How Can We Enrich Our SEO Comprehension?

Hi everyone!
I just graduated a week ago from a graduate marketing program but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was only covered on a very basic surface level during a digital marketing class.
I would love some recommendations on courses I can take to further strengthen my knowledge on this, I think it was my favorite part of my degree but sadly was only briefly taught.
Eventually I’d like to be able to start consulting and helping clients grow their business.
I’d appreciate any feedback! Like all of it haha thanks in advance!
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Read blogs attend seminars.
Smaller SEO conferences are often really good. Male sure some people are teaching how to break rules IMO. 👍🏽2

Michele » Eean
any recommendations on SEO conferences? 👍🏽1
Eean » Michele
Network, experiment, Google stuff.
Start with content strategy, keyword research, competitive research, basic on page SEO.
SEO spring training, the conferences by the web 2.0 guys (even though Chaz hates me), SearchCon. 👍🏽1
Michele » Eean
awesome, thanks! 👍🏽1
Watch some YouTube videos on keyword research and content strategy, read the Backlinko blog on skyscraper technique…
SearchCon is probably my favorite. people share dirty secrets there 👍🏽1
Perez ✍️ » Eean
this is all great, thanks! any YouTube channels you might recommend also 👍🏽1
Eean » Perez
if you want you can sell SEO and then I'll rank your clients to the stratosphere haha 🙃
Not really… I'm sure it's out there. I network with software product developers in the SEO tools space and generally you get the best information by doing experiments and sharing results 💟1
Perez ✍️ » Eean
hahah maybe once I get some! 😂 right now I’m trying to sharpen my skills before I try that haha 👍🏽1
Eean » Perez
I mean. Learn by doing. I sold my first SEO contract with 0 experience.
Perez ✍️ » Eean
that’s the encouragement I need haha thanks! 👍🏽1
This is something some people are uncomfortable with. Whether or not you get Return on Investment (ROI), people feel good about purchases that make them feel Good.
Many SEO companies live on window dressing. Blogs and analytics reports. If you are even a little dedicated to client success and ROI, you're already ahead of the curve in SEO.
Oh. And ask every prospect what's working for them and they'll give you the farm. All their secrets. People love talking about their great ideas.
It only takes one silver bullet to build a dominant business… You never know where you will find it. 💟2
Perez ✍️ » Eean
facts! Yes one thing that was very clear to me during my graduate program was that people buy emotions, not products ✅ 👍🏽1
Kevin » Eean
This so true. Passion and focus on client ROI and success are the best ingredients. Skills will come with these two factors very easily. 👍🏽1


I can see that group members made sure to supply you with courses. So I’ll chime in and encourage you to go one step further and consider expanding your network as soon as you learn the ropes through courses. Why?
A network of knowledgeable people will make all the difference in how you stay up-to-date (which is vital in an ever-changing industry like SEO) where you can:
• digest some of the most comprehensive articles on search-related topics,
• delve deeper into tech SEO,
• get answers from industry leaders,
• and so on.
You’ll love how diverse the SEO community is; the variety of topics they cover, crazy character traits, unique voice, etc.
* Twitter comes first. I’ll list LinkedIn as runner up. Third place goes to Reddit (but only because I personally use it less than the other two).
** I don’t have anything against great FB groups like these. They just tend to be rather newbie-friendly than pro-oriented.
Now…Buckle up. You’re in for a crazy ride! 💪🏻 💟👍🏽3

Perez ✍️ » Omar
I appreciate the advice! Thank you 👍🏽1

Victoria Leon 👑
I suggest hiring an SEO or partnering with one and focusing on all the other aspects of marketing that you learned. SEO education and web development are a full time job. Just my 2c. Congratulations and good luck! 👍🏽💟5

Perez ✍️ » Victoria Leon

I’m not fully aware of full courses (since SEO has a lot of parts involving) but this could help you as a start
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide – Search Console Help 👍🏽💟3

Perez ✍️ » Bassel
Thank you!
Bassel » Perez
You’re welcome.


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