How can a New Fresh Website get the First Page of SERPs Quickly?

The Summary of Discussion 2: How can a New Fresh Website get the First Page of SERPs Quickly?
Does the sandbox exist? How can you start ranking for a new domain quickly?
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Not sure if it does but my last 3 projects had a 4-6 month period before any rankings happened. They were always on the 30+ page then all of a sudden jumped 5 -3 2. 👍🏽1
5 weeks to show on page 4 of Google. Besides the usual stuff we do we used a prize giveaway software and about $50 on fb ads… To drive local traffic to visit site and opt into giveaway. Got just under 1200 real visitors to the site. So far. 300 optins. I'm guessing this activity helped. 🤷‍♂️ 👍🏽1

Allen ✍️
300 opt ins from 1200 visitors. That's amazing, Zaid. May I have a look?
Prefer not to share my client's website here. So here's the breakdown of how to do it…really simple.
1) Decide with your client what they'd like to giveaway – must be relevant to their business and attractive to their target audience. e.g: Restaurant can giveaway a bi-weekly family feast.
2) setup a landing page on your client's website (I just create and use a new WordPress page)
3) Setup the prize giveaway with Upviral – Connect your client's Autoresponder to capture the leads for them.
4) Give client the upviral link to share with their audience (free marketing). You can share the link as well if you want to help your client ( I do this).
– this link sends traffic to their website (landing page you setup) where they opt-in/enter the giveaway.
5) The magic is in how easy it is for the people to share the giveaway with their network…these referred people also visit the website.
6) Have client pay for FB ads which you create and manage. Keep targeting local to your client's location and be fairly specific on who you want to show the ad too…ie: person most likely to love the prize and come to purchase afterwards.
7) Immediately after optin, offer a really good deal to all subs…to get them to take some action and go make a purchase. Eg: Restaurant can offer a 50% off their first meal.
8) It's up to the restaurant to then upsell them/offer loyalty cards, etc etc. to get them coming back (once the customers are in store)
People love giveaways…especially if it's local to their area because there's a greater sense of trust. So the copy for landing page and emails is super simple. 👍🏽3

Anybody who tells you it takes months to rank doesn't know what they're doing. 😂 Must be too busy playing in that sandbox 👶 Just search "row home rebuild" and see that my site currently ranks #1 or #2 (rowhomerebuild .com) despite making it live less than 4 days ago… Brand new site! Checked the wayback machine, no history… 👍🏽1

Allen ✍️
Okay, I hear what you're saying. But let's try not to fall into the mental trap of "what works for one must work for all," or "what is true for one keyword phrase must be true for all keyword phrases." This is something that we SEO users tend to do and it helps no one. I think that's great that you and other people here have avoided the sandbox for your particular keyword and I'm not trying to take anything away from you for having done so. Now, can you tell us what, if anything, you did to achieve that end? 👍🏽1
yep, I've been making videos about it on youtube. Mainly, exact match URL's paired with highly optimized youtube videos of engaging content. From my experience, click through rate, and particularly initial user experience seems to play the biggest role in ranking. for me anyways.
Also people manually searching for your content until they find it seems to help. 👍🏽2

No Sandbox,
Google in the last year improved its indexing system for new websites.
As per it, new sites can be ranked along with other sites.
For low competitive niches/industries, the new site will be ranked after the indexing the new site pages and content (based on relevance score) in search results along with branded sites.
For high competitive niches/competitive sites the new sites may not appear in top positions as authority sites and other branded sites already ranking in the top positions. 👍🏽1
I recently bought a new domain. Did all the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and did a little bit of paid social media and it was up there for low competitive keywords within a week. I don’t believe in the a “sandbox” period anymore.
I’m sure some SEO experts might disagree and say “well, you weren’t up there for high competitive keywords.”
Well, my response is “sandbox” was a term used when new domains wouldn’t index “at all.” However, that’s not the case anymore. New domains index pretty quickly these days. 👍🏽💟2

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The Summary of Discussion 1: How can a New Fresh Website get the First Page of SERPs Quickly?
Hello. I'm very new at this and need a lot of help. I started a website for my dental practice about 2 weeks ago. How do I get to the first page? My position is usually between 60-70.
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Back links. Trust me your gonna ruin your rankings if you try to do this by yourself. 👍🏽2

Lynda ✍️
How do I get backlinks? 👍🏽1
Johnny » Lynda
You need to hire an SEO agency or a person because you shouldn't go out and get it yourself. You don't know how . On page is on your website off page is not. (SEO) works yet. It takes a while to understand. 👍🏽3
Lynda ✍️
Thank you. Where do you find someone trustworthy and competent to hire? I've read some doctors have hired companies for a lot of money for no results. 👍🏽1
Johnny » Lynda
I know I've read some reviews that say the same. It's just gonna take time. Its honestly better to learn SEO yourself and then outsource the process but if you're willing to spend 2-3 months learning and impending it on your site. I'll give you a resource.
I rank affiliate sites and local is pretty much the same. You just use different resources, the concept remains the same. If you're desperate for rankings. You're gonna hire anyone and produce no results. If you learn you have a website you can practice on. 👍🏽1

A very very long process. Called SEO. Google "SEO Roadmap".. read 10 articles. Alternative options include Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads(also honestly Google Ads) for faster client acquisition. In that niche you're gonna need strong on page and off page SEO to reach the first page. Also get a Google My Business (GMB) going and a Bing Places For Business 👍🏽1

Lynda ✍️
Thank you. How long does this process usually take? What do you mean by on page and off page SEO?
Smith » Lynda
6 months is possible in this niche depending on geotarget. On page is on your website off page is not.

I would not worry about organic at all. Have a decent web site that converts well and put all your time and effort into Map ranking, specifically in the 3-pack that appears above the organic results in local searches. Also, run ads on multiple platforms. Get your funnel and remarketing right and you will be printing money at your practice. 👍🏽5
1.Just try to give social signals to your site
2. Create small educational topics videos related your dental niche on YouTube
3. Create backlinks for your target keyword
4. Run ads on search engine or in fb of your services, if you wanna query from today itself.
5. Create a blog section on your website or post thrice in a week.
6. Do guest postings on other niche sites with your target keyword
5. If you don't this your own self then hire freelancer on Fiverr or consult with any experienced digital Marketer 👍🏽1
Off Page SEO Package Available
1. 10 Social Bookmarking – DA ( 60 to 100) with Login Details
2. 10 Business Listing – DA ( 30 to 100) with Login Details
3. 30 Blog Comment Backlinks – DA ( 30 to 100)
4. 10 Directory Submission
5. 10 Form Submission
6. 10 Article Submission – DA ( 70 to 100) with Login Details
7. 10 Classified Submission
8. 10 Image Submission
9. Search Engine Submission
10. 10 Web 2.0 Links – DA ( 70 to 100) with Login Details
11. Social Media Submission
12. 10 PDF Submission
This will increase your website ranking and authority in search engines 👍🏽1


Start educating yourself before hiring someone.
You'll probably jump right in and hire someone from people pitching here not knowing that you're only ruining the digital home for your business.
So save yourself from the headache and try to know what works now and what doesn't.
Don't get overwhelmed when people here say that it will take you 3-6 months to study SEO. Just know the basics Lynda and you'll even complete it in a few days. If you need resources just so you can start, just send me a DM. 👍🏽2
Chaudhry » Lynda
try learning a basic SEO course first on Udemy. Then use something like surfer SEO to create your content. Thereafter consult a professional SEO Expert and don’t try and do it all yourself. You need a professional who understands your industry and can do it. I work with dentists but I have no space for more clients as SEO is a very unique skill for dentistry and needs careful attention to your locality, treatment offered, blogs and so on.
This answer will entirely depend on your location. Saying you want to learn by yourself is the equivalent of me going to a dentist group and saying I want to learn to be a dentist to do a dental implant for myself 😶
you need to have a decent website, and do basic SEO. then put aside some money for pay-per-click (PPC) first, this way results are fast you get in front of customers with intent right away. SEO takes a lot of time and work, hopefully you don't have competitive competitors at bay. Target your local area first, service + location. 👍🏽1
Do the GMB listing and Bing listing, do the local SEO that can give you, better & quick result.
All the best!
Fill out your Google my business, make sure your name, address, phone number all match. This includes website, gmb, citations, etc.
Create citations with unique content, you need them to be unique so it has a better chance of indexing.
Optimize your website. Make sure it has all your services offered, matching open and close time, an embedded map in footer and your businesses name, address and phone number in footer.
Backlinks are important but get onsite, gmb and citations first. Than you get into the fun stuff like schema, Google stacks, guest posts, etc.
Send me a PM if you want a guide to follow. Cheers. 👍🏽2
its going to take a lot longer online than 2 weeks to reach the first page. Its all about authority, and as far as Google is concerned you have none at this point.
Organically it needs 3 to 6 months to get the first page. All you need to do is Audit your website (use screaming frog) and implement on-page SEO (like Title, meta description, H1, put your focus keyword on your content first 100 words..etc) Then do some backlink (Directory submission, Classified Ads…) Get top search position.
Lots of people selling you advice here! I would focus on location content for your site – people don’t travel too far for a dentist most of the time? So look at searches people might make based on location, make sure you are on Google business and Bing business, publish recommendations from your customers, and have articles on your specialisms. I wouldn’t book a dentist just because it was on p1 of Google. Publish content on your site that matters with a local angle – “good for phobics”/“teeth whitening”/“family friendly” etc + dentist in your location. 👍🏽1
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