Having a Website versus Facebook Fans-Page

What's the significance of having a website if a Facebook page can accomplish the same purpose?
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Well you have more control over your website. If they both achieve the same purpose I'd consider control a significant advantage.
A website shows professionalism and authority
If I am going to do business with someone and they don't have a website I questioned their credibility that's just me
If you are going to invest time, resources and money building equity in an online property, why do it for FB instead of your own property.
Your website is truly the ONLY thing you own and control on the internet.
Don't believe I'm right, just ask all those folks who built businesses on MySpace.
Why buy a house when you can rent one. Think of the website like your virtual home. Facebook can disable your page anytime better have a website.
I can mention hundred things why having a website is better.
What happens if Facebook bans your business for any reason they see fit?
You want to own your content and data
Not just content but I don't think you can control *HOW* people get to your Facebook page as much as you can with a website.
Search engine put preference to web page over FB.
A Facebook page CAN'T accomplish the same purpose as a website.
Art Pollard
Because Zuckerburg can't shut down your webpage if he doesn't like you, your product, or your politics.

Saim » Art Pollard

Facebook can shutdown your page without reason or notice leaving you out of business until you figure out the issue.

Art Pollard » Rivera
yep. And their customer service sucks and they are under no obligation to actually respond if you have problems.

You don't own your Facebook page, have no control over their algorithm, and they could shut your page of for any violation of terms. You own your domain, website and have more control over how traffic gets to it.
There are a lot of things, actually. Ownership is a big one. With your own website, you can promote it on several other platforms and not just Facebook. You can sell advertising on your own website. You have more control over the look and feel over you own website. You get better analytical power with your own website. You can block people or control any feedback left on your own website. There are too many to list but ask yourself this, why is Facebook and all these other platforms that own their site doing it? Bottom line is CONTROL! So if you want to be in control use your own website if you do not mind Facebook controlling you and what you can post and do, then use them. 🙂
You own your website. Everything else you put out on "Free" platforms you do not own, hence you are at their mercy.
Because FB can shut you down when ever they want.
Keywords density, single page for each product, backlinks, ownership. When you look for a product or service, whatever the search intent is to buy or get infos, how often do you see a FB page at the top of page one of Google?
Look at the SERP for every keyword you want to rank for and ask yourself "where are all the Facebook pages?"


Why not use them both and have multiple streams of leads coming in?
It's more productive to be fishing with multiple lines in the water.
Just because you have one, doesn't mean the other us unimportant.
I'll bet there is a correlation between a successful businesses and lead generating avenues.

Maria » Andrew
great answer Andrew

If you dont see the difference, dont start a businness
Website is owned by you, facebook belongs to Mark Zukcerberg!

Joseph » Syed

Facebook groups can be hacked, deleted, and frozen without warning or ways to restore content. You cannot save your content either. Any admin you trust could delete individual posts and members as well. But I love Fb!
With a website you own your domain name. You can move your website to a new host any time you want or need. Facebook owns your page. They can change their terms of service any time or discontinue the service and all your posts and followers will be gone.

Brian » Marie
Absolutely correct has anyone noticed what is happening on Facebook in Australia with Media Pages, for the record all media has been shut down no exceptions that's the power they have over this free service. People forget Facebook is free and they can do as they wish.

Is that a serious question? You own the domain, you control the leads captured, you control messaging and don't risk punishment from Big tech when they decide they don't like you or your business or they just shut down or shut you down and you lose all of your contacts and momentum. Social media is a great tool to drive traffic to your own site, it should not be your only digital presence.

Nancy » Kevin
Could not put it better

FB can delete you on a whim and you have no control over it.
Because FB can remove you content when ever they please.
Fb is not an alternative to a website as much as they would like to think it is.
See it like this… At Social Media Ads you try tempting someone with your product/service targeting their interests… At Google Search Ads you are promoting yourself targeting someone who is actively looking for a service/product specifically like yours (reason why they searched).
That's on Ads, besides that obvious great thing, having a Website gives you a far more professional serious look, showing your clients you are that more serious business gives them another reason to trust you, differentiates yourself from those who don't

Albert ✍️ » Facu

For the exact reason that just happened last week! So many people completely lost access to their pages and/or content.
Very dangerous to build a business that's solely reliant on one platform
Vu Thinh
On a beautiful day, you can be locked by FB.
I had this conversation multiple times in the past and decided against relying on a platform for the below reasons:
– Freedom to create content without going through the scrutiny of people who don't understand my business
– Own my audience
– Not give up on SEO traffic
– Not depend on algorithm updates that'll restrict my reach
– Run my own analytics to understand user behavior (for some this one reason will trump everything else)
Website is a hub and helps bring an entire marketing plan together. Social platforms are great, but, as many people have found out recently, they can and at will remove you from said platform. A website allows you to collect and maintain lists of clients and potential clients. Thousands people on any platform can be taken from you with little recourse from even the simplest of missteps.
A Facebook page does nothing until you start paying for advertising. It's simply a holding tank plus, FB owns you!
A Facebook pages DOES NOT accomplish the same thing. Here is a rule in business. People come to Facebook to either whine, cry, post pictures of puppies or check gossip, NOT TO BUY. You need a website in order to target buyers. If you stay on Facebook only, your business will fail. You need to be in search engines for buyers.

Anton » Roger
very well written 👏😎
Jawaid » Roger
very well written i will add done points..
Makes make it possible to track customers behaviors and products they are interested in and remarket accordingly not on remarketing also scaling accordingly..
Where is page will never gives u this ease

Website = control, credibility, citations, customers.
Facebook = cats.
You're in the wrong group mate
Yes, facebook is for gossip. And that's it. Someone said that here. Totaly agree. I wonder how long it willy last. Gossip = low rank people. But they are many, isn't it?
Sure, when Facebook won't let you sell your products or services because of a usage policy change, you'll understand that what you said today was really bad shit
You have 100% autonomy and control over your website. It's like a house. Facebook is like a seat at the local bar You can be kicked out at a moment's notice.


it can not accomplish the same thing. FB can not have SEO (search engine optimization) which is crucial for marketing. You wont appear on Google searches which is what most people do when looking for services. some will do Facebook but when you dont have a website such as .com its a very unprofessional look for the business. I personally do not accept offers from businesses unless they 1. have a legit website and 2. a legit email such as info@theirwebsite.com, emailing from a gmail account is sketchy and unprofessional.
A website looks so much better than a FB page also. So many more widgets to display on a website such as images carousels and forms. A FB page is just 5% of what a business needs.
Facebook has openly censored people who are perpendicular to their ideology… and they can shut you down anytime they want for any reason they choose!
A website offers you a platform that you own and control… most people still do not host their own site so you still have a third party that has so control, but, with regular back ups downloaded – even if the host shuts your site down you can be back up in no time flat
Facebook page never can be accomplished the same purpose an website does.
a fb page will NEVER accomplish what a well done website can do.
Easy: Facebook can turn you off instantly without notice. A website you have more control.

Glenn » Chiang
agreed but you need to own your website and hosting. Not some website in a box platform that lulls you into some sense of security. People who think they are saving money by using that crap are leaving money on the table from the other end (Google search).

Art Morehead
Facebook regulates your traffic and connections and they can pull the plug on you anytime they want. You have no ownership, rights or say so in design and is not an asset to your business. Webiste is owned by you if you are self hosted and becomes valuable in time as a liquid asset. I have several valued at 5,000 to 60,000
What will you do when Facebook blocks your account or goes out of business or requires you to pay to be able to have your business there? Or they decide that your type of business needs to be censored.
Will you go out of business too?
A website is yours… you own it… no one can decide what happens but you.
You do not own nor control a FB account/page long-term. Internet history has many instances of people putting in tons of hours to building a profile on a corporate site and the popularity of the site wanes and/or your account is taken down by the faceless team. Your pages/accounts can be rug-pulled any day. An FB page cannot accomplish the same purpose of rankings in Google; if that's your purpose; it may compliment your site rankings but not substitute for it. And in a growing # of people's minds FB is Sh!t and more and more people are using it less and less. It's well on the way to dying; has been dying for years. I wouldn't waste much time on an FB page apart from to refer and link people to your main site.


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