How High Is SEO Success With Just Internal Linking?

What percentage of SEO success does internal linking contribute?
Is Surfer SEO really game changing for SERPS rank?
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Quite a subjective ask about internal linking…Maybe 5-10%? The rule of thumb I always hear is 2 internals is about the same as an external. Is that correct? No not really but it paints a representation of effectiveness when comparing the two. Personally, I have never built a backlink in my life. Never done any substantial internal linking. Have still been able to do millions in sales from content alone. And yeah, Surfer is totally awesome – it’s like cheating. It’s worth every penny. Plus their willingness to listen, improve, and provide customer support to customers is truly unmatched. +1 🏄‍♂️ 💯

Rifat » Edward
If you don't build any backlinks then how do you even rank?
Edward » Rifat
Rifat » Edward
I have heard this from another SEO guru but i actually can't believe this
How is this even possible
People are crazy about backlinks and you guys don’t create any backlinks and still ranking?
Anyway, can you tell me…What is a good content?
Longer,cover all the questions and answers related to the topic and/or?
I can totally understand this being unbelievable. However, SEO is like martial arts – there are many styles & techniques. Is karate, judo, or krav maga better? They can all be effective and lethal.
“Good Content” is what the bot is already ranking in the top 10. This is entirely defined by the niche / topic & specific intent of the query which produces the SERP results.
Content which correlates best to that which is already ranking has the chance to rank as well. If you are not aligned to those in the top SERP results – you simply can’t rank. You don’t meet the existing criteria for that SERP set by the bot.
There are no “universal rules” to ranking like SEOs want to find. It’s not longer articles, faster loading websites, more backlinks, WordPress over a website builder, this plugin over that one, etc.
Most SEO’s are caught up in the micro tweaks that help win best ranks once you are in the top 100 and have topical alignment. This is why most never actually see results – they are tweaking the temperature thermostat in a house that’s missing walls.
Think Macro: All SEO really is, is understanding how the bot functionally works right now and playing to it’s latest functionality.
Current News: Read more about Correlative SEO, BERT, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Entities, & Sentiment Analysis.
Content and how it is being understood by the bot is more important & impactful than ever before in this new BERT update. Feed BERT & win.
Bryan ✍️ » Edward
YOU'RE THE BEST. Do you use Surfer?
Edward » Bryan
yes i use surfer
Daniel » Edward
totally agree with this – a lot of my most profitable websites have achieved high ranking through content only. I think the most important thing is niche selection – this is the task that really earns the money before you've even built anything.
Saying that, if your going into an ultra competitive market, this is where offpage can really make the difference.
Bryan ✍️ » Daniel
Do you use Surfer as well?
Bryan ✍️ » Edward
What do you think of Keyword Clustering?
Daniel » Bryan
yes for some projects, usually when I'm trying to break into top 10 with some existing content. Page optimiser pro is a cheaper alternative although I haven't used it much so don't know if its any good.
Bryan ✍️ » Daniel
I am trialing now
Optimizer » Edward » Bryan
Keyword clustering is the future. It’s not for everyone but ideal for those serious about a new website launch or department launches, larger sites, and regular content creators. My friend <spa class=”a”>Soulas, founder over at Keyword Cupid has let me run some data through his tool and I am about to run some more. I am in a select group examining this idea further. I’m no pioneer – I'm simply helping mold it with some feedback. He just announced some big interface upgrades. <spa class=”a”>SEO Surfers just launched a beta today worthy of noting and it definitely considers topical clusters. It’s all very inspiring stuff for the future of SEO. Also let me call out PASSAGE SEO and enter passage optimization – one step beyond On-Page. Going to see that on a resume one day soon. Exciting times!
True enough but an article with strong content and backlinks is going to beat the article with strong content and no backlinks. Backlinks are valuable.
John » Edward
very nice points and so true 👌👌… cupid is 😱, cannot believe he didn’t kept something like that for himself, but Internet is big enough for all of us…and clustering is the future, why, for one simple reason, everything is one place!
I don't want to take anything away from what Edward says. Because I believe he is right. However, despite there being 'many ways to Rome', if all things being equal, the guy who builds links IN ADDITION to all the good stuff Edwards says above, will win. The problem is that most people does not do 'all the things' or do them correctly. Therefore you can still win without active linkbuilding 👍
That's why I love you <spa class=”a”>Edward!! This giving mentality and comradery is what makes this industry and SEO community so much more invigorating, thought provoking, awe-inssiring, humbling and more fun than anything else I have tried like trading, tech etc.
Investing your time; the most valuable commodity you have, to help someone change their lives through higher income is truly invaluable in my book and should be celebrated more!
What services or tools to pay, who "wins" the money or peoples' acceptance is all BS unless we all have this mentality. Kudos ❤
Joshua » Edward
, you're extremely generous with your time. I have Surfer so I don't need the example but I do have a couple of questions regarding it for you. Can I message you?

I think it is very important. Only link isn't enough, there should be more closely related content to get link from.
This may satisfy you: To rank a Website on Google and Bing’s First Pages without Backlinks

Content clusters help search engines to determine the expertise that you have on a topic and reward your site with better rankings. It is the relevant internal links which help you build the perfect content clusters. Once the search engines learn about your high quality content cluster on a topic via the internal links, it helps them surface the various pages of you site, forming part of the content cluster for a topic, for the various keywords that their users use to search on that topic.
It also helps the users landing on your site to find their way through the content cluster, to find the answer for their search intent.

Bryan ✍️ » Rajesh

Do you really understand how the Google bot works?
I made you this 40m video:
Let me break it down for you at the request of <spa class=”a”>Bryan. A quick shout out to my friend Leo (<spa class=”a”>Soulas at Keyword Cupid) for letting me continue to research more about keyword clusters and a major endorsement as always for my friends over at <spa class=”a”>SEO Surfers! I hope this video helps you get ahead in 2021 with NLP & BERT.
Example: "Home Equity"
Tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend!

killing it 💪 looking forward for your course!
Davis » Edward
Awesome! Thanks Edward. I appreciate you burning some credits for me. Really insightful and I'll be signing up. Can't thank you enough


This may satisfy you: It looks like Proof that Content Quantity is not enough without Backlinks

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