SEO Tools – Direct Access To 25+ SEO Tools
First you can start with group buy(shared account).
When you have enough clients then buy from official site.
for starting Ahrefs SEMrush is enough…
You can buy from
That is site audit feature enabled which others doesnt support..and less limit issue
Group Buy SEO tools – DigitaVision
I've paid for both SEMrush and Ahrefs. I probably spend too much/month on tools, but I'm fond of time saving and fiddling with new gadgets.
Overall I found Ahrefs less user friendly but it seems to be widely considered the "best" tool for backlink analysis. Most SEO forums etc would float Ahrefs at the top of the pack, which makes me feels guilty for not trying harder to get on with it.
However SEMrush, IMO, is far more client friendly for keyword research, domain and competitor analysis etc. I'll often whip out a SEMrush screenshare during a Zoom call.
And the Projects feature is awesome for a quick tasks dashboard for each client.
My current SEO specific tool suite includes SEMrush (£200ish/month), PageOptimizerPro, Rhino Rank, FatJoe and a couple of quality copywriters and graphic designers.

Agreed on SEMrush. It to me seems very user friendly and much more impressive on a zoom call. It just looks "technical" lol.


The Summary of Discussion 1: Group Buy SEO Tools
Nam Ils
I can't afford expensive SEO tools. I'm new to SEO.
My target keywords aren't that competitive but I'd like to know if I can rank at least using cheaper solutions like Ubersuggest.
I can pay for Ahrefs or SEMrush for couple of months but not the annual plans.
should I rely on free tools or spend my whole budget using paid tools to gather initial information?
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Go for groupbuying 😢1

Nam Ils ✍️
what's the best groupbuying option?
No. Don't start your journey into SEO as a thief. 👍🏽🤭8
Nam Ils ✍️ » Mike
will the free tools be suffice for the beginning at least?
Paul » Nam Ils
As a beginner either b limited with only free tools or for exploring paid one go for groupbuying…Once you feel it's helping you to scale your business can buy as an individual… 👍🏽1
Mike » Paul
That is theft. It shouldn't be mentioned, much less encouraged. 👍🏽2
Mike » Nam Ils
I don't know. Outside of the common ones like Search Console, Analytics, etc., I don't really use any free ones. 👍🏽2
Paul » Mike
nothing theft or free…it's just to minimize cost as a beginner…
Mike » Paul
It breaks the tools TOS. That makes it stealing. 👍🏽3
Paul » Mike
an agency plan itself gives the right to use as a group/team… So if someone purchase the same n use it as a group there is nothing called stealing… 👍🏽1
Mike » Paul
An Agency plan on Ahrefs, for example, gives you 5 users. It costs $1,000/month. The Lite plan is $99 and the Standard plan is $179. It would be cheaper for everyone to just use buy their own plan. SEMrush pricing is similar in that it is cheaper for each person to have their own plan. So how are you saving any money? 👍🏽2

Yes, Ubersuggest along with a bunch of other free tools should be enough in most cases 👍🏽1
Best option= Buy Ahrefs and Keyword Everywhere. Why? Ahrefs is one of the best tool, you don't need anything else. you can check backlink profile in detail of every competitor.
Keyword Everywhere is an extension which gives you search volume of a keyword directly from Google Keyword Planner and that's the best because no tool can be more accurate than Google's itself.
Start with these two and you will be good to go. Once you start earning, you can buy plans also.
For now you can buy shared tools. you can buy Ahrefs, Moz, Grammarly for almost 10-15$ a month
and Keyword Everywhere will be 10$ but its not monthly. Its credits based and it will give you 1 lac keyword search credits once you consume all then you can buy so it will be enough for a year for you in start. 👍🏽2

Nam Ils ✍️
Thanks Irshad
! If I bought Ahrefs for couple of months, can I gain enough info to maintain first SEO campaign?
Irshad » Nam Ils
If you have some budget, I can help you with all the process including Keyword research, competitor analysis and backlinking strategies. You can ping me I can guide you for free as well 🙂 👍🏽1

Go for group buy… I suggest you use SEMRUSH it's metrics are the closest to accuracy. Ahrefs is good for other things except Keyword difficulty calculations. They give unrealistic Keyword Difficulty (KD) score compared to other tools.
Contact Preetam Singh Rajput (an Indian man) for group buy tools.
Nam Ils turned off commenting for this post.


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