How Cost did You Buy an Aged Domain for 301 Redirection?

Discussion 2: How to redirect a Domain to the Main Domain?
Hey guys.
Can I please sense-check a strategy with you? Just because… well, lockdown, there's no-one around to discuss this with.
Here is the scenario
Client has their own website ( and an Irish website (.ie) and have closed the Ireland office, centralising all activity in UK. They want to bring the .ie traffic into the website.
The 2 websites are near enough identical. Products go live on both simultaneously and the content is identical across both. I want to merge the .ie. traffic into and then get rid of the Irish website.
So, here is my plan
1 – Record all .ie pages
2 – Add rel canonical to the ie pages, containing the 'master' version
3 – Leave alone for a few weeks – 6 maybe?
4 – 301 all .ie pages to
5 – Delete .ie (maybe leave a splash page up there)
This, I hope will mean that I don't lose any .ie users and smoothly migrates them across.
How does that sound to you all? Overkill with the canonicals? Sensible? Have I missed something obvious?
Thanks in advance, I genuinely appreciate your feedback and will listen to your ideas.
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Ammon 🎓
Just 301. No need for canonicals, as the 301 will have the exact same effect anyway but with greater certainty.

Jim ✍️
That is the way that I was leaning, thank you 🙂
Without anyone around, I was pretty sure that I was over-thinking things.
Appreciate you taking the time.
Ammon 🎓
That said, if your client also uses a lot of advertising, often having links out there with tracking parameters in query strings, there should always be self-referencing canonicals without the tracking parameters.
Jim ✍️ » Ammon
Ireland have done nothing – it's why they've been merged in – we've done a ton of work in the UK and they were supposed to mirror that, but in reality, they did nothing.
Ammon 🎓 » Jim
kind of a reverse Brexit then… 😉 Trust me, I know how it goes with many International offices, and it usually breaks down to budgetary politics. But still, same applies if the UK office and site use tracking parameters in URLs (often a good idea for emails and for paid ads) – always canonicalize the correct URLs
Jim ✍️
Very much a reverse Brexit, yes 🙂
Thank you.

Inform Google in search console that your ie site has moved to .co.Uk. Rest the above plan looks solid. 👍🏼

Ammon 🎓 » Ajay
that might be another over-step, as it will massively overcomplicate things if the situation needs to be reversed later.
Jim ✍️ » Ajay
Thank you – I think that I will keep the .ie with it's own GSC record so that I can work with the splash page if I need it 🙂
I'm grateful for your time.
Ajay » Ammon
the benefits of informing Google regarding the move outweighs the complexity of the future. The ie site will be deindexed anyhow and so the reverse in future would need the same effort.
Ajay » Jim
no worries, all the best 👍🏼
Ammon 🎓 » Ajay
okay, let me explain the logic. In the HTTP protocols, a 301 means the resource has moved to a different URL and that the client software should record and use the new URL as the primary – much like a canonical. However, Google don't 'drop' the old URL because if they did, how would they remember it had a 301 on it? So a 301 keeps the URL indexed, but still tells Google to send any actual traffic to the other URL, *and* to count the 301 as a kind of link.
Making any kind of record in Google that the i.e. site has *closed* business is a different statement, and unless everyone in Ireland just got fired, possibly a false one. One only has to look at Maps and Google My Business (GMB) to know how poorly Google sometimes handles notices of closure, even when false reports.

Leave that ie site alone and just add pop-up message that all transaction are conducted on then use it as Private Blog Network (PBN) where the can continue drinking the juices.

Ammon 🎓 » Casas
the 301s will already transfer any passable link power, as traditionally a 301 is treated as a page with just one link (to the redirect URL).
The rest is just bad advice.
What i want is for them to use .ie site to feed as some sort of a PBN and keep referring
The rest is miscomprehension.
Ammon 🎓 » Casas
you can talk, or you can learn.
I mean, here you are in a group called White Hat SEO talking about PBNs, which are a black hat strategy. If you don't believe me, just go to twitter, and tweet to John Mueller that your PBN is white hat. Send me the link to the tweet, we could all use the laugh.
Any link power the Irish site has that is passable will pass through a 301. You lose a little, equivalent to the damping factor, just as you do through any links, but you get as much of it as you'll get any other way. A 301 has traditionally been treated as if it were a page with nothing but a single link.
You didn't know that, obviously, and now you do.
Also, when people talk about 'link juice', the juice is not like the liquid from a fruit, but juice as in power or influence. It's an easy confusion to have, but again, now you know.
Rewriting an entire site of any reputable brand to have popups is just idiotic for what is required – passing the link equity. 301s already do this. There is no mis-comprehension. You just made a bad suggestion that showed the limits of your understandings, but luckily where someone was willing to teach you better.
You don't even have to thank me. But please, don't waste your time or mine on pretending you were not wrong.
Ammon 🎓
Dom decided not to learn. In fact, his parting message (removed) *claimed* that he'd got 12 years of experience of doing the same bad SEO that most grow out of in 1 year, if they bother to learn. 🤣


Discussion 1: How Cost did You Buy an Aged Domain for 301 Redirection?
How much more risk would you quantify there is from redirecting links from aged domains Vs buying direct?
And (assuming you think 301 is riskier) how much more risk is involved, ie how would you price it?
For example, if a DR50 direct link costs $500 to get, how much is the same link on an aged domain worth to you?


The redirect itself probably isn't considered a backlink, but all of the links attached to that redirected domain will pass juice through to the end URL.👍2

Koszo » Guynn
meaning it’s more powerful than a single DR50 link or whatever the comparison is. I think it needs to be done right though of course, and should be relevant with plausible deniability. Basically if you do it like a real company does acquisitions you should be ok to make that redirected juice yours.👍2
Koszo Exactly. And if there's ever a question about the relevancy or health of the domain you want to 301, redirect it to a high quality T1 link instead of direct to your money site.

I know you’re a fan of Odys Richard and I really admire their valuation model of pricing links into the domain, but with a discount on account of the uncertainty around this. I think it’s all about relevance and looking natural, same as building on an expired domain.👍1

ODYS VALUE simply points out the minimum someone should expect to pay in order acquire some of those higher end links. In this particular case Richard asked about the value of redirecting links, which is a little bit different since there's an extra hop. In other words, it really depends on the purpose you're buying the domain for.👍2

Richard ✍️ » Stewart
yeah I’m thinking that SEO domains you can pick up at auction are seriously under priced unless you value them at ~10%-30% a direct link due to risk / loss of power.👍1
did a dr65 redirect into the biggest earner in my portfolio. The dr65 domaincost me 4800 on auction. The money site was dr46 before the redirect with 1400 visitors a day. 1 month later its over 2000 visitors a day, it's the first redirect this site has seen. All my rankings shot up so it definitely still works. Also when you get a super strong domain to redirect it works a lot faster than weaker ones from my experience.👍3

Great to hear this Ruaan.
! Was the expired domain very closely related in terms of niche/topic to the other one you?
Ruaan » Sorbello
yes, very similar.👍1

Richard ✍️ » Ruaan
great to hear. if had to guess, how much would those redirected links would have cost you to get directly?
Since its an exact match niche, an incredible amount of money. Probably between 50 to 100k US$. You know the cost of UK links, how many would just these cost?

✍️ so buy buying at auction you saved yourself between 90-95% of the cost and all of the time of acquiring the links. Do you think if had spent that much and got them direct you would have seen a better result (obviously hard to say / know)?👍1

Wong » Richard
yea since you control timing and anchor text and where the links go. But I would say a real, good expired domain is definitely saving you money for sure.

Better, yes, how much is hard to tell. I do think that when you do redirects you have to keep it very very closely related to the original site. I always use this redirect as an example of how to execute it properly:
For anyone interested this is exactly how I do my redirects.
Truthonpot – American m4r17u4n4.👍3

Romero » Ruaan
[funny image]

✍️ That's a cool example – is that how you did it, redirected everything to one page then internal linked?
No, I also rebuilt a few pages which had many links in addition to the main page redirect.

✍️ homepage links to main page right?
Ruaan » Yes👍1
✍️ did you get more pages than just the homepage indexed first before redirecting?
What do you mean by main page?
In the example the main page would be /truthonpot.
Richard calls it the main page since you may also choose to rebuild some additional pages, and send 301 redirects on a page by page basis for those. But in all cases the rest will go to the main page, including the ones from the auction domains home page.
Robin » Ruaan
Perfect thank you.

One of my client bought a Pets Niche domain from me and 301ed everything to new fresh domain Homepage which was brandable. It was 3 months ago. And he started pumping in high quality articles in only cat and dog niches. The content quality was like 10 cents a word.
Results? The site is ranking for high competition keywords of which you see the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) Allintitle as thousands of results.
The site is around 4500 traffic on Ahrefs now and GA daily visitors are approximately 500.
So yes 301s still work best and those links if acquired individually would definitely cost 20-30k. The domain sold for 4 figures only.
The site probably doing 4 figures in revenue monthly by now.👍3

Robin » Atif
That's amazing! Do you have any idea of the amount of content he's put on the site in these 3 months?
Atif » Robin
153 Articles all included. Around 450,000 Words…
And I can help with similar setups along with native content like 100k monthly at half the price client did (10 cents x 450k).👍1

301 from a domain you own is way better, in my opinion. As long as the domain is relevant to your money site and properly vetted, you should see great results.
Whenever you buy links of any sort, you run the risk of the link disappearing at any moment, and you have zero control over anything.
If you need help or access to powerful domains to use for 301's, let me know.👍2
✍️ Yeah I actually see buying expired domains, rebuilding then redirecting as a less risky strategy ha.👍4


Buying expired domains and 301 Redirecting might Seems So Costly and Time Killing Task.
Give it a Try Guys, you can outrank Any NICHE GIANTS (Keyword Difficulty (KD)<60).
But you need to be Super Strong on ONPAGE as well.
Dig deeper on Top 10 position Results, Optimize your content similar / Better than them.
(number of words, internal links, image meta, ALT, Title, etc).
i have tried it with multiple niches(credit, loans, gaming, educational, biography, etc).
low and mid difficulty niches shown mind-blowing results, some high difficulty niches got ranked for tons of LONG TAIL KEYWORDS initially., whereas Few High HD Niches did par above average. (Still, you can expect 5x ROI at least ).
Use robots.txt to disallow Ahrefs, MOZ, ALEXA, etc crawlers on the Expired domain. (No competitor can smell your footprint) (but Google can. Be strong on on-page, drip-feed links gradually to be safe).
Keep an on-off switch between the money site and Expired 301. (setup a PHP script / do it on server level using htaccess).
It would cost around 7K to 10K US$. But Believe me Guys, You can Tear of competitors mercilessly if your niche has low / MID Keyword Difficulty. (KD<50 ).
block some crawlers to not crawl pbn sites

Romero » Deva
do you mean a buffer site for your on-off switch?
Deva » Romero
yes, it will be time saver, if you want to point it to other sites.
Romero » Deva
[funny image]


This may satisfy you: a Case Study – When do You Prefer to Buy or Build a Site?

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